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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 27 october 1998 |
sorry i haven't updated lately. will very soon. really not that much pressing news to tell, and i won't waste your time here with rumors and 'maybe's.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 14 september 1998 |
manson on mtv live
marilyn manson will be appearing on mtv live tonight, and seems like salvation's evan moore will be interviewing him a bit:
I'm going to be on Mtv on Monday at 4:30pm LIVE interviewing Marilyn Manson. I get to ask a few questions. Mtv is guarenteed me air time. Mtv and Interscope are giving something back to me with all the help I've given them... So if you want to watch it I'll be there.. Trust me, you know who I am...
congrats evan.. thanks seemslikesalvation.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 11 september 1998 |
nin commercial during vma
there was a nin commercial during the vmas: a flickering nin logo, with a snippet of what sounds to be a new song, followed by "ninetynine" in the nin font textured within by the broken texture. i'll try to get it online asap. thanks justin burt.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 10 september 1998 |
mtv vma's
"i'm afraid of americans (nine inch nails remix)" with david bowie featuring trent reznor did not win the mtv video music award for best male video. will smith with "just the two of us" won.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 09 september 1998 |
manson live chat via web
supposedly there is a list of questions from emailers manson will answer on their site, starting 7 pm pdt (9/9/98) @ www.marilynmanson.net, their official site which is now live. i assure you that the nothing/nin site will not have the look of the manson site, we're going at it with a different angle. thanks chris.
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nocturnal tracklisting
here's the track list for nocturnal, which is already released on procreate records #5559082

disc 1

sisters of mercy - this corrosion
the mission - deliverance
bauhaus - she's in parties
the cult - rain
fields of the nephilim - moonchild (first seal)
joy division - shadow play
gene loves jezebel - the motion of love
the jesus and mary chain - cracking up
curve - fait accompli
the march violets - snake dance
soft cell - sex dwarf
nick cave and the bad seeds - do you love me?
red lorry yellow lorry - talk about the weather
love and rockets - ball of confusion
alien sex fiend - i walk the line
specimen - kiss kiss bang bang
nine inch nails - head like a hole
virgin prunes - pagan love song

disc 2

bauhaus - bela lugosi is dead (live version)
killing joke - love like blood
joy division - love will tear us apart
cocteau twins - pink orange red
the smiths - there is a light that never goes out
echo and the bunnymen - people are strange
depeche mode - walking in my shoes
fields of the nephilim - psychonaut
the mission - wasteland
xymox - a day
all about eve - martha's harbour
trhe cranes - jewel
dead can dance - the arcane
japan - ghosts
nick cave & kylie minogue - where the wild roses grow
danielle dax - big hollow man
the birthday party - release the bats
the jesus and mary chain - never understand

thanks kyle fast.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 02 september 1998 |
compilation including nin
there's a new compilation out called 'nocturnal'. it includes "head like a hole" as well as songs by nick cave, depeche mode, the cult and others. it's an european import, so it will be costly. thanks kyle.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 26 august 1998 |
coil backwards
not much has been said lately of coil's new release titled 'backwards'. this release has been planned for a while (as far back as 1994), mostly because coil's discs are only available here as costly imports. with the release on nothing, coil's albums will cost less, and will be available to a wider range of audience. contrary to rumours, trent had nothing to do with the album at all, except for lending john, peter, and drew his studio. supposedly, pod helped out with recording or programming. backwards, although no firm release date has been given, will be released with the first quarter of 1999. thanks clay.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 23 august 1998 |
killing joke
nine inch nails appears on killing joke: wardance - the remixes with a remix of democracy. a track listing is available here. thanks koma.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 20 august 1998 |
end to lack of updates
whew. been out of town a lot for the past two months, as well as a residential move. and after all that, we had dns and internic problems. but all has subsided and i've wrote a new program to help in updating the site and making things easier to update on a more regular (daily/semidaily) basis. please continue to submit news once again :) the downtime wait is over. and i hope to bring with it a bit of official news as well, like the bit below about the site.
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things are moving well on nothingrecords.com. yes the site was hacked (which we are dealing with currently, have traced where it came from, etc) and some religous material was posted, but it's "all better now". cookware/comspace is where the site resides, so i have nothing to do with the administration of that box unfortuantely (can we get sshd running yet? grr). anyway, things are moving along. as i said before things were not moving along so well a few months ago due to disorganization and problems of that sort. i'm under nda with cookware and nothing, so i can't divulge more than that until i find out if i can. :) timeframe? it's a race between the site and the album it looks like.. we hope to beat the album date, so there's a ballpark for you.

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nin album news
from sonicnet:

"NIN Hammer Away At More Collaborative LP"

After close to a year's work, gothic industrial-rockers Nine Inch Nails are nearly halfway done with what is turning out to be a more collaborative follow-up to 1994's The Downward Spiral, according to NIN keyboardist/drummer Charlie Clouser.

Holed up in their high-tech New Orleans studio nearly every day, the band, led by dark mastermind Trent Reznor and featuring Clouser and guitarist Danny Lohner, is "right in the middle" of recording the album, Clouser said, adding that each member has contributed to the songwriting this time around. "[We've got] more than a few songs finished and mixed, and more than a few left to go," Clouser said earlier this month while calling from New Orleans. Although past efforts have sprung almost entirely from Reznor's tortured head, Clouser said that he and Lohner are being given more of an opportunity to offer their ideas on the record, which the band's publicist said would likely not come out before the first quarter of 1999. "As always, Trent is charting the course, and has a clear vision of how he wants things to sound," Clouser said. "But I've been able to contribute a fair amount, and some of the songs we're working on have grown out of sessions with all of us fiddling around in the studio, so it does seem like a more collaborative process than before."

While Clouser and Lohner are the only full-time bandmembers working with Reznor on a daily basis -- former programmer/producer Chris Vrenna left the group more than a year ago -- band publicist Sioux Zimmerman confirmed the participation of a number of outside musicians on the album.

Among the guests scheduled to appear on the CD are former King Crimson guitarist Adrian Belew (who also lent a hand on The Downward Spiral), Helmet guitarist Page Hamilton, Ministry drummer Bill Rieflin, former Chic/Power Station drummer Tony Thompson, keyboardist Mike Garson (currently on tour with the Smashing Pumpkins) and producer Steve Albini (Page & Plant, Nirvana), who has assisted in an undisclosed capacity.

The untitled album will be NIN's third studio album of all-new material since the band's formation in 1988. In addition to their 1989 debut, Pretty Hate Machine, which featured the alternative hit "Head Like a Hole", the band has released 1994's The Downward Spiral and a number of remixalbums, including 1992's Broken and Fixed EPs and 1995's Further Down the Spiral.

Attesting to the long layoff between albums, broken only by the inclusion of the new NIN song "The Perfect Drug" on the 1997 Lost Highway soundtrack, Clouser said it is simply a matter of how the band creates its lush electronic symphonies. "The way we work is very time-consuming," Clouser said. "So it will take a while, but I don't mind. The process is the enjoyable part for me, more than the celebration atthe end, so I'm happy."

Although the band's notoriously loyal fans have been eagerly awaiting new music, at least one longtime follower said he thinks he understands the lag. "The continuous delay in the album has been very frustrating," fan Brian Hough Jr. wrote in an e-mail. "But I realize that perfection takes time, and Trent seems like he wants this album to be perfect."

The West Virginia-based webmaster of the unofficial NIN site "Halo Zero" said he's been listening to former Reznor prot�g� shock-rocker Marilyn Manson in the meantime, along with industrial act Gravity Kills. "But mostly I've been getting into a lot of Trent's outside works," he added. "I've been collecting remixes he has done and also finding phantom songs and bootlegs. It really hasn't filled the void but just helps pass the time faster."

thanks seth.
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clouser news
from sonicnet:

"[Zombie's solo album] was co-produced by Zombie and Scott Humphrey (M�tley Cr�e, Metallica) and features beats from White Zombie drummer John Tempesta, as well as M�tley Cr�e's Tommy Lee, and guitar work from Nine Inch Nails' Danny Lohner. Another NIN member, Charlie Clouser, was slated to help co-produce the album and actually spent time working on tracks with Zombie, but was called away to continue work on the still-simmering new NIN album.

Clouser, 30, who programmed beats on the 1995 White Zombie album Astro-Creep: 2000 and its remix companion, 1996's Supersexy Swingin' Sounds, said he first got together with Zombie a year ago to begin writing material for Hellbilly during a break from recording with NIN.

'It was me and him with a computer, trying to figure out a direction we wanted to go in,' Clouser said. 'We had a pretty good idea of the kind of elements that would be included and an overall concept of the segues between songs and the musical interludes. We even started coming up with the core riffs for the album, but then our schedules just got insane.'

Clouser had to decamp to New Orleans to join NIN leader Trent Reznor, but not before he introduced Zombie to Humphrey, his Los Angeles roommate. The only song that Clouser worked on which made the cut was 'Superbeast.'"

thanks anagrama. also he has done some work for rammstein:
Stripped ( is for the Depeche Mode tribute album : For the Masses ) Motor Music GmbH PolyGram LC 4909. Distribut by Island Records.

1. Stripped 4.25
2. Stripped Psilonaut Mix by Johan Edlund-Tiamat 4.28
3. Stripped Heavy Metal Mix by Charlie Clouser 5.12
4. Stripped Tribute to D�sseldorf Mix by Charlie Clouser 5.10
5. Stripped FKK Mix by G�nter Schulz-KMFDM 4.35
6. Multimediatrack - Wollt Ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen - Live Arena, Berlin '96 5.01

thanks bobby.
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raygun interview
there's a short interview with trent in raygun magazine for being one of the 50 most influential people in pop culture. he says the new record will be a double cd with something around 45 tracks. he talks about the making of the record, his working with dr. dre and ice cube; and hopes the new record will be out in the fall. thanks milkie.

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manson info
"mechanical animals", the new manson album, is due out on september 15. the video for "the dope show" premiered today. zimzum has quit and has been filled in for by rob lowery of two. the website www.marilynmanson.net is to go live soon. for more info, check seems like salvation.

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vrenna news
from stabbingwestward.com:

Stabbing Westward will resume its tour in support of the band's critically-acclaimed new album Darkest Days with ex-Nine Inch Nails' drummer Chris Vrenna and Killing Joke's Geoff Dugmore filling in on the skins while Stabbing's drummer Andy Kubiszewski recuperates from a rollerblade accident. Vrenna previously played with Christopher Hall and Walter Flakus in a very early incarnation of Stabbing Westward and has most recently produced How We Quit The Forest, the forthcoming album by Stabbing Westward labelmates Rasputina.
thanks somelucky.
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independent remixes
there's a new cd compilation of indepentant remixes of nin now available:

Hey, there's two new Nine Inch Nails independent remix CDs, Broken Machine volume 1 and 2. They're pretty cool and I thought you might be interested. I spent a lot of time and worked with a few people in making them and they turned out pretty cool. Check it out if you want.


thanks sean.
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mtv 1998 vma's
david bowie's "i'm afraid of americans" video has been nominated for the mtv video music awards in the category of best male video. thanks stefan.

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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 07 august 1998 |
will update soon. been out of town a bit, mobile channels (palm-size pc) stuff, real life stuff, and not much pressing news to report. update on the official site soon too.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 09 july 1998 |
mobile channel
for all you palm-size pc users (windows ce devices) out there, news.nin.net has now been made into a mobile channel. just click the logo at the bottom of the page. (ie4, windows ce services 2.1, and a palm-size pc required.)
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 18 june 1998 |
one month. again, sorry. work on the nothing site is taking my time as well as other work and real life stuff. thanks to everyone who kept on submitting news despite this.
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new album theme
from mtv news:

Trent Reznor Looking For New Album Sounds

Trent Reznor, aka Nine Inch Nails, has told a Finnish magazine that his next album is going to utilize a variety of vocalists, musicians and exotic instruments.

Reznor, notoriously tight-lipped about his works in progress in the past, told Soundi magazine that he's gathered pieces from different styles over the last few years and that he's trying to find a way to mix them. The discussion with Reznor was part of an article centered on the use of computers in writing and recording music.

Previously on the NIN tip, guitarist Adrian Belew told fans that he had been in the studio with Reznor in February and had laid down guitar work for roughly 14 songs or song fragments. There were no vocals at that point.

Meanwhile, net sources contacting Interscope have been told the album tentatively scheduled for release in November. Previous reports say the working title is "The Fragile." Reznor's publicity firm declined to comment other than to say they could not confirm any of the information.

In related news, former Nine Inch Nails drummer Chris Vrenna is close to signing a deal with Almo Records for his new band, Tweaker. Vrenna's latest studio project is sessions with Alanis Morissette. He's recently worked with Green Day, Seal and Hole, among others.

thanks steve.
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vibert on new album?
from www.brainwashed.com's luke vibert (plug, wagonchrist) site:

Second, and more interesting, is news from my Nothing Records spy. Trent Reznor has been thinking about bringing Luke to the Nothing studios in New Orleans to do some programming for the new NIN album. Even more interesting than that is the fact that Reznor had originally wanted to enlist the help of Tom Jenkinson [Squarepusher], but changed his mind when he heard through the grapevine that Tom's a "flake."
thanks Dave.
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bowie keyboardist on new album
from davidbowie.com:

BOWIE keyboardist Mike Garson has just been tapped to tour with the Smashing Pumpkins in Europe and will also play on the forthcoming album from Nine Inch Nails (a connection that was made during 1995's DAVID BOWIE/Nine Inch Nails tour)
thanks Todd.
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seems they caught the person responsible for the hacking of trent's aol account, mtrez. from new orleans times-picayune:

Woman used online account, credit card of rocker, cops say by Pamela Coyle, staff writer

Trent Reznor, leader of the industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, alternative culture icon and Garden District resident, may want to stick to communicating the old-fashioned way.

A Georgia woman was booked this week with fraudulently accessing Reznor's account with America Online, the nation's largest commercial online service.

Amber Appelbaum, 22, obtained Reznor's secret password by calling the online service's billing department and claiming she was his wife, according to the arrest warrant application.

>From there, Appelbaum used the secret password and Reznor's screen name, "MT Rez," to gain access to the Internet, the warrant says. Appelbaum was booked with computer fraud, access device fraud and making harassing phone calls to Reznor. She also allegedly charged nine long-distance phone calls to one of Reznor's credit cards, according to court papers.

A spokeswoman for AOL said the company is cooperating with the New Orleans police investigation and could not comment on what the suspect told AOL employee.

"This appears to be a case of an obsessive fan who committed fraud against AOL and Mr. Reznor," spokeswoman Patricia Primrose said.

AOL has come under fire in recent months for other cases in which customer service representatives released confidential information.

Sailor Timothy R. McVeigh was disciplined after the Navy linked him to an anonymous "profile page" posted on AOL in which a "Tim" from Honolulu expressed a sexual interest in young men and used the online name "BOYSRCH."

A company representative confirmed to Navy investigators the full name of the customer. America Online acknowledged the employee violated in-house rules about disclosure.

Most recently, a computer hacker stole a subscriber's password, allowing him to vandalize the American Civil Liberties Union's site on AOL's service.

A person pretending to be a subscriber called AOL's customer service and asked to change the subscriber's password. Though AOL requires several pieces of personal information to change a password, a customer-service employee allowed the caller to change it without some of that information, an AOL spokeswoman said.

The new age of communications has spawned problems before for Reznor. The singer, who made Time magazine's list of 25 most influential people in America last year, faces a federal lawsuit in California for allegedly stealing songs from a man he met online.

Through a spokeswoman, Reznor declined to comment on the charges against Appelbaum.

Appelbaum, who was arrested Monday and released on her own recognizance Wednesday, declined to discuss the case.

"I can't wait until this is over," she said. "I didn't do it. All I want is to go home to Atlanta to be with my family."

Appelbaum and her husband planned to move back to Georgia today, but those plans are on hold while the case is pending. The district attorney's office is reviewing the case.

Reznor, who also owns a Magazine Street recording studio, apparently hired a private investigator to look into problems with his account. The investigator shared information with the New Orleans Police Department, according to the court records. They interviewed another woman, who told them Appelbaum used her computer to access Reznor's account.

(Times-Picayune/New Orleans edition -- Friday, May 29, 1998)

c-net's coverage is available here. thanks marc.
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mbm single
new meat beat manifesto single due out june 30th. thanks pance.

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x-files conspiracy
seems that the song for the x-files soundtrack was the song 'metal' (a cover of the gary numan song, which was mentioned a while ago in the details interview), but it was withdrawn. thanks rainking.

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new album release date ranges
seems that intercope is telling people that the new albums from nine inch nails and marilyn manson will be released in november sometime. thanks michael.

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vrenna's latest
one reader emails with a news quote (unknown source):

How The Mighty Have Fallen Department: After working on the remix of Green Day's "Brain Stew" for the Godzilla soundtrack and completing production on the new album by neo-classical Victorian underwear models Rasputina, former Nine Inch Nails drummer/programmer Chris Vrenna is involved in the production of the new album by the Prozac-seeking Edie Brickell metaphor known as Alanis Morissette.

thanks rainking.
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12 rounds info
the promo lp's for 12 rounds' song "pleasant smell" have circulated. the lp contains 3 tracks on each side. click the images below for a larger version to see the tracks.

thanks ace. the single itself has also been released, with a couple more tracks on it. it's listing is as follows:
1.album version
2.rethought by trent reznor, keith hillebrandt, and clint mansell for the nothing collective
3.rethought by clint mansell and kieth hillebrandt for the nothing collective
4.sniper's hit 'n' run vocal mix
5.rethought by charlie clouser for the nothing collective
6.rethought by steve duda for the nothing collective
7.sniper's regular specials dub
8.rethought by kieth hillebrandt, clint mansell, and trent reznor for the nothing collective
thanks pessimism.
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josh wink
trent is credited with vocals on josh wink's new album "hearhear" for the song "black bomb". thanks jason.

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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 18 may 1998 |
many people have written in with their opinions about the lack of updates on this site. not much time-pressing news has been submitted, and i intended to semi-get to the bottom of this whole promo stuff before updating. another thing has kept my time lately -- active construction on the nothing site has resumed. it was in a lull for a while, but matters with that are looking a lot better lately.
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promo circulation rumors / 12 rounds
there seems to be a large rumor going around being fueled by many news pages and individuals about some or all of the new album being circulated as a promo (titled s.t.n.?) to radio stations.. it seems that this is all a hoax -- formula knows nothing of this (and another reader mailed in stating that interscope told him it was a farce.. thanks chris). formula then went on to tell of the 12 rounds promos which have begun circulation, and i suspect that is what people have possibly gotten confused with (or possibly this new xfiles music that also has confusion surrounding it?). june 30 is the date for the 12 rounds disc, and there is no set release date for the nin album (some stations are reporting an alarmingly soon june 9?).

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new xfiles music?
mtv.com reported for their upcoming 1515 news report this week:

"Also on this week's "MTV News 1515," preview new music that bands like Nine Inch Nails, Alanis Morissette, Bush, Marilyn Manson, and Hole, are hard at work on in the studio.

yet they played none of this -- but did cover some of the xfiles movie / episode. thanks eric. on the xfiles sndtrk site, they mention nin in the upper banner, but nin does not appear in the list at the bottom or in the main frame. very odd -- will post more news as i get it.
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daisy in jill
bruce sends word about daisy berkowitz's latest happenings:

You may or may NOT already know this guys, this may be old news, BUT Daisy Berkowitz (Scott P)formerly of Marilyn Manson has joined the band JACK OFF JILL officially this past Friday. The announcement was floating around the rumour mill until Monday when Jack Off Jill managament phoned Weathermen Records to confirm the rumour.

"This is a really exciting thing for us and Jack off Jill" said One of the bands management. "We have been waiting a long time to make this public"

The band is also working on a remix album to follow up the last release "Sexless Demons and Scars". Noteworthy artists that may appear on the new release are Chris Vrenna who has worked with NINE INCH NAILS, Shy Deluna of Lords of Acid,John Van Eaton, and possibly a Red Hot Chilli Pepper.

thanks bruce.
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puffy notes
in case anyone is interested, here's a copy of the liner notes for the victory single:

1. Victory (Album Version)
2. Victory (Nine Inch Nails Remix)
3. Victory (Drama Remix)
4. Bad Boy's Been Around The World Remix

The info on the NIN remix:

Track 2 - Remixed by NIne Inch Nails * Production & Performance: Trent Reznor Programming & Additional Production: Keith Hillerbrandt * More Stuff: Dave "Rave" Ogilvie & Steve Duda
Mix: Rave "Rave" Ogilvie * Assistant: Brian Pollack * Studio: Nothing Studios, N.O.

thanks shane.
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two video
sonicnet has an 'exclusive' copy of the two video available here. thanks jean.

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new fanzine
the weathermen send word:

The Fanzine Dedicated to Nine Inch Nails and its fans is now available. It is issue number 5 and is available from Weathermen records.

** News on Nine Inch Nails
** The Nine Inch Nails Dictionary
** Your Favourite Nine Inch Nails Clips
** Info on Robin Finck and Chris Vrenna
** The Art and Style of Tattooing
** Previous SIN reviews
** How to get previous SIN's

24 pages of Nine Inch Nails

The postage is $3 and Weathermen records will also include a 50 page catalog which is one of the largest alternative music shirt and merchandise catalog currently available. Please visit the Weathermen section ::

or email Sin@theweathermen.com for more information.

thanks bruce.
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nin auctions
ed sends word of a new auction forum for nin items:

This is the right place for anyone who wants to auction off their nine inch nails cds, videos, shirts, or anything that they want to (as long as its nothing records or music related items) and you can even put that old guitar that you've been wanting to get rid of on it! Have you ever tried EBAY? well are you sick of them charging you? Well, good. Dead Soul's auction is FREE! we dont charge you, sell or not! come sign up, and get your stuff for the higest price! http://www.deadsouls.com/auction/
thanks ed.
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retro as-1
charlie clouser is credited in the synth software program retro as-1 (mc death sends word):

It is of interest to know that in the user's manual for Bitheadz Software's "Retro AS-1" analog-styled software synthesizer program (http://www.bitheadz.com), Charlie Clouser gets credited in the "Special Thanks" section (page 11).

Retro AS-1 is a Power Macintosh software that uses the computer as a high-fidelity "sound module" (or "synthesizer," if you will), using high-quality DSP waveforms and a full plethora of synthesis parameters found on true analog synthesizers and more. The demo of the software is available from Bitheadz' website. A PC version of the software is supposed to be out later this year.

It makes me wonder if Trent will be using his Power Mac as a sound source in his next recording . . . . ;)

From the impressions of the demo version, looks like I'll be adding Retro AS-1 into my arsenal early this summer . . . highly recommended for all the MacNinnies. Besides, it's going for ONLY $200 at Computers And Music online.

thanks mcdeath.
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manson album news
from mtv.com:

5.8.98 19:30 EDT Manson Taps Studio Ace Beinhorn

Studio ace Michael Beinhorn is producing the new Marilyn Manson album. A spokesperson for Beinhorn confirms that the project is about halfway finished and that the record is on track for a late summer or early fall release.

Beinhorn had just completed the new Hole album immediately before taking on Manson, and has previously produced Soundgarden, Ozzy Osbourne, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Soul Asylum among many many others. Longtime Manson/NIN cohort Sean Beaven is supplying additional production.

Manson took a break from the record earlier this year to promote his autobiography, but the new album should be finished by the time he and his band head to Europe to play a series of festivals. The dates are scheduled for late June and July.

thanks steve.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 21 april 1998 |
sorry about the errors in the news. someone submitted a piece about pwei (below) that was 2 years old and untrue.. they have since broken up and clint has gone solo. check here for pwei news. also, two is off the ozzfest tour (and had dropped before i did the last update). thanks for the corrections.
1 3 11  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 17 april 1998 |
i once again apologize for not updating. work, school, etc. have taken their toll over the past few weeks. thanks to everyone for submitting news during the delay. i tried to filter out some of the lengthier stuff that was already posted on other sites. didn't break the 1 month barrier though. i hope to have a bit more news shortly, along with confirmations/denials on a few topics.

meat beat mode
meat beat manifesto is making its own contribution to the depeche mode tribute album, a cover version of 'everything counts'. their new album, 'actual sounds and voices' is still slated for a spring 98 release. jack dangers is now working with tim simonen of bomb the bass, co-producting the new bomb the bass album and co-writing several of its tracks. thanks ed.

13 5 1 20   2 5 1 20   13 15 4 5  

new pwei info
a reader sends word:

Expect PWEI's brand new album to be released in the summer. Alan Moulder was chosen to produce, but talking to Clint, it seems the band are not happy with the 'polished' sound Moulder came up with, so it seems as if the Poppies will be producing most of the album themselves. It was announced that Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails would be remixing the album before it was released, but once again the band were hazy about the details of this.

However, the new single, imaginatively titled 'Fuck' should be released around April.

The new album tracks completed so far are:

2.I am the One
3.100% Is It

It has further been announced that PWEI are collaborating with UK Techno band Orbital on one of the tracks. This promises to be just as exciting as their work with The Prodigy, if not more so.

thanks nailed.
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a few words from adrian
adrian belew tells a bit about his experiences about his help on the new nin album from adrian's corner:

"The next project was a bit more well known. February 8 through 12 I worked with Trent Reznor on the next NINE INCH NAILS record . It was fascinating to see how he makes records; a totally different approach than mine. I love the sounds he gets. He had 40 tracks for me to attack, none of which had vocals. For three days we worked long hours and I played some of the most aggressive guitar playing I've done in a while. There were several tracks which required Trent to manipulate the pedals on the floor while I played endless solos. We joked that the two of us made a pretty good guitarist. I also played cello, mandolin, lap steel, and string bass. Trent has a devoted crew of engineers and computer experts and a first class studio. He was kind enough to show me through his renovated historic New Orleans home as well. I have no idea what the record will ultimately sound like but I can't wait to hear it." - A. Belew
thanks rob.
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marilyn manson (along with tori amos, rammstein, and others) will be playing at the roskilde festival (danish). more information is available here. thanks gumby.

18 15 19 11 9 12 4 5  

isn't it ironic
spin online (and later mtv news online) has reported that alanis morissette has contributed vocals to the new nine inch nails album. this is not 100% confirmed however. this news comes a little over a year after trent gave the official 'she sucks' rating in raygun magazine. thanks dennis.

9 19 14 20   9 20   9 18 15 14 9 3  

hit parader
the new hit parader magazine states that trent and interscope are arguing over the lyrical content of the new songs, which may delay the album until next year. also watch out for their (monthly) 'exclusive' on marilyn manson (exposed!). hah. thanks evergleam.

8 9 20   16 1 18 1 4 5 18  

roland users group
there are some interesting nin tidbits in the latest 'roland users group' magazine:

-- a 2-page article on Cirque du SDoleil, featuring pictures of various collaborators, including the former NIN geetarist Robin Finck (he sorta looks like a Robert Smith-esque scarecrow with a geetar strapped onto him).

-- "Playing Live: Getting the Most out of Your Live Keyboard Rig" article by Richard Bugg, who (if I recall correctly) was involved in Trent's studio maintenance at Le Pig studio in the former Tate mansion (source: KEYBOARD interview, March 1994). Although tainted by shameless product plugs, the article does have some practical value to a working live keyboardist (which I happen to be).

it's available at authorized roland dealers and resellers. thanks mcdeath.
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16 volt
podboy will be performing on the new 16volt album. also featuring co-producers bill kennedy (nin, manson). thanks shmee.

16   22 15 12 20  

two tour
the band 'course of empire' will be touring with halford's new band 'two' in may and june. halford also appears in this month's alternative press. thanks thomas.

20 23 15   20 15 21 18  

two is slated to perform at ozzfest. more info at mtv news. thanks azad.

15 26 26 6 5 19 20    

the once-popular lollapalooza festival has been cancelled this year, in response to a lack of signing a major act. they say it may be back next year. thanks zero.

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spin on trent
trent reznor / nine inch nails is listed as the fourth most influential artist in spin magazine (#1 goes to beck). thanks gretchen.

19 16 9 14   15 14   20 18 5 14 20  

nothing on skinny
apparently neither nine inch nails nor marilyn manson will be remixing songs for the skinny puppy "hymns of the worlock" remix cd. thanks spasmolytic.

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closure ld
closure is now on laserdisc

Nine Inch Nails:Closure
LDC35499 $39.98 Rated: NR
TRIM:Trimark 1997 135 min.
UPC#013023549968 Pop & Rock
Dealer prebook cutoff date: 05/12/98 Street Date: 06/30/98
Features: CX

Since their blockbuster debut album was released in 1989, Trent Reznor's Nine Inch Nails has become one of the most influential bands of the modern rock scene. Their unique sound and performances are now captured in "Closure," a compilation of live performances, music videos and behind-the-scenes footage. The live footage comes from the "Self Destruct" tour, and includes a duet with David Bowie on the song "Hurt." Each visually stunning music video is shown in its original, uncensored form. Features such hits as "Head Like a Hole," "Terrible Lies" and "Closer."
thanks doug.
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font my numan
an interesting tidbit, the singothic font is used as a background for the titles on the insert of the new gary numan cd, "the mix". thanks steven.

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victory remix
reportedly on april 21 puff daddy will release the "nine inch nails rock remix" of "victory". you can hear a 3 minute radio clip (realaudio) by clicking here or shift-clicking here. thanks jill.

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third crow dead
according to dark horizons, all plans for the third installment of the crow series (with rob zombie as writer/director) has been scrapped. thanks bryan.

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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 18 march 1998 |
lolla nada
from ntv news:
Ozzfest, Lollapalooza Line-ups Close To Complete

The line-up for Ozzfest won't officially be announced until later this week, but Performance magazine is reporting that Tool and Megadeth have been confirmed for the 1998 tour.

Meanwhile, media sources including Performance and the L.A. Times are reporting that Lollapalooza is negotiating deals with Green Day (who is also rumored to be negotiating a tour with Weezer), Garbage and Scott Weiland. The Cure is also reportedly under discussion, and there's been talk of the surviving members of Sublime joining the tour, although that band is thought to have died along with late singer Brad Newell. The survivors have said they will not be replacing him.

This year, it appears that at least six headliners have rejected Lolla offers, including Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson, the latter two because neither act could guarantee their albums would be finished in time. Manson's manager Tony Ciulla told the L.A. Times that the problem was timing: his client couldn't take a chance and commit to touring. Sources close to Trent Reznor say that the latest Nine Inch Nails project is nowhere near being prepared to support a tour as early as the summer.

Ozzfest, organized by headliner Ozzy Osbourne, was one of the top two grossing festival tours of 1997. It will again feature Ozzy's own band as well as a reunion set from his old Black Sabbath alumni.

Lollapalooza didn't fare all that well last year; despite featured acts Tool, Prodigy, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Tricky, Korn and others.

thanks kevin.
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yahoo chat
on monday yahoo hosted a chat with some "insiders in the industry". not much new was said, but excerpts are over at sls news. thanks jake.

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vrenna's work
in james iha's (smashing pumpkins) debut solo album, vrenna or "podboy" is noted in the liner notes as "additional post producer". thanks chris.

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nothing network
a group of webmasters have grouped together to form the nothing network:

Wednesday, March 11, 1998, marked the launch of 'The nothing Network', a huge new collaboration of sites for bands on and related to the label nothing Records. The main page of The nothing Network is a huge center of resources for everything you need to know about the bands signed to nothing Records. It also features up to the minute news that can be updated by all members of The nothing Network.

In addition to the main site, there are also many specialized sites on The nothing Network, each run by different members. Each site will have its own unique look, but will retain elements from the main site to allow visitors to know, instantly, that the page is a part of The nothing Network, and that it has met the high standards required to be a part of this collaboration.

Each site on the network will specialize in a certain area not covered by the other sites on the network. For example, one site deals primarily with independent remixes, while another site on the network has the unique approach of creating a virtual world for Nine Inch Nails in which visitors can become citizens. There will be no sites on the network that attempt to "do it all", as pages like that are rarely able to devote an appropriate amount of attention to each area required to make a complete site.

You can find The nothing Network at http://nothingnetwork.home.ml.org.

thanks chainsaw.
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gnr news
from rollingstone.com:

Axl Rose takes his time

Fools rush in. Axl takes his sweet time. According to Guns N' Roses manager Doug Goldstein, Axl Rose is currently ensconced in a Los Angeles

studio, working on material for the long-awaited G n' R follow-up to 1991's Use Your Illusion I and II. Rose is writing and jamming with keyboardist Dizzy Reed, guitarist and longtime Rose collaborator Paul Huge, and ex-Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck, who has become a full-time member of the band. Goldstein told Rolling Stone that they have recorded more than 300 hours' worth of material, and "they each take a CD home, listen for cool parts, pick them out, and that's how they build songs." He estimates that Axl and Co. are "three to five months away from actual recording" but says not to expect a record until 1999. Four producers are being considered for the project -- which Goldstein describes as an "updated nineties-rock sound with a little more technology thrown in" -- including Scott Litt (R.E.M.), Steve Lillywhite(U2), Mark Bell (Bjork) and Youth (the Verve). Rumored producer Moby took himself out of the running last year to focus on his own work. "It was a very hard decision to make," Moby says. "The music they're working on is really wonderful." Goldstein says that Rose would still love to have Moby hear the G n' R material and offer his insights. So why the hell has it taken so long to get to this point? "Slash and Axl really thought they could work out their differences," says Goldstein. "They tried for a couple of years to see if they could agree creatively. Once it became clear that they couldn't, we then had to assemble people who could." As for bassist Duff McKagan, Goldstein reports that the G n' R bass slot will be held open until McKagan -- who's recently become a father -- decides on his future plans. "The jury is still out on [drummer] Matt Sorum," Goldstein admits, adding that Axl has tried out different drummers. . . .

thanks cameron.
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according to several sources, trent is doing a cover of "personal jesus" on the upcoming depeche mode tribute album. not confirmed. this page gives the tracklist:

For The Masses: A Tribute to Depeche Mode

Smashing Pumpkins - Never Let Me down Again
Failure - Enjoy The Silence
Monster Magnet - Black Celebration
Self - Shame
Gus Gus - Monument
Hooverphonic - Shake the Disease
Dishwalla - Policy of Truth
Deftones - To Have and To Hold
God Lives Underwater - Fly On The Windscreen
Locust - Master & Servant
Blue Collar Underworld - Waiting for the Night
The Cure - World In My Eyes -- added 4 Feb 98
Trent Reznor - Personal Jesus

other artists:
Apollo 440

other possible artists:
rhymes with miss Monroe & Charlie - People are People

thanks eric.
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manson lawsuit
from south fla's city link:


Former Marilyn Manson guitarist Scott Putesky has found suing an Anti christ Superstar isn't nearly easy as creating one

ON THE LAWSUIT During the six years Putesky was in the band , Marilyn Manson made three albums - one of which went gold , while another went platinum .Though ( Brian ) Warner's atorneys have refused to offer a full accounting of all the money that was raked in when Putesky was in the band , his attorney says he can do simple math . " We know there were 5 million albums sold , " attorney Richard Wolfe says. " Theres $1.10 royalty paid on each record sold so that comes out to about 5 million." While not all that money goes to the band , a sizeable chunk - at least 3 million does , Wolfe says . And even if thats divided 5 ways that means Putesky is owed more than $300,000 in record royalties alone . That doesn't include other royalties he's due for writing the music , going on tour and allowing his image to be used on merchandise that adorns the bodies and bedrooms of millions of chalk faced black lipped teens from Ft . Lauderdale to Fargo and points beyond " Marilyn Manson fashions himself as a devil worshiper . Well , hes not . " Wolfe says . " Hes the ultimate capitalist . " For nearly a year after he left the band , Scott tried to contact Warner to set up a band meeting , get back some of the equpment he left behind and talk about how to divide up the money the group made . When Warner repeatedly refused his calls he had no choice but to go to court . " I got fed up and the next step obviously was to sue , " Putesky says . " I'm not asking for any of his money , I just want mine . " Check out Scott's latest release ( Vanishing Century ) by his new group THREE TON GATE at: http://www.spookykids.com/threetongate

thanks cem.
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two is out in stores, and have a homepage here. thanks george.

20 23 15  

reports are that there is another licencee for nothing -- plaid, two guys formerly from the black dog. licence is from warp, probably a re-release of "not for threes". thanks edwin.

16 12 1 9 4  

josh wink
one reader has said that trent will be guesting on josh wink's new album:

Yo, it's official! I just got an e-mail from Columbia records about Wink's new record, "HereHear", which is coming out in June. It says that it will feature guest vocals by Trent Reznor! Now, if I can only get my hands on advance copy of this disc! Anyway, if anyone out there doesn't know what Wink sounds like, get a copy of his "Are You There..." cd single and it'll give you an idea of where he's coming from. He's into drum n' bass but experiments with trance too. Also, he's got two tracks available on the Ovum Records sampler which is probably easier to get (I had to special order my copy of the "Are You There..." single.). That's it!
thanks Dave.
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french dttw
dead to the world (marilyn manson video compilation) is available in france now, in a special french version. (there's also a french version of this page, for all interested, made by the submitters of this news). thanks ninjaw.

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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 13 march 1998 |
sorry for not updating today, .. email was down.. not much news other than nin/mm both turning down lollapalooza.. more tomorrow.

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 12 march 1998 |
sorry, i've been out of town for a bit.. will be likely updating tomorrow..
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 20 february 1998 |
nin news
despite the fact that there is no real pressing news lately, seems like salvation news has semi-daily news updates and more manson content.
14 9 14   14 5 23 19  

a local radio station, fm 101.1 (in this writers' city) is reporting that trent reznor has confirmed his headlining lollapoloza -- reportedly, he was originally invited hoping to boost sagging popularity of the event. thanks girish.

12 15 12 12 1 16 1 12 15 15 26 1  

finck / gnr
the march 5 issue of rolling stone (rs781) lists ex-nine inch nails guitarist robin finck as "a full-time member" of guns n' roses. perhaps this will clear up some of the questions about his status and the possiblity of him performing on a future nine inch nails tour. thanks supernaut.

6 9 14 3 11     7 14 18  

vrenna events
four chris vrenna news bits, first seal:

Expect Seal's next album to ROCK. Well, at least one song might rock, that is. Nine Inch Nails alumus Chris Vrenna is laying down drums for at least one song on the not- yet- titled album due on Warner Bros. whenever it's finished. The song is titled "I Have Lost My Faith," according to Vrenna's management. No further word on Seal's album, since the powers that be at Warner Bros. don't know the title, who's on it, who's producing it, or when it's coming out.
and this side project too:
Chris Vrenna & Sublime's Eric Wilson Play With Ex-Indians Singer

The former lead singer of the short- lived band the Indians, Angelique Bianca, is currently in the studio with producer Dave Jerden (Jane's Addiction, Alice in Chains, Stabbing Westward) working on her debut solo album for Red Ant Entertainment. Helping her out a bit are Chris Vrenna on drums and Eric Wilson of Sublime on bass on a few tracks.

Vrenna, whose credits include Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, and Rasputina, plays on the songs "Number" and "What Love Is." Wilson plays on "James a Junkie." Meanwhile, Jerden, who produced the Indians' only album, 1993's Indianism on Polydor, is producing three songs on the record: "Ruby," "I Wish I Could Go to Paris," and "Losing Your Way."

In addition, Automator of Dr. Octagon fame also lent a production hand to the song "Sleep All Day." Other producers include Carmen Rizzo (who worked with Trevor Horn on Seal albums) and Rich Kostey (Pavement, Philip Glass), and Bianca co-produced the not- yet- titled album, which is tentatively due in late May. Bianca will likely just use Angelique for her name on the album.

Indianism featured three songs that ended up in successful movies -- "Bed of Roses" appeared in Reality Bites, and "I Love the World" and "Look Up to the Sky" was in Kalifornia.

from allstarmag. also this bit from mtv news:

2.15.98 16:00 Chris Vrenna Reworking Green Day's "Brain Stew" For EDT "Godzilla"

[GREEN DAY] Studio sources are reporting that former Nine Inch Nails drummer/programmer Chris Vrenna is in an L.A. Green Day facility reworking Green Day's "Brain Stew" for the soundtrack to the much heralded Godzilla movie due in May.

The song is not a standard remix, says a source close to the project. Vrenna is adding new elements which are being produced, edited and programmed into the original song. "Brain Stew" was originally on Green Day's 1995 "Insomniac" album.

Godzilla soundtrack coordinator Peter Afterman will not confirm any specific artists for the film, but he will say that most of the 14 or 15 tracks that will be on the album are courtesy of multi-platinum artists. Afterman's previous projects include Howard Stern's Private Parts and the recent Robert Duvall offering, "The Apostle."

Most of the tracks are also reported to be original songs with the Green Day reworking a notable exception. Previous media reports had Jamiroquai making a pitch for the lead track, but from all indications, their involvement is still not confirmed. Off the record sources close to the band say they are still negotiating.

and this final mtv news bit:
2.19.98 16:00 EDT Vrenna Programming Hole

[HOLE] After reporting that former NIN programmer/drummer Chris Vrenna was in the studio re-working a version Courtney of Green Day's "Brain Stew" for the Godzilla Love soundtrack comes word that Vrenna is also programming the new Hole record.

Sources say Vrenna is in Los Angeles about to begin work on six songs from the Hole project as the band continues to record in New York with producer Michael Beinhorn.

Vrenna just finished producing, programming and performing on a new CD for Rasputina, and he's recently completed sessions for at least one song on the new Seal album under the auspices of top producer Danny Saber. He's also rumored to be working on a remix for a pending album from industrial pioneers Skinny Puppy.

thanks azad.
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hit parader
the (often erroneous) magazine hit parader has reported that the new album is called 'dissonance'. thanks vader.

8 9 20   16 1 18 1 4 5 18  

halford interview
mtv posted bits of their interview last week with rob halford:

...This time out, Halford has teamed with guitarist John Lowery and executive producer Trent Reznor for Two's debut album, "Voyeurs," which arrives next month courtesy of Reznor's Nothing Records....

When MTV News sat down with Halford recently, he spoke about Two's new sound, Reznor's influence on the project, and his Priest days.

Oh yeah, he also told us he was gay. Enjoy.

MTV NEWS: How did you meet Trent Reznor and how did you came to work with each other?

HALFORD: Well, I'm a Mardis Gras freak and I go to New Orleans every year, like I'll be doing this February, and Trent has his studio there, has a home there now of course. I was being shown around the city by some friends and we passed his studio and they suggested why don't you knock on the door and say hi. I don't do things like that. I get starstruck like everybody else and I have the utmost respect for Trent Reznor. I think he's a extremely talented visionary individual.

So it took about two or three rides around the studio before I got the guts to knock on the door, which I did, and Dave "The Rave" Ogilvie answered and introduced himself to me and took me for a trip around the studio. And about thirty minutes later, Reznor showed up and it was the first time we ever met each other. We just seemed to click, I don't know, I mean we're both from very different musical backgrounds, but we shared some time together.

He asked me what I was doing musically. I'd got some demos. He asked if he could hear them and we sat in the studio and listened to two or three tracks, and that was the end of the day. Then I went back to Phoenix a few days later and didn't hear anything from Reznor for a few weeks, months, and then he calls me up out of the blue with this conversation on the ideas that he was getting, the visions that he was getting from the demos that he'd been left with. And would I like a record deal. Yes please. And what about collaborating on taking this music to another level, and it was just a really amazing thing to hear and to consider.

So, I went back to New Orleans and we worked on his idea of a blueprint of where to take these demos to. And once we got the direction we took off up to Vancouver, Dave Ogilvie and myself, and some other incredibly talented people. So we reinvented itself, remodeled or however you want to call it, you know. It just, took on a whole new different feel and direction.

MTV NEWS: How did the direction change with Trent on board? And what did he really bring to the project once he came aboard?

HALFORD: I guess he just consumes music like an animal, you know? He just feasts on music 24 hours a day. He's constantly listening and exploring and using his own imagination, I guess, when he hears things, as was the case with the original demos of Two. I'm sure that as he lived with them and got to know them he was just hearing things beyond that moment and there's not many people who can do that effectively, and give something such a brand new feel and brand new approach. We've not really talked about that side of it, you know. He's an intensely private person and my relationship with Trent is purely a musical one. He's just been able to take the seeds of the idea and make them grow into something very special. And boy it did change. I think a good 80, 90 percent of the work came from his idea for taking this music forward.

thanks kall.
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marilyn manson appeared on david letterman last night (with the cbs evening orchestra playing 'hurt' afterwards) promoting his book "the long hard road out of hell".

12 5 20 20 5 18 13 1 14  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 07 february 1998 |
in this week's billboard magazine interscope has a full-page ad congratulating nine inch nails and trent reznor for platinum sales on the "lost highway" soundtrack and the grammy nomination. thanks carrie, who also provided the closure image at top.
2 9 12 12 2 15 1 18 4  

there's been a nice website devoted to chris vrenna up on soleh/commy's site, titled 'closer to pod', here. also happy birthday wishes to commy (1/31). thanks commy.

16 15 4 2 15 25  

new manson weathermen contest:

Weathermen in conjunction with ANGEL WITH SPREAD WINGS announced today a contest to Promote the new video and the new book.


ENTER NOW! The Questions are Easy so everybody has a good chance at winning.

GrandPrize(2 winners): An actual studio disc used to produce the song "AntiChrist Superstar" that was mixed in Trent Reznor's Studio A in New Orleans.

First Prize(2winners): Wins a Book and Video Second Prize(10 winners): wins posters, promotional materials Third Prize: ???see the website???

Book Comes out: February 12, 1998
Video Comes out: February 10, 1998

Winners will be announced on the websites AND through Email

Good luck and Have FUN!!!

thanks bruce.
3 15 14 20 5 19 20  

92.3 k-rock in nyc reported that nin is "most likely" to headline this summer's lollapalooza. take it as you will. thanks uncowen.

12 15 12 12 1 16 1 12 15 15 26 1  

date rumors
several rumored (unfounded) release dates for 'the fragile' are abound:

Hello, I work for a record store, and got a release which reads as follows:

Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile August '98
Alan Moulder and homeboy Dave The Rave Ogilve are among Trent Reznors studio cohorts for the follow up to the downward spiral.

nathan Jones

From: AHuxely@aol.com
Musicland now has a notice up in their stores stating that the new NIN album is coming out on Feb. 24, along with the Marylin Manson live video coming out on Feb. 10, but you already new that. -Randy Forsman
and finally..
According to a friend of mine that works for an entertainment retailer, Nothing records has announced April 28 as the release date for the upcoming NIN album. I'm sure you already have a ton of info about that, if not, hope this helps.

"The new NIN album is scheduled for release 4/28 per the Nothing Records. No details as of yet."


.. if i get any first-hand information it will be posted. thanks everyone.
4 1 20 5   18 21 13 15 18 19  

mtv news has some information regarding rob halford, his new album "voyeurs" and his band "two", as well as an interview with rob coming out of the closet. he is also on mtv news 1515 this weekend. thanks azad.

8 1 12 6 15 18 4  

rebirth-338, a software synthesizer and drum machine, has some interesting news:

Rebirth-338. KNow what it is? A software based synthesizer... Really really good one at that. You can look at it at www.propellerheads.se. So what does this have to do with NIN? Well, I was posting on the official message board when Fredrik (one of the fantastically nice programmers at the propellerheads) mentions an official modification from my "favorite band". And now, in his .plan file sayz :

"We've got somethNINg really nasty and green coming. Are we going industrial or what?"

Yum yum :) There's some info you're not likely to hear from any other source, considering ReBirth is made primarily for Acid House music, except for all of these modifications they're so nicely allowing us public folks to do...

thanks leviathant.
18 5 2 9 18 20 8  

q2 music
the guy who did that quake 2 track with the perfect drug sample in it has released his other music here. thanks jer.

17 2   13 21 19 9 3  

i have been super-busy these past days, part of the time going to (seriously) work on the nothing records pages. we're finalizing the artwork. i dont update these pages daily because a. there's not really daily news. b. not much important news goes on continuously. c. i dont have time to.

21 16 4 1 20 5 19  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 21 january 1998 |
nothingrecords.com update
well, i've delayed this update until i could get some time, and contact some people. an update on the website is due, and there's not much to say unfortunately. we've been at the same stage for the last several months. we've (us and cookware) received the art for the site, and have put it up in the desired layout (a while ago), etc. and have been waiting for 'approval' of the art, to indicate that we should go on an finish the site. so that is where we are on the site. trent and everyone on that side acknowledges the delay and is doing their best to speed things up. so, it has not been abandoned or anything related to that. it will be finished, and will be complete when it goes up public -- not in pieces, like putting up a forum and nothing else, but as a whole.
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strictly west coast?
trent has submitted a remix to sean "puffy" combs, from mtv news:

On the heels of the "All About The Benjamins" rock remix (currently the top-selling single in thecountry) Puffy has put out the call for another rock remix, this timefor "Victory," the next single from his "No Way Out" album.

Reznor has already submitted a rock version of "Victory" as have Anthrax, the Deftones, Dinosaur Jr. mastermind J Mascis, and Fuzzbubble, the only rock act on Puffy's Bad Boy label. Korn and Megadeth are also poised to get in on the act as well.

According to artist and repertoire executives in Bad Boy's rock division, the "Victory" remix might be a combination of the rock tracks submitted, or simply Puffy's favorite track.

The executives also added that Puffy's interest in rock is no joke, and that he's looking for a denser, heavier rock sound for the "Victory" remix.

i've gotten this confirmed also. however, dont expect trent and puffy to be working side by side. thanks azroth.
19 20 18 9 3 20 12 25   23 5 19 20   3 15 1 19 20  

grammy nomination
nin is nominated for the 1998 grammy's:

40th Annual Grammy Awards Nominations
Best Hard Rock Performance

"Swallowed" Bush

"Monkey Wrench" Foo Fighters

"The Perfect Drug" Nine Inch Nails

"People of the Sun" Rage Against The Machine

"The End Is the Beginning Is the End" The Smashing Pumpkins

thanks commy.
7 18 1 13 13 25   14 15 13 9 14 1 20 9 15 14  

closure in canada
one reader writes in:

Some time in December I bought it at Sam The Record Man's (in Ontario, Canada) and paid $16.99....Right after that I walked up to HMV (same mall) and saw it for $18.99...No big deal, 2 bucks.

Then, a few days after Boxing Day I was in HMV. This time they had the Closure video up by the cash. And now the price was $34.99....Talk aboutfucked up eh? That doesn't make sense. Considering a few weeks before it was $18.99...And no it wasn't an import or anything because I asked.

thanks pamf. but then this came in also:

Closure has been banned in Canada, due to explicit obscene material, and recalled by the distributers. This appearantly happened near the end of December, around the 27th I think.

Some cool stores in Canada who ignored the recall order may still have a ew copies lying around . . . others like the Future Shop near me sent back a box full REALLY REALLY suck *unmentionable* things . . .

thanks hate.
3 12 15 19 21 18 5   9 14   3 1 14 1 4 1  

nin on abc
looks like some live footage is scheduled to be shown on 'in concert' on abc this friday. most likely shots taken from closure. thanks evan

14 9 14   15 14   1 2 3  

ap reader's poll
the perfect drug for #3 in the reader's poll for best video in alternative press. honorable mention for trent/rob halford under 'brightest hope for 1998'. thanks crystal.

1 16   18 5 1 4 5 18 19   16 15 12 12  

quake2 theory correct
hehe, looks like i was right about the sample of perfect drug in the quake 2 soundtrack (track 10):

Heheh, looks like you found my not-so-well hidden loop in the track :\ I got the song entitled 'Climb' on Quake2, and the foundation of the track was a result of listening to the drum-solo-ish part of The Perfect Drug in reverse... I apologize if that upsets anyone, as im just an experimental musician. I took a clip, reversed it, and used that as a background loop that fit well with the rest of the music which I had written around it...

Jer Sypult

thanks jer.
17 21 1 11 5 2   20 8 5 15 18 25   3 15 18 18 5 3 20  

manson / weathermen
a weathermen announcement:

Marilyn Manson will be releasing a book in February on his beliefs, religion, views on music and so on.... The title of the book is unknown to us at the present time, though there are plenty of rumours floating around. The book will be written by Manson himself, not his band and not an outside person. Harpers Collins Publishing will be the publisher on this item and weathermen will try to carry it at or below published price.

There will be a book signing tour starting Feb14th. Confirmed cities so far are New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. A few other cities may be included in the tour but it will not be a full staged book tour

Look For Marilyn on Howard Stern show AND David Letterman Friday the 13th of February.

Weathermen records now has a track listing for the New Manson video "Dead to the World" which has YET to be released as of today. You can find this review at

http://www.theweathermen.com in the Marilyn Manson section

The official release date on the video is February 10. Trimark will be distributing the item- the same as the NIN CLOSURE video. As we have seen in the past, the date can change. You can preorder the item at Weathermen records at http://www.theweathermen.com.

also info for 'dead to the world':

Just wanted to let you know that the long awaited Marilyn Manson Video "DEAD TO THE WORLD' will be released on tuesday Februrary 10. We are planning on sending all ours out on either the Friday or Saturday before. Please keep in mind that a lot of stores will NOT be carrying the item as with the NIN Closure video that we had.

tracklisting includes:

angel with the scabbed wings
sweet dreams
apple of sodom (with orchestra type background from the group rasputina)
antichrist superstar
the beautiful people (live trombone steve moses)
my monkey
irresponsible hate anthem
rock n' roll
1996 (acapella/regular mixed version)

thanks bruce.
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reiss documentary
jonathan reiss (directed many nin videos) is working on a documentary tentatively titled "better living through circuitry" about the rave scene. more infomation here thanks khad.

18 5 9 19 19   4 15 3 21 13 5 14 20 1 18 25  

rob halford's band 'two' has released the first single "i am a pig" to radio stations. the album, titled "voyeurs" is set for a 10 march release. thanks bill.

20 23 15    

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 05 january 1998 |
clouser on zombie solo album
from allstar:

He's recording the as-yet untitled album for DGC, which is tentatively slated for a June 16 release. Charlie Clouser of is definitely performing on the album, along with Tommy Prong. The album is being produced by Zombie himself.

thanks ed.
3 12 15 21 19 5 18   15 14   26 15 13 2 9 5   19 15 12 15   1 12 2 21 13  

australian closure
looks like closure has been banned in australia due to explicit content. it will be available in specialty stores who have imported it themselves. thanks eric.

1 21 19 20 18 1 12 9 1 14   3 12 15 19 21 18 5  

hmv closure
hmv's computer are listing closure as a 'deleted' item now, according to one person who wrote in. however closure is hmv's number 1 seller in videos this holiday season, according to another. thanks alex. thanks stanley.

8 13 22   3 12 15 19 21 18 5  

autechre / squarepusher
edwin from the unofficial nothing records page sends along word of some rumors:

There are a few more rumours going around about Autechre and Squarepusher. They may include bonus material - much like Plug "Drum N Bass For Papa". For Autechre - "Envane" and/or "Cichlisuite". For Squarepusher - "Vic Acid" and/or possibly the "Big Loada" EP.

On the WarpNet pages, "Next year is going to be a busy one with loads of releases from warp artists old and new, lot's of goings on in the USA and it's WAP100 year.". Which may mean that their will be other Warp artists being distributed by Nothing.

thanks edwin.
1 21 20 5 3 8 18 5     19 17 21 1 18 5 16 21 19 8 5 18  

the crow: 2037
info and rumors:

People making the film: Rob Zombie (Director, Screenwriter); Edward Pressman, Jeff Most (Producers); Andy Gould (Executive Producer); Miljen Kreka Kljakovic (Production Designer).

The Reason: The purpose of how Zombie was chosen for the Directors chair was... the producers were pleased with Zombie's music video work and wanted him involved with the next appearance of the dead avenger (Zombie directed the video for I'm Your Boogeyman from the City of Angels soundtrack.) A while back Zombie has been quoted as saying he wants to have the film be completely different in storyline from the first two in the series, throwing out all the baggage except the core Crow mythology. So as of Augest 26, 1997 Rob Zombie has officially confirmed to direct the third film from his story idea. Titled The Crow: 2037, the film will center on a bounty hunter in the year 2037 who learns that he is actually the latest spirit enfused with the Crow's powers...which happened twenty-seven years ago.

Production begins: Filming is hoped to start this fall. (I'm guessing it already has)

The score/soundtrack: Rob Zombie is working on the film's score together with Nine Inch Nails' Charlie Clouser. To provide some further detail on Zombie's effort into getting this gig, he started writing the script last September just after White Zombie wrapped up its last tour. Also, he's going to be very involved with picking bands to appear on the film's soundtrack.

(Now the rumors you had before) On September 2, 1997... An unconfirmed source 'close to one of the production crew' has revealed that Nine Inch Nails member Trent Renzor will play the new Crow in the third film of the series. Also making the rumor rounds are mentions that the ending will feature a "massive apocalyptic war" where both Jesus Christ and Satan appear to sway the Crow to their side and join them in battle...

Filming taken place: On October 21, 1997... ZENtertainment reports that filming is set to occur in Prague.

The New Name: As of October 26, 1997... The Crow 2037: World of Gods and Monsters is the new working subtitle for the film. MTV news reported that the $25 million dollar film is a 'futuristic western'.

thanks evan.
20 8 5   3 18 15 23   2037  

the perfect drug was number 14 on top 100 of 1997 in japan. thanks soleh. in america, it only scored a 30. thanks kat.

13 20 22    

the perfect drug got number 34 on muchmusic's 100 of all time. hurt got 73. (backstreet boys 1, 2, and 4. hanson, 3, 6. of all time?) thanks eric.

13 21 3 8 13 21 19 9 3  

there's an "interview" with reznor in the january 1998 issue of circus magazine. he mentions "the fragile" again as the working title of the album. thanks ningirl.

3 9 18 3 21 19  

marilyn manson's book
some info on "the long hard road out of hell":

ReganBooks, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, will be publishing the autobiography of Marilyn Manson this March. Entitled "The Long Hard Road Out of Hell," and credited to Marilyn Manson with Neil Strauss (noted and respected journalist for Rolling Stone and the New York Times), this is Marilyn's candid and vivid life story in his own words. The book will contain dozens of previously unpublished photographs.

According to HarperCollins and Amazon.com (which is still listing the book incorrectly as "Marilyn Manson's Inferno," by the way) the book is on sale March 1, 1998 (count on the the 3rd, though, considering the 1st is a Sunday) and should run about $24.

The book will also be available on audiocassette from HarperAudio (don't know whether Marilyn is doing the reading or not).

Marilyn briefly commented on the book on MTV's "The Year In Rock" special:

"The book is going to be the first thing everyone sees. If I don't go to prison for the things that are contained within it or not murdered by the people I wrote about, then we'll finish our album, which hopefully will be done or actually out by May. It should be done a lot sooner than that. We've been working pretty hard on it so..."

No pre-order info as of yet. More info (obviously) to come...

13 1 18 9 12 25 14   13 1 14 19 15 14 19   2 15 15 11  

once again, i apologize for not updating. not much to tell. and no nothingrecords.com update like i said earlier. but i will be getting to that in a future update, that i promise.

21 16 4 1 20 9 14 7  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 01 january 1998 |
happy new year. more of an update later today.

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 31 december 1997 |
been out of town, just got back tonight. more tomorrow.
21 16 4 1 20 5  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 18 december 1997 |
closure re-ban?
some canadian readers have mailed in with accounts of findings that closure has been again pulled from shelves and such. this time though in hmv stores. still no work on uk or australia or other releases in other countries. remember though that it is available from the weathermen, shipping within 24 hours of ordering.
3 12 15 19 21 18 5   18 5 2 1 14  

quake 2
quake 2 in in stores now, .. and trent did not do music or sound effects (although the first few seconds of track 10 on the cd played in reverse sounds like perfect drug around 3:20.. no, not kidding, take a listen).

17 21 1 11 5   2    

manson / year in rock
excerpts from marilyn manson's dialogue on mtv's year in rock 97 is available (along with other marilyn manson news) here. thanks mm.

13 1 14 19 15 14     25 5 1 18   9 14   18 15 3 11  

moulder on new album
a reader wrote in about alan moulder producing part of the next album:

-there's an interview with Justin Welch (the drummer from UK band Elastica), in which Welch discusses the ongoing production sessions with Alan Moulder for the second Elastica album. Halfway through the article Welch remarks that deadlines for the finishing of these sessions are approaching fast, as Moulder has to "...nip out and produce Nine Inch Nails soon." This could possibly mean that Alan Moulder is also involved in a co-production capacity with the third NIN album, as well as Rick Rubin...? This article can be found at: http://www.futurenet.com/musiciansnet/Hitech/default.html (the specific article featuring Justin Welch is in the section titled "People")

thanks chris.
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dead to the world
bruce from the weathermen sends word:

I spoke with the assistant to the Merchandise Manager at Interscope records in New York Yesterday. They finally answered my call about the CLOSURE video problem(from 2 weeks ago). I brought up the subject of Marilyn Manson's Dead to the world video. It took me a while to get a direct answer from her, but she finally agreed to answer me after I told her i would just put her phone number on the web page for any questions or comments :)

Anyway, she told me that the video should be out no later than Mid January. They were hoping for 1997, but its not looking real promising. The reason the video was pulled was because (according to her) "There were some public figures in the video that we did not realize that we did not have permission to have in the video. We had to go back and get 100% consent before packaging and distributing the item".

I asked her "so it wasn't because Manson wanted to add some more goodies to the video?" and she replied "No, who told you that?" and I said "you guys did"...."no, that is incorrect, and the video should be out mid Jan".

Weathermen records


thanks bruce.
4 5 1 4   20 15   20 8 5   23 15 18 12 4  

i promise for some sort of a nothingrecords.com update by 1998. i also wont be getting to replying to email for another week or so.

5 13 1 9 12 21 16 4 1 20 5  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 10 december 1997 |
closure // availability
it seems to be everywhere now. it was banned in canada for a time, but they appealed to a movie ratings board, and so now it apparentely carries and extra sticker and may have less distribution (but people are picking it up at hmv from reports). it's out there though. no work on a uk release. later i'll post a copy of the article in billboard magazine regarding distribution problems for all who's interested. it is labelled halo twelve. people have also written in wondering why 'burn' is not on the video, .. this is most likely that you can get an uncut version of that on the two tape director's cut video of natural born killers. the live video of 'wish' (off the tape with all the other videos on it) has been airing on mtv. thanks to the 200 people who wrote in.
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manson speaks out
from mtv news:

Manson Rebuts Congressional Inquiry With Shakespeare

As we reported back in October, a congressional hearing was being called to investigate the "social impact of music lyrics [sic] violence on today's youth," after a teen's suicide last December in Montana. Fifteen-year-old Richard Kuntz shot himself while reportedly listening to Marilyn Manson.

The boy's father, Ray Kuntz, testified during the first week of November in Washington before the committee. Kuntz talked about his son showing him the Manson CD, "I failed to recognize that my son was holding a hand grenade, and the grenade was live, and it went off in his head."

Manson told MTV his thoughts regarding the tragedy: "Obviously it upset me that someone [would think] I would encourage that type of behavior. I've always said that people [who] would harm themselves or others over music or film or books, [they're] just being ignorant. If people want to be ignorant there's nothing you could do about it."

Manson also had some thoughts for concerned parents: "It's a wake-up call for parents to teach their kids to be more intelligent [ways], to interpret art with some sort of intelligence."

"If you want to blame music for someone hurting themselves, then you can just as easily blame Shakespeare writing "Romeo & Juliet" which is something I was taught when I was a kid, and that's a story about two teenagers that killed themselves because their parents don't understand them and I think the key lesson is that parents don't understand their kids. If you take more time to talk to your kids, your kids are going to live happier lives."

also was posted news of a new album:
Marilyn Manson Discusses New Concept For Next Album

If you enjoyed the goth-rock concept album approach that Marilyn Manson employed on "Antichrist Superstar," you'll be thrilled to hear that he has another epic tale in the work for his next album.

"If 'Antichrist Superstar' was sort of my comparative fall from grace, Lucifer being kicked from heaven, this next record is about what happens on Earth now," Manson recently explained to MTV News. "(It's about) sort of trying to fit into a society that thinks it's full of emotions and that you're a callous person, when in fact you're the one that actually has all these feelings and it's the world that's kind of numb to them. It's almost the antithesis of what I just did."

That Manson album will feature at least a bit of the production talents of the Dust Brothers, who you can catch up with elsewhere in today's MTV News Online headlines (see Manson, Weiland, Wyclef, Beck Line Up For Dust Brothers.)

Manson discussed his next album, and a number of other timely topics when he sat down for an interview for MTV's "Year In Rock" special, which will premiere Friday, December 12 at 7:30 p.m.

thanks ed.
13 1 14 19 15 14   19 16 5 1 11 19   15 21 20  

marilyn manson has a cover story in this month's raygun magazine. thanks ed.

18 1 25 7 21 14  

trent appears in pantera's "3" video. thanks chris.

16 1 14 20 5 18 1  

remix and repent
i dont know if i've mentioned this already, but manson's remix cd is out in stores. a track listing:

1. The Horrible People (5:12) 2. The Tourniquet Prosthetic Dance Mix (4:09) 3. Dried Up, Tied Up, and Dead to the World [Live in Utaca, NY] (4:18) 4. Antichrist Superstar [Live in Hartford, CT] (5:16) 5. Man That You Fear [Acoustic Requiem for Antichrist Superstar] (5:13)

thanks richard.
18 5 13 9 24   1 14 4   18 5 16 5 14 20  

alternative press
trent is on the cover of alternative press. you can read the full text of the interview here. some select excerpts:

* The new album will be out when it's done, he says. His tone of voice suggests that further attempts to pin him down are not welcome. For now, he's calling it "The Fragile." He's hoping for a February release.

* The new album will be out when it's done, he says. His tone of voice suggests that further attempts to pin him down are not welcome. For now, he's calling it "The Fragile." He's hoping for a February release.

"I think I've done some of my best shit ever, ever, ever," Reznor says calmly. "And it will be irritating to people 'cause it's not traditional Nine Inch Nails." He's reluctant to say more than that. And he isn't popping in a cassette of demos today. "Think of the most ridiculous music you could ever imagine...with nursery rhymes over the top of it.," Reznor says. He alludes to having "80 pieces of music hanging around" but doesn't elaborate. "The inspiration for this album has been the things...that give the goosebumps, the chills up the spine," he adds, knowing that description doesn't help much either. "It's probably the opposite of 'The Downward Spiral.' A bunch of"--he pauses, not entirely comfortable with describing himself--"pop songs."

* On Bowie: He knows that his association with Bowie is dubious to some of his fans. When Nine Inch Nails toured with David Bowie in 1995, Reznor was accused of letting his image be co-opted by a has-been. But it was farsighted of Reznor to align Nine Inch Nails with a legend, further distancing himself from the cliche that industrial rock had become. Even better, Reznor got to observe the master changeling from backstage every night.

"I got a lot of shit from doing a tour with him. The thing is, Bowie mattered to me. He reinvented himself so many times--it must have been a daring staement to do that, risking failure. And hanging out with him and seeing him like that--he's my dad's age, born in the same month--when you find someone who's been through a really dark period, which most of his music I care about is from, "Low," "Lodger," "Heroes" era.... But he came out of it and made something that mattered."

* He said it was good to be in Manhattan for the "I'm Afraid of Americans" video shoot; he's debating getting a place there. But for now, New Orleans is his home.

* On the departure of longtime associates, including Chris Vrenna: "I gave up the notion that Nine Inch Nails was a collaborative project. And recently, with the departure of some friends and the inspiration of the new music, I feel good about it."

* On Courtney Love: When asked by his publicist if he's seen her on the cover of US magazine, Trent raises his voice. "What the fuck was that?!" he demands. A brief off-the-record discussion about Courtney Love and her new California look ensues. Reznor insists that whatever Poppy Z. Brite wrote about him in her Courtney bio is "1000 percent untrue." The publicist says she just thinks it's sad and takes her leave.

* On his sanctum sanctorum: Reznor rises to give a quick tour of the house. The interior is pretty much what one would expect of an industrial rock millionaire bachelor with a taste for self destruction. A bust of Mephistopheles stands in the foyer; Reznor's Grammy hangs on a ribbon around its neck. A chandelier has goldfish swimming in its base.

How many rooms? "Good question," Reznor replies. At the top of the stairs is a useless nook that is bathed in sunlight. "Here's where the harpsicord will go," he says. His bedroom is dark and imposing, dominated by a medieval-looking four-poster bed. The windows are hung with thick velvet drapes, blocking out the afternoon sun. The woman in his bed waves sheepishly. He saunters through an empty little space off the bedroom. "This will be the baby room," he says. Wait. Is he serious? But he's off and standing at the entrance to the bathroom. "Okay. This is decadent, I realize," he says." But we had to put in a whole new bathroom, so why not?" He opens the door. There is a jacuzzi. And there is also a shower. It is without question the best shower in Louisiana. Reznor opens the glass door and turns a faucet, and a torrent is released. The shower head is the size of a Frisbee. There are side jets. It's a great shower.

many thanks ed.
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info on rob halford's project:

Rob Halford Resurfacing

Rob Halford will soon be resurfacing. Early next year, expect a debut album called "Voyeurs" by his new band, Two. The former Judas Priest front screamer will be making a rare live appearance December 20 at the Mason Jar in his adopted home base of Phoenix, Arizona. The club performance is a benefit for a local child crisis center.

"Voyeurs" is scheduled for release on Trent Reznor's nothing label in February according to a Halford employee. It was recorded earlier this year in Vancouver by producer Bob Marlette and mostly mixed in that same city by regular Reznor console cohort, Dave "The Rave" Ogilvie. Reznor, who oversaw the production from his home in New Orleans, will be credited as Executive Producer. The majority of the song credits go to Halford, Marlette and Two guitarist, John Lowery. James Wooley is credited with programming and keyboards, Sid Riggs played drums.

Halford left Judas Priest in the early 1990s and he's been trying to distance himself from his old mates ever since. He initially fronted Fight, then started up a version of his current band, originally called 'Gimp.' That band played just a couple of shows almost two years ago before heading into the studio. They were just recently renamed Two.

thanks ed.
22 15 25 5 21 18 19  

mtv closure // new album info
from mtv news:

Nine Inch Nails Releases "Closure"

Nine Inch Nails finally gets some closure. As we reported earlier, the band's home video was somewhat delayed due to distribution snags. That all seems to be ironed out now. Fans can now take the two tape set,"Closure" home. Frontman Trent Reznor regards this the end of an era.

Part One of "Closure" features concert excerpts from the '94 to '96 "downward spiral," "self destruct," and "further down the spiral" tours, with clips of Reznor on the tour bus and cavorting with Jim Reed, Filter, and Lou Reed. The performance line-up is as follows:

"terrible lie"
"down in it"
"march of the pigs"
"the only time"
"hurt" with David Bowie (live)
"eraser" (live)
"a warm place"
"something i can never have"

Part Two features twelve director cut versions of Nine Inch Nails videos, compiled by video director Peter Christopherson:

"head like a hole" directed by H-gun/Eric Zimmerman and Ben Stokes
"sin" directed by Brett Turnball
"down in it" directed by H-Gun/Eric Zimmerman and Ben Stokes
"pinion" directed by Eric and Serge
"wish" directed peter Christopherson
"help me i'm in hell" directed by Eric and Serge
"happiness in slavery" directed by Jonathan Reiss
"gave up" directed by Jonathan Reiss
"march of pigs" by Peter Chistopherson
"eraser" (live)
"wish" (live)
"the perfect drug" directed by Mark Romanek

Trent Reznor is also currently in the studio working on Nine Inch Nails' new album, tentatively titled "The Fragile."

looks like mtv forgot to list "hurt (live)" and "closer". thanks ed.
13 20 22   3 12 15 19 21 18 5     14 5 23   1 12 2 21 13   9 14 6 15  

time to stop the rumors that this site has been abandoned. i've been slammed with real life type things lately, and seriously have not had the time to update. if it was abandoned, i would announce such plans. i will be updating early tomorrow definitely. please stop mailing in about closure availability in canada.. i believe they have everything hashed out now :). full updates tomorrow (today). to everyone who wrote in, thanks for your concern.

15 11  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 26 november 1997 |
closure on closure
closure is out in stores. those reports of delays were for weathermen records (online store) only. many bundles were shipped to stores in time for the 11/25 release date, and many people have wrote in saying they've got it. but there was a change of distributor (from uni to trimark), which may cause some delays in some areas. in canada, looks like most places will have it 12/2. i also got this word regarding canada:
Closure was reviewed and is now banned for sale in Ontario, Canada. It will not be available at ANY time here. I work for Sam the Record Man, a national music chain and we recieved the fax today.

Again, Closure is BANNED FOR SALE in Ontario, Canada.

thanks jesse. in america, people have reported buying the video for as low as $18 (tower records seems to be a good bet). thanks for everyone mailing in.
3 12 15 19 21 18 5   15 14   3 12 15 19 21 18 5  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 25 november 1997 |
more closure
weathermen update:
Update on Closure video as of 11 a.m. New York time. Trimark Films is going to be distributing the CLOSURE video since Universal has decided not to carry it due to the explicit nature of the videos.

We are going to be getting the videos Friday or Monday if we have to go through a distributer, or as early as Wednesday(tomorrow) if we can go directly to Trimark here in our state to pick them up personally.

Check back here Periodically for updates as we get them. We are doing everything in our power to get this video to you as fast as we can. If you have a preorder in, you won't be charged until the video arrives. If you have not ordered you copy, you may do so by going to the weathermen records site at http://www.theweathermen.com

Thanks again

Weathermen Records

thanks bruce.
13 15 18 5   3 12 15 19 21 18 5  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 24 november 1997 |
closure update (2)
weathermen update:
Here is an update on Closure as of November 24 at 7:00 New York time. The parent company of interscope called "universal" does not want to distribute the Closure video any longer due to its content. Therefore, A motion picture company is going to distribute it....

What does this mean for you? This means that NO ONE will get this tape until they decide who, how and when they are going to sell it.. Weathermen records won't have it, the video store's wont have it, and none of your friends will get it until they get their act together and pick a new distributer.

Length of time for you to get the item? We wish we could say tomorrow, but trying to be realistic, we are probably looking at another 5-7 days.

Worse case scenario- We don't get it, no one else gets it, you get your money back.

Please try not to call us on this. we are currently handling about 200 calls a day, plus trying to pack everyone's orders, and take new orders. With a small staff, this is Difficult to do...

Your patience is greatly Appreciated.....


i can verify this, as formula and nothing offices both do not have the videos in yet. thanks bruce.
3 12 15 19 21 18 5   21 16 4 1 20 5   2  

closure update
bruce of weathermen sends word:

As of 11 A.M. November 24, closure is still suppose to come out tomorrow. The scoop is, Universal(who distributes Playboy in the south) has decided that Closure is to graphic for them to distribute so someone else (TGI) s going to take it over. Ill keep you all posted as things develop
thanks bruce.
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dead to the world
dead to the world has been delayed a bit. bruce sends word that it wont be out til probably january, although early december is a strong possibility.

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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 23 november 1997 |
closure info
according to kerrang magazine, closure is not being released in the uk (at least not right away). people overseas buying u.s. imports should be aware that the formats (ntsc vs. pal/secam) are incompatible, although newer vcr's can play both. thanks dave. as far as a canadian release, music world is confirming a 11/25 release date. thanks brian. there is also a commercial reported seen on mtv, with 'a warm place' in the background accompanying concert footage, with trent stagediving. thanks Sinsation1.
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dead to the world info
according to bruce at weathermen, "dead to the world" (the manson video) is coming out (surprise!) on november 25. full details here as well as a frequently updated marilyn manson page here at http://www.marilyn-manson.net/. thanks bruce.

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in the next update i will hopefully have an update on the status of the nothing records website. it has not been abandoned.

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from mtv news:

Vrenna To Produce Rasputina

Former Nine Inch Nails drummer/programmer Chris Vrenna has been signed to produce Rasputina, the corset-clad celloists best known lately as the openers on much of the last Marilyn Manson tour.

This will be Vrenna's first project with the trio -- Agnieszka Rybska, Melora Creager and Julia Kent.

Rasputina released their debut album, "Thanks For The Ether," on Columbia in 1996 and issued an EP earlier this year that included a remix courtesy of Manson.

thanks ed. allstarnews had this to say:

Producer/ drummer/ programmer Chris Vrenna, whose credits include Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson, and Metallica, has his plate full these days. Not only has he just been tapped to produce the female cello- playing act Rasputina, but he's also contributing to the Witchblade compilation for DreamWorks (see our story on this page), the forthcoming Skinny Puppy remix album, and fine- tuning his own band, Tweaker.

"There are so many things out there to do and I want to do them all, and the worst thing is that I actually have the opportunity to do them," says the Los Angeles- based Vrenna. "I like producing, it's fun. That's a dumb word, huh? But it is."

First on Vrenna's to-do list is the next Rasputina album, which is not yet titled or put on Columbia's 1998 release schedule, but it most likely will not be released before March. Vrenna will produce and contribute his programming and drumming prowess on the album, for which he'll begin pre-production in his home studio in Los Feliz, California in a week. The songs will be tracked in December and hopefully completed by mid-January in studios in L.A. and Chicago, although the studios haven't been firmed up yet, according to Vrenna.

So what does he plan to do with the cellists? "Well, Melora really liked the remixes she had done before [by Marilyn Manson]," says Vrenna, "and she liked working on the computer with the way it allows for experimentantion. So for this record, we're going to expound on the cellos and a lot of drum kit and programming. The songs will have more of a mood to them. We want to really concentrate on songs, making really good, concise songs." So it will be more accessible? "Yeah, that's what we're going for."

As for special guests on Rasputina's new album, anything is possible. The Marilyn Manson gang is in L.A. and has worked with Vrenna and Rasputina before. "Who knows, maybe some of the boys will come by," says Vrenna. Critter, whose credits includes Filter, Jesus Lizard, and Ministry, is recording and mixing the Rasputina album.

Vrenna's other upcoming projects include collaborating with Babes in Toyland's Kat Bjelland on approximately six tracks for the album inspired by the comic book Witchblade, which is due on DreamWorks in 1998. He's also remixing a Skinny Puppy song for the remix album due on Nettwerk in 1998. There's no title, release date, or track listing available yet for the Skinny Puppy project.

"Being an industrial kid of the '80s, there are only two bands to idolize -- Ministry and Skinny Puppy," he says, "so to be able to remix one of the those two bands is really exciting." Vrenna is also remixing songs by Strictly Ballroom, Scanner, and Reservoir.

Looking to 1998, Vrenna says he wants to concentrate on his own outfit, Tweaker, which has turned the heads of many A&R folk lately. However, Vrenna says Tweaker is not quite ready to be signed. "I've been doing all this production crap and remixing that's been keeping me busy, that I'm still putting Tweaker together to a point where I want to have it signed. It's not a full band yet."

thanks megumi.
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mtv lists
down in it came in at 289 on the mtv 500. closer made number 23. in a quick interview, trent said the following:

"alot of my frustration about alot of things became a bigger part of what was influencing me to write, and it became just a way to channel alot of aggression, and anger, and sadness i guess out of my system. and i'm more inspired i think when i'm depressed than i am when i'm happy"
to which matt pinrock said:
"looking forward to the next record from nine inch nails sometime in februrary or march".
thanks john.
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meat beat info
from www.brainwashed.com, meat beat manifesto's official site:

Meat Beat Manifesto will be performing Day 1 of San Francisco radio station Live 105's two night X-mas Ball extravaganza on Saturday, December 6th at the Kezar Pavilion in San Francisco. With the night dubbed "Electronica Hanukkah" by Live 105, Meat Beat Manifesto will be co-headlining with Crystal Method on a massive bill which also features DJ Keoki. Three other artists are still to be announced. Meat Beat will be performing some of the MBM classics: "Edge of No Control," "Helter Skelter '97," along with premiering a new track "Acid Again," from their upcoming album, Actual Sounds and Voices due out Spring '98 on Nothing/Interscope Records.
thanks ed.
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lyrics arguments
from the new york times (note marilyn manson quote at bottom):

Critics Assail Senate Hearings on Lyrics By Neil Strauss

A real disaster for free speech and for music" is how Nina Crowley of the Massachusetts Music Industry Coalition described the Senate hearings she attended last week on the impact of rock and rap lyrics on today's youth.

Music executives and fans across the country are echoing her sentiments, calling the hearings unfair and one-sided. Staff members for Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., chairman of the subcommittee that held the hearings, argued that they tried to enlist as broad a cross-section of speakers as possible in the two hours allotted for the discussion.

Music industry representatives had wondered before the hearings if they were a sign that lyrics were an issue in Congress again or if the event was a gesture to appease gangsta rap and shock-rock opponents like Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D- Conn., and C. Delores Tucker of the National Political Congress of Black Women.

"The unfortunate reality of Washington is that once you get as much media attention as this hearing did," said Hilary Rosen, the head of the Recording Industry Association of America, "the appetite for more attention just increases, which means Brownback will probably call another hearing."

In a hearing at which six people spoke, including two speakers added to the bill at the last minute, Ms. Rosen was the only one to defend record labels and musicians.

Ms. Rosen, Ms. Crowley, other music-industry officials and several politicians wanted the committee to invite more witnesses -- from teen-agers to rappers to record executives -- to speak on behalf of the music industry and artists' rights. But they said that Cherie Harder, the Brownback aide who put the hearing together, denied their requests. Until this summer, Ms. Harder was a policy expert with Empower America, a conservative watchdog group known, among other things, for campaigning against explicit lyrics.

A spokeswoman for Brownback said that Ms. Harder's past job has no bearing on her present one and that Brownback has been involved in such issues for years. In addition, she said that the hearings had been rescheduled several times to accommodate Ms. Rosen's schedule and that other music industry representatives had been invited, specifically Michael Greene of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, who was unable to attend because of a scheduling conflict.

Music industry representatives also complained that requests to add additional witnesses during the hearing were denied, although Ms. Tucker was allowed to bring up an additional speaker, a teen-ager who spoke about how easy it was to buy albums that had the recording industry's standard "parental advisory" stickers warning of explicit lyrics. Such stickers are used voluntarily and arbitrarily by record labels, and it is up to individual stores and communities whether to restrict minors from buying labeled albums.

Speakers at the hearing consistently affirmed that they were not seeking legislation, but wanted to look at the efficacy of this labeling system, instituted in response to the campaigning of Tipper Gore's Parents Music Resource Center.

Another goal was to encourage corporations, in the words of Lieberman, to "consider adopting some basic standards for the music they choose to sponsor and draw some lines they won't cross."

Music industry executives particularly protested the hearing's inclusion of Raymond Kuntz, a father who attributed his son's suicide a year ago to the music of Marilyn Manson, a band whose lyrics were a frequent topic of discussion throughout the hearings.

The suicide belatedly became news, garnering additional publicity for the hearings and furthering the theory that rock lyrics can have a decidedly negative impact on youth.

"I think it's bad that they exploit parents who say that their kids have been injured because of music," Marilyn Manson, the band's leader, said of the hearings. "That's far more despicable than anything I could do. It's usually the deprivation of things kids love, like music, more than song lyrics, that harm them."

thanks ed.
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option 30
that link posted last time is just a test site, dont use it. the correct link is here.

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from rolling stone magazine, 12 11 97, p16:

"Pantera's Phil Anselm takes his Halloween seriously. Every year, the singer holds court in the House of Shock, an elaborate haunted house that he designs in New Orleans. The singer's mom manned the ticket booth this year, while other relatives partied alongside rockers including TRENT REZNOR and members of White Zombie."
thanks crystal.
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there's another missing girl. james hoeplinger is looking for this woman. if you can help, contact him sonny8@hotmail.com

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thursday on jeopardy there was a category "newfangled rock and roll" and one of the questions it contained was pertaining to marilyn manson. the question was:

"This Florida shock-rock group, derived its name from a blonde sex symbol and a murderous 'family'"
suprisingly enough, no one got the question right. the only attept at it was from oliver stone who guessed "the manson family". thanks ryan.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 11 november 1997 |
more closure
from addicted to noise:
Techno heavy rock wizard Trent Reznor and his Nine Inch Nails will release Closure, the band's first-ever home video on Nov. 25. according to the band's publicist.

The two-cassette box set collection features one video of live material from the group's 1995 tour and a second tape with all of their videos, uncut and edited into a seamless stream by filmmaker Peter Christopherson.

The first tape features live performance and behind-the-scenes footage from the "Self Destruct" tour. The songs featured on the tape are "Wish," "Hurt," "March of the Pigs," "Terrible Lie, " "Piggie," "Down in It," "The Only Time," "Sanctified," "A Warm Place" and "Something I Can Never Have."

Shot using hand-held cameras, NIN publicist Sioux Z., of Formula P.R., described the footage as "really raw and intense," offering perspective on the band both on- and off-stage, as well as footage of fans and singer Reznor's shock rock protege Marilyn Manson.

The second tape contains unedited, director's cut versions of all the band's videos compiled by Christopherson, a member of the band Coil, who directed NIN's "Wish" video as well as the previously unreleased clip for "Gave Up," a track off the Broken CD.

The continuous stream treatment compiles clips for the hit "Head Like a Hole," "Down In It," "Pinion," "Wish," "The Perfect Drug," "Closer, "March of the Pigs," and never-before-seen-in-the-U.S. live footage of "Hurt" and "Wish."

Other rare or unreleased videos on the collection include: "Happiness in Slavery," "Erasure (live)," "Sin," "Gave Up" and "Help Me I'm In Hell."

also, it is highly unlikely that the broken movie will be contained in its original form (snuff etc.), but the videos contained in it will be featured. once again, in stores november 25 1997. thanks david.
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looks like adrian belew will be working with trent again:

As an avid fan of NIN and the webmaster for Adrian Belew's WWW Site, I'm pleased to announce that Adrian Belew will be travelling to New Orleans in December to record with Trent Reznor for the next Nine Inch Nails' album. Adrian sent me his agenda for the remainder of 1997 and December has him performing on Trent's next endeavor. I can't wait!

Please feel free to link to my Adrian Belew WWW Site. http://web.dbtech.net/~rhino

thanks rob.
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version 7.0 of the nine inch nails frequently asked questions maintained by dave parmenter has been released. it is available here. an html version will be up in a week or two. thanks dave.

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manson news
as usual, manson is getting pressure. this time from possible government heat:

"October 28 [7:55 EDT] -- Marilyn Manson is about to become the topic of much debate on Capitol Hill. Manson and some gangsta rappers will be under congressional scrutiny starting November 6 when the Senate subcommittee on governmental management and restructuring will begin hearings on "the effects of violent lyrics on youth behavior."

Kansas senator Sam Brownback will chair the hearing, which will also include two others who have previously been outspoken opponents of rap lyrics: Connecticut senator Joseph Lieberman and C. Delores Tucker, chairwoman of the National Political Congress of Black Women.

The subcommittee will also hear testimony from a father whose teenage son reportedly committed suicide while listening to a Marilyn Manson album."

Interscope wants to see how this turns out before "backing Manson" any more than they already have.

If you or any of your readers would like to send mail to influencial people involved here is a contact sheet:

Sam Brownback, KS sam_brownback@brownback.senate.gov

Arlen Specter, PA senator_specter@specter.senate.gov

Robert Bennett, UT senator@bennett.senate.gov

Fred Thompson, TN senator_thompson@thompson.senate.gov

Joseph Lieberman, CT senator_lieberman@lieberman.senate.gov

Max Cleland, GA senator_max_cleland@cleland.senate.gov

John Glenn, OH senator_glenn@glenn.senate.gov

C. Delores Tucker Fax 301-562-8303

mailbombing, harassing letters, death threats, etc. will only hurt the cause. on the other hand constructive letters discussing favorible oppinions on this issue will help. thanks jeremy. meanwhile, we have this story coming from the associated press:
Man Blames Music For Son's Suicide

Filed at 1:15 p.m. EST

By The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Music made 15-year-old Richard Kuntz pull the trigger that ended his life, his father says.

Raymond Kuntz traveled this week from Burlington, N.D., to tell lawmakers about the boy, who was listening to his favorite band, Marilyn Manson, when he shot himself Dec. 11, 1996. Beside his bed was an English paper about the shock rockers, his father said.

``He was a good boy,'' Kuntz said Wednesday. ``It wasn't a symptom. The music wasn't symptomatic of other problems. I would say the music caused him to kill himself.''

Kuntz planned to testify today at a congressional hearing aimed at making parents aware of the music their children buy. Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., who arranged the hearing, said popular music has grown much more violent and sexually explicit over the past three decades.

Also scheduled to appear was Hilary Rosen, president and CEO of the Washington- based Recording Industry Association. Rosen did not respond directly to Kuntz's accusation but said the industry is working drugs and violence in today's culture.

``The music community is making a positive difference in many ways that don't get much attention,'' she said.``We have been labeling our product since 1985 ... so parents can make intelligent listening choices for their children.''

Interscope Records, Marilyn Manson's label, did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

Scientific research has documented the effects of television and movie violence on children's behavior, said Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn.

``Often we've heard that a record never killed anyone or we are casually dismissed as prudes, censors,'' Lieberman said today. ``We are not talking about censorship but about citizenship. We are not asking for any governemnt action or bans,'' he said.

But the American Civil Liberties Union argued the hearing was an attempt at more ``government coerced `voluntary' censorship ratings.''

In a statement, the ACLU said, ``Congress is determined to expand the role of government in family decisions.''

Lieberman urged record companies not to distribute music with offensive content, saying the industry's labeling system is far less clear than video game and television ratings systems.

``They should take some social responsibility in what they produce,'' he said. ``This is a long way from Elvis shaking his hips on the Ed Sullivan show.''

Kuntz wants the industry's advisory stickers warning of explicit or violent lyrics made mandatory so that states can regulate children's exposure to potentially dangerous songs. He said he had tried to talk with his son about the music he listened to.

The lawmakers distributed copies of Marilyn Manson lyrics, including a song Kuntz called his son's favorite, The Reflecting God: ``One shot and the world gets smaller/let's jump upon the sharp swords/and cutaway our smiles/without the threat of death/there's no reason to live at all/my world is unaffected, there is an exit here.''

Kuntz also provided a copy of his son's English paper, a rough draft that details the antics of Marilyn Manson,the band's leader and namesake. The band's performances have drawn protests in several states; it was banished from Salt Lake City for ripping up a Mormon Bible on stage.

``Believing that what he is doing is good and promoting it through music, he gains followers by epitomizing children's black thoughts of rebellion,'' the teen-ager wrote.

thanks ed.
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more bowie
billboard online has reported that trent reznor, tricky, and reeves gabrels will be the production team for bowie's next release (presumably the second title in the 'outside' trio). thanks peter.

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cinemania.msn.com has an interview with kirby dick, the director of the bob flanagan biopic that is coming out. thanks indigo.

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mtv 500
hurt made number 397 on the mtv 500 today. thanks rich.

13 20 22   500  

entertainment weekly
from this week's entertainment weekly music section:

DAVID BOWIE "I'm Afraid of Americans" (Virgin)

In an attempt to revive "Eearthling," Bowie recruits touring buddy Trent Reznor to recast Bowie's twitchy, paranoid take on the U.S. Reznor does just that, making the song scuzzier and less bombastic than the original; Ice Cube also joins in ("Welcome to America/We're into scarin' ya") on one of the remixes on this EP. Only one problem: "I'm Afraid of Americans" is an ugly, heavy-handed song unworthy of all the effort. As an all-American Homer Simpson would say: "Doh!"

Rating: C

thanks ed.
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in the newest issue of details magazine (dec. 97). nine inch nails made the 'best of 98' for music. they had this to say:

Nine Inch Nails Unstoppable. The video for "The Perfect Drug" actually cozied the dark prince up a bit, only ensuring his place as the electronic era's Bowie, Jagger, and Eno rolled into one. Expect more ch-ch-changes on the new album, due out sometime next year.
thanks ian.
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option 30
a site for a record label known as shriek records is selling an album called option 30, an old band with trent reznor on lead vocals, sax, and keyboards. the site is http://www.jamaicans.com/shriek/. thanks chaos.

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escape velocity
m.c. death sends along his review of 'escape velocity', a book containing a bit of analysis and discussion on nine inch nails:

In one of the year's more informative anthology of essays and technical documentation "Escape Velocity" (Grove Press, New York, 1997), Mark Dery briefly (4 pages) discusses the works of Nine Inch Nails, namely the imageries and the implications of the music. Among the topics mentioned in the article "Nine Inch Nails: Sex, Death, God, and Technology" are the man/machine dichotomy of "The Becoming," religious imageries found in "Ringfinger" and "Sin," the in-depth analysis of the "Happiness in Slavery" video ("on the more obvious level, Happiness concretizes cyberculture's recurrent nightmare about the imminent obsolescence of humanity...") and its relevance to philosopher Georges Bataille's theories regarding "primal darkness in the sex act."

There's more than my summaries above included in the article--the whole book does cover various aspect of "cyber-culture" themes and topics, including and not limited to music, sexuality in the digital age, art, politics, etc. Complete with proper footnoting and documentations, it is a very good introduction regarding the state of the wired community.

The author/critic has previously written articles for Wired, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and the Village Voice.

thanks mcdeath.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 07 november 1997 |
mtv news
from mtv news:
New NIN Video, But No New Manson

November 4 [12:30 EDT] -- Weathermen Records has confirmed a November 25th release date for a long-rumored Nine Inch Nails home video package.

The two-video set, called "Closure," will include one tape featuring live performances and a behind-the-scenes look at Nine Inch Nails through a hand held pro camera shot over the course of the band's "Self-Destruct" tour.

The second video contains the complete collection of Nine Inch Nails unedited video releases, compiled by filmmaker Peter Christopherson to appear as one seamless performance. Weathermen is touted as the official supplier of merchandise for Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson.

Meanwhile, the NIN news net is citing a Weathermen report that says the new Manson video "Dead to the World" is on hold and the CD "Remix and Repent," scheduled for release November 18, has been postponed indefinitely. The delays, they say, are reportedly over disagreements between Trent Reznor's nothing Records and its distributor, Interscope. Alternative Press reports that Marilyn Manson is currently in a Los Angeles studio recording another album for Nothing/ Interscope.

thanks ed.
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i wont be able to do a full update until sunday.

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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 01 november 1997 |
bruce over at weathermen was kind enough to forward me these color scans of the press sheets for the 'closure' video. again, it is an official double-video due out november 25 1997. enjoy. click on the images to the right, or use these links:

press sheet 1, 870k
press sheet 2, 143k

kudos to the person who can identify the new font they're using there..
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dead to the world
bruce over at weathermen was kind enough to forward me these color scans of the press sheets for the 'dead to the world' video set. enjoy. click on the images, or use these links:

press sheet 1, 367k
press sheet 2, 275k

i also received this note from bruce at weathermen:
Just got a call from Interscope records/Nothing Southwest field rep. The New Marilyn Manson video "Dead to the World" and the new Marilyn Manson Cd "remix and repent" have been postponed "indefinetely". The reason given was some kind of dispute between Nothing and Interscope.

If you see this item being advertised elsewhere as being currently available, or available with the original release date, We would strongly recommmend you investigate it before ordering or you may have a false perception of when you will receive your goods.

We will still be taking pre-orders on the items and you will have your item(s) on your doorstep the day it is publicly released.

Weathermen records


Got a call at 6:00 p.m. New York time from Interscope Records. The Marilyn Manson cd "remix and repent" Is going to come out on November 18, 1997 as planned. The video "Dead to the world" is still on hold because they are going to add more things to the video to make it "more bang for the buck" so to speak. We will keep you updated as the news develops.

Weathermen Records

thanks bruce.
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mtv top 10
'closer' made #5 on mtv's top 10 scariest videos of all time (beaten out by hanson at #4 with 'mmmbop'). manson snagged #1 with sweet dreams. thanks aaron.

13 20 22   20 15 16   10  

in nov 3 issue of time magazine, p 114, there is a short article on the movie 'sick: the life and death of bob flanagan'. it praises the film and his struggles in life. thanks bartley.

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bowie in gq
in the latest gq magazine there is a david bowie cd enclosed, titled 'earthling in the city':

1. little wonder - live
2. seven years in tibet - edit
3. palace athena - live
4. hearts filty lesson - live
5. telling lies - remix by a guy called gerald
6. seven years in tibet - mandarin version
thanks kyle.
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vh1 awards
the plug remix of 'the perfect drug' was played during the vh1 1997 fashion awards. in addition to that, all their segments before nominee presentations had the imagery of the perfect drug video. also, on fashion television they had an interview with annie ok, one of the models in the video, and showed a brief clip of the video (about the most you'll ever see on vh1). she was the woman who had the "absinthe on a platter" so to speak. thanks sara.

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americans again
i've made a high quality realvideo file of "i'm afraid of americans". it has almost as good quality as the 28mb avi, but is a 3mb realvideo file. click here or shift-click here.

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ap dec 1997
from december 1997 alternative press:

From page l3:

In The Studio

Marilyn Manson are in Los Angeles recording their next album for Nothing/Interscope.

From page 36:

Too HOT To Handle

article about notable fighters (also includes The Sex Pistols, MC5 and The Clash)

Nine Inch Nails

Trent Reznor took an extended hiatus from recording after l989's Pretty Hate Machine became a hit, claiming that TVT Records had behaved in bad faith. He finally returned to action three years after the album's release--on his own label, the Interscope- distributed Nothing Records. A TVT logo remained, but NIN had won the game.

thanks crystal.
1 16   4 5 3   1997  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 29 october 1997 |
closure (updated)
many of you have mailed in asking what the appearance of a new video titled "closure" is doing on cdnow and cduniverse. i just received this from weathermen records (online merchandise shop):


The official Authorized NINE INCH NAILS 2 pack of videos


frustration isolation and passion have all contributed to the conception of nine inch nails. With the double video set "CLOSURE", the viewer is treated to the first behind the scenes look at Nine Inch Nails as Trent continues his scathing yet sensous dialogue with human experience. The first video contains raw live footage taken with a hand held pro camera and shot throughout the "Self-Destruct" tour. The second video contains the complete collection of Nine Inch Nails music videos. These videos were put together by noted filmaker Peter Christopherson in such a way that they appear to be one seemless performance. The effect can only be described as something otherwordly and remarkable.

Weathermen Records, your online authority for NINE INCH NAILS merchandise


bruce at weathermen was kind enough to fax me the press release for this (once i get a color one i will post it):
there are three versions i have online:

216x272, 53kb, small greyscale
864x1088, 140kb, medium sized greyscale
1727x2175, 157kb, original b/w fax

any ideas as to what that's a picture of? an electron-microscope scanned picture of a red blood cell? note that the type at the bottom says:
tape one: features live performances of:
wish, hurt, march of the pics, and many more

tape two: features all nine inch nails unedited videos including: the perfect drug, pinion, closer, and happiness in slavery
it also does not appear do carry a halo designation. thanks bruce.
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dead to the world (updated)
also tonight marked news of the new manson videocassette to be released november 18:

M a r i l y n M a n s o n


The Tour America
Didn't want you to see.

"Society has traditionally always tried to find scapegoats for its problems. Well, here I am." -Marilyn Manson, October 1996

The controversial events from the "Antichrist Superstar tour" serve as the backdrop for this amazing document, all seen through the video eye of the band's own cameraman. The picketing zealots, the fulminating moralists, the disingenuous politicians, the tens of thousands who came to see for themselves and, of course gazing outward from the very heart of the storm, Manson himself. One hour of live concert performances inter cut with behind the scene and backstage footage that will help you to understand what it must have been like to be at the center of these extraordinary occurrences.

for now go here for more info. bruce at weathermen was kind enough to fax me the press release for this:
there are three versions i have online:

216x272, 24kb, small greyscale
863x1087, 67kb, medium sized greyscale
1725x2173, 90kb, original b/w fax

thanks bruce.
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afraid of avi
for those of you limited to quicktime formats only, this site has the "i'm afraid of americans" video available in quicktime format. thanks todd.

1 6 18 1 9 4   15 6   1 22 9  

bowie in reuters
a bit about bowie's financial situation:

Bowie Said to Be Britain's Richest Rocker LONDON (Reuters) - David Bowie was Tuesday named Britain's richest rock star with a personal fortune of $917 million, for the first time putting him ahead of Sir Paul McCartney.

In the first survey of its kind, Business Age magazine said the former Beatle had earned $868 million while heart-throb balladeer Tom Jones was third with $460 million.

Bowie, whose hits in a 30-year career include ``Life on Mars,'' ``Rock 'n' Roll Suicide'' and ``The Man Who Sold the World,'' broke new financial ground this year with a $55 million Wall Street bond issue secured against his back catalog.

Unlike many rock stars who saw their wealth slip away in a haze of drink and drugs, Bowie took firm control of his finances during the 1980s, putting behind him the excesses of his earlier years.

McCartney's wealth continues to grow despite the fact that the Beatles broke up more than a quarter of a century ago.

Last year was the most commercially successful ever for the defunct band as fans rushed to buy the ``Anthology'' records, which sold 13 million copies.

Tom Jones's position in third slot was ``largely due to his live performances in the United States over the past 25 years and a quite incredible work rate,'' Business Age said.

The magazine compiled the list by examining the company accounts, record sales and other earnings of all major British pop acts over the past 35 years.

Most of them laid down the basis of their wealth in careers that began in the 1960s. Britain's latest pop sensation, The Spice Girls, are in 42nd place, with $24 million for each of the five band members.

Apart from The Spice Girls, there are only two women in the top 50 -- Annie Lennox at 34 with $43 million and Kate Bush at 38 with $30 million.

The British pop top 10:

1. David Bowie - $917 million
2. Sir Paul McCartney - $868 million
3. Tom Jones - $459 million
4. Phil Collins - $367 million
5. Elton John - $333 million
6. Mick Jagger - $225 million
7. Eric Clapton - $200 million
8. George Harrison - $175 million
9. Gordon Sumner (Sting) - $161 million
10. Keith Richards - $160 million

Reut16:29 10-28-97

thanks jeremy.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 27 october 1997 |
bowie video
i've spent most of the day digitizing the "i'm afraid of americans" video in various formats to be put online here. here's what i have come up with:

avi video 160x120 12fps, 22mb
still captures 320x240, jpgs
realvideo 160x120 6fps, 56k users
realvideo 160x120 4fps, 28k users

note that the realvideo streams require the new player (5.0, available from www.real.com). what is obviously recommended is the 22mb avi. the 56k version of the realvideo is much better than the 28.8 version (28.8 users can buffer it if you like). if you would like to shift-click the realvideo files try these: 56 and 28. and the jpg screenshots are random snaps that i took and are of a better quality than others i have seen on the net so far. btw, the video "premiered" on 120 minutes last night around 1:45am est, and then again "debuted" on mtv live, today. enjoy.

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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 26 october 1997 |
120 minutes
from mtv's 120 minutes page:


David Bowie f/ Nine Inch Nails
Marcy Playground
Mike Watt

... that's tonight at midnight, the video for "i'm afraid of americans", directed by dom & nick, featuring trent and david on the streets of manhattan (if you havent been keeping up).
120   13 9 14 21 20 5 19  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 21 october 1997 |
mtv interview
the interview from the last week in rock was posted on mtv.com:
Nine Inch Nail Trent Reznor left his recording studio in New Orleans last week to join friend and mentor David Bowie in New York City on the set of Bowie's next video, "I'm Afraid Of Americans" . Reznor, who produced several remixes of the track for an upcoming EP, plays the "ugly American" to Bowie's British gent. Was truth stranger than fiction? MTV News' Abbie Kearse was there to find out...

ABBIE KEARSE: The first thing we want to talk to you about is we got to witness a little bit of the shooting of the video. So all I got to see it Trent, you were chasing David down the street - what was that about?

TRENT: Um...

DAVID: But did you see any of the video?

ABBIE: All I saw was the running down the street. I don't know why...

TRENT: That wasn't the video.

DAVID: That wasn't the video. It was just an argument over the food.

TRENT: The idea of "I'm Afraid of Americans"... I did a re-mix for David and... 'cause I thought the track was a really strong track, tried to make it a bit darker and Dom & Nick, the directors, came up with this idea of I'm the kind of evil American persona. He's the English guy in America with guns abound.

ABBIE: Are you saying then Trent's the American you're afraid of?

DAVID: I think the choice was to either go with an American sensibility to shoot it, or a British one seeing as how it came from a, a sort of a British perspective. And Dom & Nick, they're making very interesting, quite hard-edged British videos at the moment. So I kind of felt it was important that it retained that outsiders' perspective of America, ya' know? And yeah, Trent, really, I think for a lot of people -- what do you personify Trent?

TRENT: What are you saying?

DAVID: I think there's uh, from our perspective in Europe for instance, that on the outside of the rich social fabric which is America, there are people like

Trent. But, and I think I'm perceived as much the same thing, but on the European side of things. And so the chemistry, it just sort of works for this particular song anyway.

ABBIE: Why the decision to shoot here in Manhattan?

DAVID: You either go middle America, you go L.A. or you go New York. And New York is cool.

ABBIE: You didn't want to do this in a cornfield?

DAVID: Didn't even occur to us, I must admit.

TRENT: It struck me when the directors said they'd never been to America -- to New York City before. I drove around, riding in my car in New Orleans where I live filming New Orleans which I think is probably the most decadent, decayed, ridiculous situation in America.

ABBIE: Outside the French Quarter?

TRENT: The whole city is ridiculous in a way, but I love it, I guess. That's why I'm there. But they wanted a kind of a "Taxi Driver" feel to the whole thing. That's kind of what it's based on.

ABBIE: Ok. I see that's why you have the army jacket on?

TRENT: That's why I'm in my Travis Pickle outfit. I almost got talked into doing a Mohawk right as we were starting to film.

ABBIE: I want to ask you also about the song and the remixes of the song that you did -- at least the five tracks. I want to talk about the concept of taking one song and making an EP out of, you know, one song being remixed in quite different ways. So how did that come about?

DAVID: Well, the actual working side of it, you'd have to ask Trent and the other guys of Nine Inch Nails did all the work other than the Photek mix on it. Trent's own generosity in terms of what he wanted to do with the actual song itself, it was...he really reached out a long way on the mixes. I mean, I kind of expected we'd just get the one mix, and it turned into this extraordinary piece of work which is nearly album length

ABBIE: So this wasn't planned?

DAVID: I guess it happened. I don't know.

TRENT: I'd mentioned that I thought the song was a good track and it'd be a good song to be a single. And...as my band's kind of expanded into a bunch of programmers that I respect I took it upon...I've always thought in my world to do an EP or a remix kind of EP where you mix something and you can put it on and listen to it the whole way through. Right? It might be a 15 minute, it might be an hour, it might be ten minutes, but it has a listenability factor. So, I kind of took the ball and ran with it, but didn't know that Virgin was really into doing that. So I just said to everybody: remix this. You do that. You do that. You do that. You do that. And created piece of work that I thought would be a listenable thing.

DAVID: I mean, I should have guessed after hearing -- have you heard the remixes on "Spiral"? I should have almost have guessed that where Trent would take it would be it becomes its own piece of work. It's not just a remix. It almost becomes an album piece in itself. So I was absolutely uh, I was really knocked out when I heard what he had done. It was great.

ABBIE: How did the collaboration with Ice Cube on this track come about, 'cause I know you were thinking of working with him?

TRENT: He's someone that I really respect a lot. And there was, like Dr. Dre, I have talked about working together on different things. And Cube's been interested in different.. ideas. This is kind of an introductory thing where I thought where I'll farm it out to him, try it out. He was just finishing with a movie he was doing, so I didn't know if he had time to really dedicate to working on this track, but I said "If you can do it, cool. If you can't, that's fine." And we didn't, like, sit together in the studio and work, but he found some time to do his own thing. And again it was an interesting collaboration 'cause I think what would be the most disperate ideas to throw together, to make a cool thing.

DAVID: Working with additions of samples or piecemeal work like that -- working with small pieces -- is starting to become such a way of working. Over the last few years it's become quite possible for a collection of musicians to even be working in different countries and actually assemble something together. Brian and I have talked about doing the next album that we're doing together midway between Russia and England. He's doing his part in Russia and I'm doing mine in England. If Trent and I get together to do work next year it's quite feasible that there are going to be occasions where he's working in the States and I'm working from Europe somewhere. Although I think we'd actually like to initiate the thing by actually working down...I'd love, like the idea of actually doing some work in New Orleans.

ABBIE: When you actually work like that where you're sent a track, get the feedback whether it's by the telephone, by fax, do you lose any of the intimacy that you would if you were working together in person?

DAVID: Well, naturally you don't compromise your own ideas so much. Because if you're working in collaboration with somebody, by virtue of the fact that you're in close quarters with each other, you try to creatively negotiate. But I think that when you're separated from each other you allow more reign to what you perceive the piece as being, which is often good because the collaborator on the other side will receive it and say, "Ah, I know exactly what you mean. I see. I wouldn't have let you go that far."

TRENT: And when you're working on music, it's like the most intimate, close-to-your-heart thing in the world where you're the most naked you could ever be. And a lot of times I've found from a degree of shyness... you're a bit intimidated by it. ABBIE: So this way you have your privacy. You can actually work with a piece instead of being next to David Bowie saying "All right, I've got to come up with something!"

DAVID: I get very loud.

TRENT: I crawl into a hole and put a blanket over my head and can't deal with things.

ABBIE: I know that on Puff Daddy's album there's a track where he loops "Let's Dance" and there was some talk about maybe you guys working together. Are you actually going to work with Puffy?

DAVID: My schedule is pretty tight. I'm not going to be able to do anything with him. I mean, I never mind those kinds of things. I'm delighted he did something with it, as long as I get paid I never worry. I like sampling. I think both Trent and myself and a number of others in the kind of area we work in, we presume that's what the late 20th century in fact is all about: juxtapositions of different information. And I applaud that way of working.

ABBIE: MTV News recently did an interview with Keith Richards and he was very much against the art of sampling saying it's not original music...

DAVID: He comes from a different place. I mean, there's musicianship as craft and there's musicianship as idea concepts. They're just different ways of working. You know, different strokes.

ABBIE: What's happening with your record with Nine Inch Nails? It's been a while since we've heard something. Have you had some challenges with coming up with new material?

TRENT: It's just been really assessing the whole what-I-want-to-do-with-Nine Inch Nails. I've dedicated a lot of energy into Nothing Records and I've always felt like if I didn't have anything to say, I don't want to say it. And the new record... I've spent a lot of time really assessing musically the way you approach it.

DAVID: From what I've heard -- sorry, I'm gonna' be very pushy -- from what I've heard from their camp is like so many things that he's done. It's actually a question of culling down to what actually they're gonna' work with. He's a very modest guy, this guy.

TRENT: You dig your own hole you know. You get into a thing where you feel like what you have to do is so important that it has to be great, ya' know...

ABBIE: Are you gonna' do any more hip hop flavor? Has working with Ice Cube been an influence on you now?

TRENT: The record will -- I guarantee it will piss everybody off. Yeah, no one will like it and it will be ridiculous. And if it wasn't then I wouldn't do it.

DAVID: That's the territory where we both meet on. [1MB QuickTime]

TRENT: If you don't then you're not doing your job.

DAVID: It was what initially introduced us to each other. We seem to have got that art down, pretty finally...

TRENT: That's the point. If it's safe, it's ridiculous. It has to be dangerous.

thanks renzor.
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the latest issue of metal edge reports that "as of the time of this writing both chris vrenna and robin fink are in guns n' roses". interesting, although metal edge hasn't been known for its validity in things. thanks adam.

7 14 18  

manson video
the video for 'long hard road out of hell' can be seen on mtv now. it debuted on mtv live on october 16 and has been on 120 minutes and other segments. thanks arthur.

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new nin pages
some very interesting nin pages have sprout up on the web. the first is the archive of butt fuck digest, created and maintained by dave matteson, which was an interesting mailing list from a while back. definitely worth a look. also new to the web is the ninformation archive, the most extensive collection of interviews unofficially put out to date (as far as i can tell). it's maintained by ryan harkness. also in the nin page news, chainsaw design is looking for some people to help on their new concept nin site, dealing with the barrage of independent nin remixes to hit the net:

A staff of several people is needed for a new NIN site that will be launched soon. We are primarily looking for writers (for reviews), although if you have any artistic talent, unique abilities (that could be used toward the creation of NIN content), or access to lots of space on a fast FTP server, we may have some use for you, too. If you are interested, send an e-mail to chainsaw@hotmail.com and tell us what you can do. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.

looks pretty promising. keep an eye out for it.
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nothing vinyl
there's a split single from the uk between marilyn manson and nine inch nails. "tourniquet" and "the perfect drug (meat beat manifesto)", with no cover and no label. insjb-95552 is the id. thanks edwin.

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bowie single scarcity
i have heard it is pretty hard to get the new bowie single. cd now is backordered til november 17th, and it just came out today in canada. no word yet, but you may want to try other online resources (such as rocktropolis or davidbowie.com). thanks matt.

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manson pumpkins
i got word that marilyn manson made a surprise appearance at the 'bridge school benefit' (an all-acoustic show organized by neil young, where the proceeds went to help a school for disabled children). your basic lineup of pop artists were featured, from dave matthews band to metallica to alanis morrisette. smashing pumpkins closed out the show, and manson (along with twiggy) made an appearance at the end, doing a duet of 'eye' along with an acoustic version of 'the beautiful people'. shockingly, the crowd seemed to enjoy it. thanks jordan.

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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 14 october 1997 |
bowie single
as a reminder, the david bowie single for "i'm afraid of americans" containing five remixes by nine inch nails (and a sixth remix by photek) hit stores today. here's the track info:
1. V1 5:31
2. V2 5:51
3. V3 6:18
4. V4 5:25
5. V5 5:38
6. V6 11:18

all tracks: reproduced by nine inch nails. production and additional performances by nine inch nails: trent reznor, charlie clouser, keith hillebrandt, dave "rave" ogilvie, danny lohner. mixed by dave "rave" ogilvie. engineered by brian pollack at nothing studios, new orleans. except v5: additional production and remix by photek.

special guest on v3: ice cube. trent reznor appears courtesy of nothing/interscope/tvt. ice cube performs exclusively for and appears courtesy of best side/priority records llc.

it's amazing, so go get it.
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bowie on 10 spot
mick jagger had the flu so david bowie will be performing on "live from the 10 spot" tonight (tuesday) at 10pm on mtv. thanks adam.

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rob job
from november hit parader:

Rob Job: Don't be surprised if the next album by former Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford ends up on Trent Reznor's Nothing Records label. Apparently a mutual admiration society exists between Reznor and the leather-lunged Halford, and talks have been underway since February in order to ensure that Halford's still-untitled new disc is closely associated with the Reznor musical empire. There's even talk that Mr. R could make a guest appearance-- either as producer, songwriter, or performer on Mr. H's new effort.

thanks jay.
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ap poll
time to vote in the alternative press l997 readers poll, nine inch nails is up for best video with "the perfect drug". entry must be postmarked no later than 3 november 1997. thanks crystal.

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more info
for those curious about the rumored new nothing licencees autechre and squarepusher, i've received a few emails describing more of their material:

from: mike tv (trent@dds.nl)
some info about Autechre: they make ambient/techno collages and soundscapes. chiastic slide is their fourth album on WARP records (http://www.warp-net.com) and is highly experimental, using almost only noisy samples and less melody. info about Squarepusher: he makes jazzy 'drill-and-bass' (the kind of drum 'n' bass Aphex Twin also makes.. very fast-paced and chaotic). Hard Normal Daddy is his second album, and his first on WARP records (his first 'feed me weird things' was released on Aphex Twin's label Rephlex).

from: mark reeder (mreeder@wam.umd.edu)

Autechre = blips + beeps and SquarePusher = Drum & Bass? Well I guess but they're far more than that. Actually both are Drum & Bass. . . Autechre creates amazing alienesque soundscapes with choppy breaks, static, blips, bleeps, whatever. . . SquarePusher is more organic sounding (live bass is used in many of the tracks) except for the use of square waves (hence the name). Anyway, to make a long story short, both bands are among the top innovators in the field of D&B. *Highly Recomended* releases even before they come out on nothing.

from: jean may chen (halonine@ucla.edu)

hm, dunno if you'd want any more (highly subjective) descriptions of autechre's sound. but AMP plays one of their videos occasionally, and it's sort of like doom-n-gloom ambient, with some pretty good use of an air raid siren sample. i guess mostly i'm telling you this because i've gone looking for the album with that song, to buy it, and have had no success at tower records. by the way, they are in the u.s. signed to wax trax! by way of tvt. their official web page is at http://www.tvtrecords.com/bands/autechre.html.

from: shirley taylor (staylor1@bgnet.bgsu.edu)

Squarepusher, as reported, is drum and bass but he's a little different. He's an excellent bass player and makes really cool records with really fucked up beats. I've got two of his records: "Feed Me Weird Things" (Rephlex 1996) and the "Big Loada" (Warp 1997) EP. Big Loada came out after Hard Normal Daddy. If you get to check out his stuff, it's really cool. If you want info on him, there is a great Squarepusher web page at: http://www1.linkonline.net/fresh/sqrpshr.htm

thanks everyone.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 12 october 1997 |
video shoot results
the broadcast, reported to last from 3 to 6 pm last monday, came in around 5:45 with some pictures. a discrepancy though, as mtv reported that the video shoot was the friday before then:
Reznor Takes Time From NIN Album To Shoot Bowie Video

October 8 [7:55 EDT] -- Trent Reznor took time away from his recording compound in New Orleans on Friday to join his friend David Bowie on the set of Bowie's next video, "I'm Afraid Of Americans."

Reznor will turn up in the clip, and (as we previously reported) produced several remixes of the track for an upcoming EP that should hit stores next week.

When asked about when his next NIN project is coming, and about reports that it will veer from the typical industrial NIN sound in favor of more of a hip-hop influence, Reznor told MTV News, "The record, I guarantee it will piss everybody off. No one will like it, and it will be ridiculous, and if it wasn't then I wouldn't do it."

"That's the territory we both meet on," [900k QuickTime] Bowie added. The thin white duke noted that the two men subscribe to the notion that if you anger the right people, you must be doing something right.

"We seem to have got that art down pretty finely," Bowie said.

"That's the point," Reznor chimed in. "If it's safe it's ridiculous. It has to be dangerous."

We'll have a complete report on the Bowie/Reznor video shoot this weekend in "The Week In Rock."

so everyone watch week in rock this friday. if you missed the 'video shoot' slideshow as it was in progress, rocktropolis as replaced the large jpegs they had with lower quality ones (around 15k for each picture). i managed to snag the higher quality ones while they were still up (around 30k apiece), and you can see them here. the quicktime movie of the mtv interview (very brief) is also available here.
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nothing warp
word on the street is that trent has secured the rights to press the latest autechre ("chiastic slide") and latest squarepusher ("hard normal daddy") lps in the united states, only previously available from warp records (in the uk). thanks grant. one person wrote in and described that autechre makes blips and beeps, while squarepusher is drum and bass. also he added that prick has apparentely started work on his new album, and the new meat beat album is complete and due out in early 1998. thanks ryan.

14 15 20 8 9 14 7   23 1 18 16  

i got this mail regarding anton corbijn, a great artist and one of trent's friends:

ANTON CORBIJN & Depeche Mode's ANDY FLETCHER October 15, 5:00PM- EST http://www.sonicnet.com/sonicore/chat/

Chat with renowned video director and photographer Anton Corbijn, famous for his work with U2, Nirvana and many more, and Depeche Mode's Andy Fletcher regarding Corbijn's new book of photographs.

If you want to be reminded of this chat hit the autoreminder button on Anton's bio page at SonicNet and you'll recieve an e-mail on the day of the show.

E-mail chathost@sonicnet.com if you have any questions.

thanks ben.
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ok so it may just be an ordinary millipede on the cover of halo 9. the self-exploding thing did sound a little far-fetched. thanks everyone for their corrections.

1 13 13 15 14 9 1 3  

charlie clouser is in the november issue of musician. thanks moloko.

3 12 15 21 19 5 18  

weathermen updates
if you want to find the latest info and updates on weathermen records, perhaps the most popular source for nin merchandise available on the we today, go to http://www.deadsouls.com/updates/ for info. thanks ed.

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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 05 october 1997 |
bowie/reznor video shoot
the people over at n2k were kind enough to mail me this bit of news:
JUST CONFIRMED ----- Monday, Oct 6, 3pm Eastern

See up-to-the-minute digital photos from the Nine Inch Nails/David Bowie video shoot in downtown Manhatten as it happens!

Trent Reznor joins David Bowie for the video shoot for the Bowie/Eno song Im Afraid of Americans, for which Reznor has done 5 remixes on the EP due out Oct 14 (available for pre-order online). This digital scapbook is only available on Monday throughout the afternoon and evening at the following sites:


Also -- enter the Bowie contest and win the EP signed by both Bowie and Reznor.

thanks karen. also, a restatement of this, from allstar.com:
David Bowie/Trent Reznor Video Shoot To Be Seen On Rocktropolis

Rocktropolis' cybercams will be on hand at the video shoot for one of Trent Reznor's remixes of David Bowie's new single, "I'm Afraid of Americans," on Monday (Oct. 6) in New York.

Fans can log onto Rocktropolis' Digital Scrapbook from 3-6 p.m. (EDT) to see live video stills from the shoot, which is being directed by Dom & Nick (who have previously shot for Oasis).

As previously reported, the song is from the forthcoming remix EP of Bowie's "I'm Afraid of Americans," his collaboration with Brian Eno from the Earthling album (allstar, Sept. 22) The EP, featuring five remixes by Reznor and one by Photek, is due Oct. 14 on Virgin.

On Wednesday (Oct. 1), Rocktropolis hosted the largest single artist cybercast ever with Bowie's show from Boston. It garnered more traffic to the site in two hours than any other artist cybercast in the history of the Web.

thanks ed.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 03 october 1997 |
rob halford's band 'two' has their album release slated at the end of october according to this source. thanks adam.
20 23 15  

rs on manson
a bit from oct 16 rolling stone about manson's appearance at the cmj festival:

"A Thousand Bands!"

"Alternative" music's thorny love-hate relationship with the mainstream proved to be the theme permeating every aspect of the convention. Both keynote speakers, Moby and Marilyn Manson, stressed the necessity for music to remain vital. "Anything I've ever done with songs or performance has always been to make people think," Manson said in his two-minute speech, followed by a hilarious Q&A session during which he expounded on everything from rumors ("I was not on The Wonder Years") to how he felt sharing the stage with the Spice Girls at the MTV Video Music Awards ("I don't even think I need to respond to that").

thanks crystal.
18 19   15 14   13 1 14 19 15 14  

the shell on the closer since and t-shirt is the shell of an ammoniac, a pre-historic creature that self-exploded once it reproduced. thanks josh.

20 18 9 22 9 1  

yes that's all the news i got over the past week.

25 21 16  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 01 october 1997 |
bowie live
ack a little late with this:

________________________________________________________________ DAVID BOWIE LIVE ON WEDNESDAY Yes, you heard us right! Live from Earth it's DAVID BOWIE Live On Earth Wednesday, October 1, 8:00PM http://www.sonicnet.com/feature/bowie/

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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 27 september 1997 |
trent afraid of americans?
looks like the reznor/bowie collaboration is back (as well as that promised work from ice cube):
"David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor are teaming for a six-track remix EP by the Thin White Duke of "I'm Afraid of Americans," from his Earthling album. The EP will feature five remixes of the Bowie/Brian Eno-penned song by Reznor and one by Photek, who has remixed Everything But The Girl's "Single" and Bjork's "I Miss You." The EP is due Oct. 14 on Virgin.

One of the remixes will be serviced to radio Oct. 1, with a video to follow, which will feature a guest appearance by Reznor. Reznor, who performed with Bowie on their 1995 tour, also lends backing vocals to one of the remixes, and another remix by Reznor will feature Ice Cube guest rapping."

thanks ed. also, from bowie's official site:


DAVID BOWIE'S standout "Earthling" track, the Bowie/Brian Eno-penned "I'm Afraid Of Americans"--which merges distressed funk and fractured electronic noises with a sly lyrical observation on modern America by Bowie--has been given the special re-mix treatment by Nine Inch Nails and will be released October 14 by Virgin Records as a six-track EP. This release comes in the midst of Bowie's critically acclaimed in-progress North American tour of clubs, ballrooms and theaters. Selling out across the country, the dates kicked off September 6 in Vancouver and will conclude October 18 in Minneapolis.

Five of the remixes are by Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor lends background vocals on one of the remixes while another Nine Inch Nails remix features a guest rap by Ice Cube. The sixth remix was overseen by England's Rupert Parkes, also known as Photek.

One of the remixes will be serviced to radio October 1 and a video will emerge in mid-October. It's expected to be shot in America in early October and will feature a guest appearance by Reznor.

Bowie and Nine Inch Nails' continuing collaboration on "I'm Afraid Of Americans" follows their tour together of North America in 1995. In every city along the tour route, the two artists performed together during a four-song set--which featured Bowie's "Scary Monsters" and "Hallo Spaceboy" and Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt" and "Reptile"--which bridged each of their own performances.

Says Bowie: "'I'm Afraid Of Americans' has developed into a key song in the "Earthling" tour--it's become popular with our audience. And Nine Inch Nails' input has created a fantastic single."

Reznor says: "I've been a fan of Bowie's work for years and also he's a friend. When David asked me to do some remixes, I decided to use a collective approach. Keith Hillebrandt, Dave Ogilvle and Charlie Clouser all came and did their own dissecting, mixes and programming. We all worked collectively under the cooperative moniker Nine Inch Nails. I wanted to throw some odd things in the mix and I have been planning to work with Ice Cube on some Nine Inch Nails material, so I asked him if he wanted to be involved. I am also a big fan of Photek's and I thought his mix for the same record would balance the EP out."

As is his usual practice, Bowie, along with visual-art collaborator Davide De Angelis, has designed the package for this highly anticipated CD. It incorporates a charcoal drawing made specifically for "I'm Afraid Of Americans."

thanks dara. and then i got a message from one of bowie's webmasters:
Thought you may be interested to know that Rocktropolis is going to broadcast David Bowie live from the Orpheum Theatre. Here are the details:

date: Wednesday, Oct 1
time: 8:30 pm, Eastern
where: www.rocktropolis.com
tech: RealAudio, RealVideo, NetShow, ichat (all avail on Rocktropolis)

Chat with other fans at 8:30 in the Buzz Cafe on Rocktropolis and the show will start shortly thereafter. You can also pre-order the new Bowie EP, the Bowie/Eno-penned "I'm Afraid of Americans," due out Oct 14, from the site. The EP features five remixes by Nine Inch Nails and one by Photek.

If you can't make that day -- come back for the re-broadcast: Oct 2 9am Eastern Oct 2 2pm Eastern

Thanks for anything you can do and hope to see you there.

20 18 5 14 20   1 6 18 1 9 4   15 6   1 13 5 18 9 3 1 14 19  

nin bio
the new nin unauthorized bio is out from st. martin's press. looks pretty bad, no new quotes or sources. avoid at all costs. on the other hand, the courtney love bio from simon and schuster is out now, and a whole chapter is dedicated to her relationship with trent, and 'what a real bastard he was to her'. would we expect any less coming from her? thanks ed.

14 9 14   2 9 15  

crow 3
according to some movie rumor sources, trent (as expected) is not playing the crow in the third installment of the movie. it is reported that he is contributing 3 songs to the soundtrack. thanks calder.

3 18 15 23   3  

french page
for you french speakers out there (pour les francophones?) there is a page out there who has converted most of news.nin.net into french, available here. it is very interesting to check out and to get a free lesson! thanks ninjaw.

6 18 5 14 3 8   16 1 7 5  

flyin' traps
the flyin' traps disc has been distributed, and a quote from vrenna from a press release:

"drummers by nature are a different breed of people," laughs chris vrenna. "we didn't get into music just for the opportunity to stand at the front of the stage and have girls stare at our dicks. Instead, we're buried at the back of the stage and stuck in the darkness, focusing on the music. We're just less egocentric. that's why we get along so well."
and the credits for vrenna's track:
the track "The Steel Box" (Chris Vrenna) Pod Boy Music -ASCAP all instruments- chris vrenna, produced by chris vrenna mixed by chris vrenna and brian pollack at nothing studios photography on the album by spike jonze and sofia coppola
thanks ubermensch.
6 12 25 9 14   20 18 1 16 19  

the popular nin site 'happiness in slavery' has moved to http://www.quantum.net.au/nin/, for those of you looking for it. thanks john.

13 15 22 5 4  

from mtv online:


Friends and fans have pulled together an online auction to help veteran rock photographer Mick Rock, whose pictures adorn the packaging of the recently released Iggy Pop tribute album "We Will Fall" CD package.

Rock underwent heart bypass surgery last winter, and has no health insurance.

A leather jacket, signed and donated by Trent Reznor, is among the items in the benefit auction, which can be found at www.superstars.com.

There are also autographed items from the many figures that Rock has photographed in his lengthy career including R.E.M., David Bowie, Lou Reed and Ray Davies.

Proceeds benefit Rock and the Green Chimneys Children's Services.

thanks renzor.
4 15 14 1 20 9 15 14  

top 100's
closer was #8 on mtv's top 100 of the 90's, and head like a hole was #62 on mtv's top 100 of the 80's. thanks denial.

20 15 16   10019  

florida sigismondi won the "eye popper" award from muchmusic for her work with bands such as the tea party, david bowie, and marilyn manson. thanks brian.

19 9 7 9 19 13 15 14 4 9  

daisy's case
from www.allstar.com:

Ex-Marilyn Manson Guitarist Sues For Breach Of Partnership Daisy Berkowitz Seeks $15 Million In Damages

More legal problems have arisen for shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, and this time his headache isn't being caused by religious fundamentalists or conservative politicians, but by a former bandmate.

In a suit filed in Broward County Circuit Court, Florida, on Sept. 2 -- but only made public this week -- former Manson guitarist Scott Putesky, better known to Manson fans as Daisy Berkowitz, is seeking "compensatory damages of $15 million" for "breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, professional legal malpractice and fraudulent inducement to conversion." The complaint names as the defendants Brian "Marilyn Manson" Warner, Marilyn Manson (the band), and the band's Los Angeles- based attorney David Codikow.

Not only does the suit claim Putesky co-created the band's concept with Warner, it also alleges that after the band inked their deal with Trent Reznor's nothing Records, Codikow urged the group to prepare a partnership agreement. The guitarist maintains the attorney favored Warner over his bandmates in the agreement, unfairly granting him exclusive control of the group's name. Although Putesky is credited with co-authoring four songs ("Irresponsible Hate Anthem," "Tourniquet," "Wormboy" and "The Man That You Fear") and contributing guitar parts to three tracks on Marilyn Manson's sophomore effort, Antichrist Superstar, he now claims he left the band in May 1996 after being "wrongfully excluded from the recording."

The band's record labels, nothing and Interscope, and their management, as well as Putesky's attorney, were all unavailable or refused to comment on the case.

This is the second suit filed against Marilyn Manson by a former bandmate. In December 1995, former bassist Brad Stewart (Gidget Gein) filed a complaint against the band alleging non-payment of royalties from the band's debut, Portrait of an American Family, as well as breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty. Unlike Putesky, who left the group over creative differences, Gein was fired due to his alleged drug use.

also, then later from www.allstar.com:
Ex-Marilyn Manson Guitarist Talks About Split, New Projects

Scott Putesky, aka Daisy Berkowitz, the former guitarist of Marilyn Manson who filed a lawsuit against the band for breach of contract, among other claims, is in the midst of working on two projects--Three Ton Gate and the Linda Blairs--and had a few comments to share with us about his split with Manson.

Regarding the split, Putesky, whose full name is Scott Mitchell Putesky, and is now simply going by Scott Mitchell, says it was not "amicable," as the reports said when it happened. "It was just...quiet," he says. "The first thing we agreed on was that I could keep all the gear that I used. Well, it's been a year and a half but I haven't gotten any of it. I was basically 'muscled out,' excluded from recordings, interviews, photo shoots, meetings, having my music/ songs denied. Why stay where you're not wanted?"

Putesky describes his new main band, Three Ton Gate, as "Hmmm... Woody Allen's Sleeper meets Bram Stoker's Dracula." As for the Linda Blairs (taken, of course from the actress who portrayed the possessed child in The Exorcist), Putesky says, "Me and some friends get up in cheap drag and rock out in early '80s bubble-gum covers sung by girls... Joan Jett, Blondie, Nena, stuff like that. It is quite a riot."

Putesky, uh, Mitchell, says he's shooting for a Halloween release date for Three Ton Gate's Vanishing Century. It will be available only on the Internet through the Three Tone Gate Web site(http://www.spookykids.com/threetongate/). There are no tour dates yet, as he's still putting his full band together. There are a few shows for the Linda Blairs, however -- the band is playing Friday (Sept. 26) at Dastardly Busters and Oct. 30 at the Roxy, both in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

thanks ed.
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mbm new stuff
according to their official site, meat beat manifesto are currently working on new material and may soon have a pre-album single release. thanks joseph.

13 2 13   14 5 23   19 20 21 6 6  

in the october issue of 'yahoo! internet life' nine inch nails is listed an article on "the web top 40" of "musical stars who have rocked--or been rocked by--the web". the top 10 are ennumerated, after which nin appears among "the rest" listed as follows:

"Nine Inch Nails -- Like other obsessive studio tinkerers, Trent Reznor is a natural for the Net. Not only does the online medium give Nails fans a chance to discuss hard-edged popcraft and sexual obsessions, but it lets them download id Software's 3-D shoot-'em-up game Quake, which features an original sound track composed by Trent."
thanks carolyn.
25 1 8 15 15  

xexo invalid
is seems that the addess xexo@earthlink.net, who appeared to belong to the infamous "j", friend of onofrio, is invalid. i received this message from the (new?) owner of the account:

Subject: Please remove my e-mail address from your site
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 02:46:38 -0800
From: xexo@earthlink.net
To: news@nin.net

Please remove my e-mail address from your site "http://www.news.nin.net" Whoever your talking about does not belong to this account or this address. Please cease and assist any more posting of the address "xexo@earthlink.net" to any other site. Thank you,

Terri Holliday

and then also:

Yes, I am aware of those postings Whoever the person/s were, (I suspect previous clients of this facility who had access), no longer have access to this account. I have previously checked Dejanews for this info and it has been some time since those postings were made. Any correlation between anyone named Nick ,Trent Reznor, and this account is a fabrication. Thank you for your express concern. Terri

so i guess stop mailing hate mail and whatnot at that account.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 14 september 1997 |
new album info
from mtv news:
Trent Reznor Finds New Direction, With Help Of Bowie

September 11 [12:00 EDT] -- Trent Reznor is now at work on the next Nine Inch Nails album with producer Rick Rubin. Reznor says in an interview in the new issue of "CMJ New Music Monthly" that it's bound to sound a lot different than his previous work.

He also says that NIN had become "a parody of itself" after its last tour, so he began taking stock of himself and his music. Reznor says that he realized he was bored with industrial music, and began getting into drum n' bass, jungle, hip-hop and especially, Erykah Badu.

He also turned to U2 frontman Bono at one point for advice on what musical direction to go in, and got songwriting tips from David Bowie, with whom NIN toured two years ago.

As we reported earlier this week, Bowie (who's current U.S. tour plays Los Angeles on Saturday) has told reporters that his next single will be a Reznor remix of "I'm Afraid Of Americans," but neither Reznor's camp nor Bowie's will confirm that.

thanks sally.
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bowie single
on october 7 the new bowie single "i'm afraid of americans" will come out. cduniverse has it for $7 right now on preorder. it will contain the reznor remix. thanks doug.

2 15 23 9 5   19 9 14 7 12 5  

about the new issue of cmj with the trent interview, the magazine itself is sized differently and will be hitting more stores on the 16th (reports earlier of issues were in prerelease). the issue also features small interviews with other nothing records affiliates, such as mbm, plug, 12 rounds, and john malm. the cd included also featured some mbm and sister machine gun material. thanks dave.

3 13 10  

kerrang interview
there is an interview in kerrang! magazine that was typed up and posted to alt.music.nin recently. the full article can be found here. some excerpts:

The 'band' is now completed by keyboardist/programmer Charlie Clouser and programmer Keith Hillebrandt. Both glam-freak guitarist Robin Finck and drummer Chris Vrenna have been jettisoned. Reznor stresses that Vrenna "Will never be in the band ever again".

Trent Reznor claims to be "happily inspired" right now, despite recent events. An unknown musician, Mark Nicholas Onofrio, has filed a lawsuit against him, claiming that certain songs from 'The Downward Spiral'are "strikingly similar" to his own, which he alleges he sent Reznor in 1993. "If I could name the Number One thing on my list that pisses me off right now," says Reznor, "it would be that pile of fucking human cunt garbage. I've never met him or heard his fucking tape. I don't even want to acknowledge his existence. You'll read about it when it gets thrown out of court."

it also reports that trent recently lost his grandmother. many people who mailed in as well as i offer our condolences and sympathy. thanks spyder.
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manson's tv performance was on the jon stewart show, his last episode. lunchbox and dope hat were played. thanks for everyone who mailed this in.

12 5 20 20 5 18 13 1 14 12 9 11 5  

time magazine (1 septermber 1997 issue) has a bit on music video directors and the such, and has a bit with floria sigismondi:

"says sigismondi: 'i don't watch [mtv]. i'm really not up on what's trendy. i'm in my own little world.'"

"sigismondi, 31, who was born in italy and lives in canada, says she never aims to shock, though she usually strikes a nerve. "i try and look for beauty in darkness, to make harmony in the images." in her video for shock-rocker manson's tourniquet, we are treated to the sight of manson shaving his own armpit; in sigismondi's clip for the beautiful people, we see writhing worms, rows of stomping fascistic boots and manson's mouth pushed open by some cruel dental device. the songs themselves are dumb and brutal, but the videos have a ghastly playfulness that evokes david lynch and federico fellini."

"sigismondi says movie scripts have been 'flooding in,' but that she hasn't chosen a project."

thanks rob.
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kroq 'exclusive'
it seems the 'hurt' duet that kroq said was an exclusive has been reported to be the exact same track as the one on 'children of the night' (a bootleg from the dissonance tour). thanks chris.

11 18 15 17   5 24 3 12 21 19 9 22 5  

a movie called "sick: the life and death of bob flanagan, supermasochist" is opening november 9. this movie documents the last two years of bob flanagan which as you might know is the star of the happiness in slavery video and also provided some moans and grunts on the fixed ep. happiness in slavery is shown. thanks louis.

6 12 1 14 1 7 1 14  

a few people have reported hearing a mix of mr. self destruct in the background of the preview to "u-turn", the new oliver stone film coming out in october. no word on the soundtrack itself. thanks lk.

21 20 21 18 14  

plug is out (tuesday)
"drum and bass for papa", plug's latest lp, has been released on nothing records. two disc set, the first is the album, and the second contains the 3 older plug ep's. it will be in stores september 16th. thanks pat. on a side note, plus is djing under his real name (luke vibert) at all the aphex twin / sneaker pimps / linoleum shows this month. he's just spinning records, not playing his own material. it was reported during aphex twin's set he came out butt naked and ran around trying to hump the big stuffed bears that aphex twin uses as props. that instead is one of aphex twin's travel-mates and not mr. vibert (and the bears have people inside them jumping around). for tour date info on those shows, go here. thanks ryan. and thanks john.

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home life
from "home life" - "the premier christian family magazine" september 1997 (for your amusement):

_Prayer Focus Artist_ [b/w photo of tpd-era reznor with arms folded over chest]

When he's not busy as the lead singer of the multi-million selling alternative act Nine Inch Nails, 31-year-old Trent Reznor plays the role of the producer for bands such as the controversial Marilyn Manson. With millions of fans snapping up his records around the world, you'd think Reznor would be a happy contented man. He's not. In an interview earlier this year, Reznor described the hole he feels in his soul:

"Like I always though, 'Man if I could ever be a rock star ...' Some stupid [profanity deleted] naive dream, and then you get it and ... I've been at my lowest point, and I'm not just saying this; it didn't work, man. I mean, my job is ... I wake up and make music and work with people I respect, and David Bowie will take my call, so why ... do I want to kill myself, you know?" He concludes, "I'm on a [profanity deleted] path to self destruction." (1)

This revealing interview brings to mind the words of Christ in Luke 9:25, "What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forgeit his very self?" This month, pray that the restlessness Trent Reznor is experiencing will drive him to the peace that's found only through Jesus.

(1)Trent Reznor, Raygun, February 1997

thanks fright.
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flyin' traps
from alternative press online:

Years ago, the only time fans went to the rest room at a rock concert was during the drum solo. Now Hollywood Records has announced its plans to release Flyin' Traps, a collection of songs highlighting 17 modern-rock drummers. "I'm a big fan of the drum records that Sandy Nelson and Hal Blaine made during the '50s and '60s," says Redd Kross drummer Brian Reitzell, who developed the project. "[This record] is actually about songs, but with a spotlight on the drums." Flyin' Traps features diverse performances from folks such as CHRIS VRENNA (Nine Inch Nails), Stephen Perkins (Jane's Addiction), Tim Alexander (Primus, Laundry) and Dale Crover (Melvins), as well as former Soundgarden skinsman Matt Cameron teaming up with Taz Bentley (Tenderloin, the Rev. Horton Heat) on "Theme From Wrong Holy-O." In addition, Mudhoney's drink 'n' drum expert Dan Peters delivers a way-cool version of the Kinks' "Do You Remember Walter?" The album is set for release Sept. 23.

thanks ed.
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some people have been experiencing realvideo problems with the mtv vma video captures. first make sure you have the latest player (www.real.com) and if that doesn't work, try the zipped 28.8 version or the zipped 56k version.

18 5 1 12 22 9 4 5 15  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 07 september 1997 |
trent imposter
quick update, this was posted on alt.music.nin:
Path: nntp.earthlink.net! news2.chicago.cic.net! iagnet.net! howland.erols.net! cpk-news-hub1.bbnplanet.com! news.bbnplanet.com! newsfeed.ecrc.net! nntp.flash.net! excalibur.flash.net! not-for-mail
From: Trent <trent@nothingrecords.com>
Newsgroups: alt.music.nin
Subject: Just to let you know
Date: Sat, 06 Sep 1997 21:48:57 -0500
Organization: Nothing Records
Lines: 12
Message-ID: <34121619.61C5@nothingrecords.com<
NNTP-Posting-Host: iasc5-210.flash.net
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-9
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.0Gold (Win95; U)

I've been reading this newsgroup for quite some time and I would like to clear up a few things. The Nothing Records webpage will be up very soon. It should be ready by Monday, September 8. I will be the webmaster. In regards to the new album, expect a release date around the first of 1998. I can't really give you any details about the new album but there will be more information on the Nothing Records homepage so check back often. There will also be a tour starting around August 1998.

the above is (to the very best of my knowledge, unless trent somehow is using a texas isp and switched to windows, despite other facts) a complete fake and imposter. as an addendum, that email account is not active and mail to it has no effect. thanks ed.
20 18 5 14 20   9 13 16 15 19 20 5 18  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 06 september 1997 |
lawsuit update
i got this message from steve72727@aol.com:
No, I'm not Onofrio. I am not 'a person claiming to be onofrio himself'. I let him use my account to post a message. Take my address off your page so the kids will stop bothering me.
ok kids, stop bothering him. also, the reference to "elephant man" is such:
"elephant man was the name of [onofrio's] group when he made the demo 'nine by nick' that was sent to trent"
thanks ganesh. also, the xeno@earthlink.net guy often hangs out on irc under the nick [pornguy] supposedely. thanks derek.
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1997 mtv vma
well, trent and manson were both beat out on all the awards they were nominated for. one particular eye-catcher, submlime's "what i got" beat in the "alternative music video" category. long live mtv. i also got word that the manson performance was not their first tv appearance. they had played on a "letterman-type" show a while back. thanks jeremy. i've digitized their performance and have put it in realvideo format. this is for 28.8 users, and this is for 56k+ users. for those who wish to save the file, shift-click this. the 28.8 file has very slow video, but retains relatively good audio quality. the 56k version has the somewhat-best of both worlds. also, for those who didn't see it, the muted word is "assholes".

1997   13 20 22   22 13 1  

together again
trent reznor has completed 4 remixes of "i'm afraid of americans" and it seems bowie and reznor will be working together on bowie's new album (from jam!music):

David Bowie will be writing and recording songs with Nine Inch Nails leader Trent Reznor for Bowie's next album.

"I'm happy to be saying that we're going to be doing some recording work together next year, which we're both pretty excited about," Bowie said Tuesday from Bermuda, where he's taking a breather before resuming his "Earthling" tour this Saturday in Vancouver.

"Hopefully, it's looking good that (jungle pioneer) Goldie is going to be doing some work on it, as well. They're two of the people who I feel are real giants at what they do."

Reznor has also just complete four remixes of Bowie's next single, "I'm Afraid Of Americans."

"When Trent first got a copy of "Earthling", he told me right at the beginning, "I'm Afraid Of Americans -- that's the song, man. Give it to me, let me remix it.' And it's killer, it's absolutely fantastic," says Bowie. "It has something very Nail-ish about it.

"It's something I could aspire to, but not something I could come up with myself. I would always overload it with arty pretensions. He really strips it away. It's very masculine."

thanks ed.
20 15 7 5 20 8 5 18   1 7 1 9 14  

night of nothing
the 120 minutes episode i was referring to on a previous update was the "120 minutes of nothing" episode, which was taped at the location of a concert featuring nothing records bands. there were many interviews and concert clips.

14 9 7 8 20   15 6   14 15 20 8 9 14 7  

new cmj is out in stores with trent on the cover and a story inside. thanks dave.

3 13 10  

radio rankings
kroq had a flashback 500 featuring a countdown of songs of the past. "head like a hole" got #20, "sin" #163, and "down in it" #237. thanks gary. also toronto's cfny had their top 102 cds of the 90s. pretty hate machine got #17, and the downward spiral got #4. thanks ryan.

18 1 4 9 15   18 1 14 11 9 14 7 19  

hurt duet
on krock 97.1 in detroit, they played the "hurt" duet of bowie and trent and said it was a "krock exclusive". the listener called the station and asked if it was a bootleg, and they said it was a promo cd containing live tracks that will soon be released. thanks john.

8 21 18 20   4 21 5 20  

top ten
david letterman's top ten list on wednesday had this to say:

"Top Ten Things Overheard at the MTV Video Music Awards"

As presented on the 09/04/97 broadcast of LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN

10. "Five minutes till show time -- we'd better thaw out Keith Richards"
9. "I don't care what you're formerly known as -- just park my damn car"
8. "Oh my God -- Coolio's hair just strangled an usher!"
7. "Radiohead couldn't make it. Here to accept on his behalf is his brother, Toaster-Oven-Head"
6. "I just saw Nine Inch Nails in the dressing room. It's more like Four Inch Nails"
5. "I thought the Chemical Brothers were Christian Slater and Robert Downey Jr."
4. "Jakob Dylan? Any relation to Matt Dillon?"
3. "You little girls aren't allowed backstage -- oh, sorry, Hanson"
2. "Hey everybody -- let's beat up those snotty little bastards from 'The Real World'"
1. "And the award for Puffiest New Artist goes to...Puff Daddy!"

thanks john.
20 15 16   20 5 14  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 04 september 1997 |
mtv 1997 vma
i'll do a full update tomorrow, but in summary, nine inch nails didn't win any awards as neither did marilyn manson. manson's performance was nicely done, it being their first real television performance. i'll have that up in realvideo tomorrow too.
13 20 22   1997   22 13 1  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 30 august 1997 |
new album info
the october 97 issue of hit parader have an article containing no real new news on the new album:
Nails Update: According to well-placed sources, Nine Inch Nails leader Trent Reznor has been feverishly wworking to complete his band's new album. While Reznor's time schedule is always unpredictable, it is expected that the new NIN disc should be hitting local record stores by late-'97 or early-'98. "Trent probably could have finished the album by now," our source said. "But everytime he comes close to getting it done, he starts bringing in new ideas. That's Trent!"
thanks ryan. also (sorry for the rumors) a another claim:
I heard from a source close to interscope that the new album (which HAS NOT been named yet and WAS NOT scrapped) has been put on hold due to the battle between Onofrio and Reznor. This is because Trent is apparently only finished at the most "15%" of the new album and he was "currently working on it" when the lawsuit came up. I asked her what it sounded like and she said to expect "a more quietly angry album" and that this "might be the last album Trent does under the name Nine Inch Nails!" WOW! Trent changing the name of the band?! I can't believe it.
thanks supernaut. another person mailed in:
from what i hear, according to a "well-placed source", is that the new album is going to be a double-ablum. it will work much like SP's "mellon collie and the infinate sadness". the title of the WHOLE album is apparently being named "dissonance" but each disc will have a seperate name, one being "falling within" and the other being "falling under". i'm not sure if this is very accurate, but it seems realistic enough to be true.
thanks ryan.
14 5 23   1 12 2 21 13   9 14 6 15  

type o-
in the publication "hard force" (french) an interview with type o negative says:

-Do you want to change your style in your music?

-We already did that,NINE INCH NAILS remixed some songs of us,he gave them a style 'exctasy-techno' (???) I don't like them but it's funny....

thanks ninjaw.
20 25 16 5   15  

this source says that bowie may be working with trent in the future on an upcoming album. thanks sara.

2 15 23 9 5  

i dont know what happened to toncn. i dont beleive it was shut down or anything. i think schulte didnt pay the bills. i have no clue what has happened. sorry i cant help any of you mailing me with inquiries about it.

20 15 14 3 14 3 15 13  

david letterman's world wide pants corporation will release a cd done entirely by paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra late this year. it will contain 12-15 covers of rock hits, with one being "hurt". it is an instramental only piece that sounds basically the same at the original sans trent's voice. thanks jeremy.

19 8 1 6 6 5 18  

"and the nominees are..", a show on mtv lately showing all of the nominees for the vma's, has a bit featuring trent. if you can stand the horror of hearing the hanson kids introducing "the perfect drug" video, you can hear the quote:

"I was aware of the way I wanted Nine Inch Nails to be presented, (and that) I wanted to have some sort of artistic feel to it.... It's not product, it's a piece of art. I look at my music as art, and I wanted it promoted that way."

which was from the 120 minutes night of nothing show. thanks lady-vader.
22 13 1  

lawsuit update
this is what mtv is saying about the lawsuit:

August 22 [12:00 EDT] -- While working on the new Nine Inch Nails record, Trent Reznor now finds himself the subject of a complaint filed on Monday in Los Angeles court that claims he stole six songs from another musician.

The man accusing Reznor, Mark Nicholas Onofrio, claims that NIN's "Burn" (from the "Natural Born Killers" soundtrack) and five songs on the band's 1994 album "The Downward Spiral" were stolen from him.

Onofrio, who says he met Reznor in an online chat room, notes that the six contested tracks all appeared in 1994, one year after the musician claims he sent Reznor a copy of an album he made called "Elephant Man."

Onofrio claims the "Downward Spiral" tracks, including the hit "Closer" and the album's title track, sound "strikingly similar" to his own compositions.

Reznor's lawyer had no comment on the charges because he has yet to be served with papers in the matter.

In the midst of this legal wrangling, Reznor is hard at work on the next Nine Inch Nails album, which he says will mark a sonic departure for the band.

also in alt.music.nin there have been some postings from a person claiming to be close to onofrio, identifying themself as "j" with the address "xexo@earthlink.net". it could just be a fraud, but here's a few postings:
Subject: Re: NEWS: Trent Accused of Plagiarism LET ME SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT FOR ONOFRIO Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 01:03:09 -0800 From: xexo@earthlink.net Newsgroups: alt.music.nin

The proof will be in the pudding people !!!! I am personal friend of Onofrio , and time will show what happened and no matter who says what about Trent or Nick, YOU watch --TVT/Reznor/etc.... WILL NOT LET THIS CASE GO TO TRIAL !!! Its not just the music and certain sounds, it's lyrics as well WHOLE STANZAS OF LYRICS !!!! and its all copyrighted long ,long before Downward There are way too many things taken to be just a coincidence lyrically as well as musically Like I said before the proof is in the pudding, and will come out one way or another.

Subject: Re: LET ME SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT FOR ONOFRIO Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 22:15:06 -0800 From: xexo@earthlink.net Newsgroups: alt.music.nin

Why did it take so long to file? 1) Nick had other lawyers for years that werent doing their job, before he came to LA. 2) If reznor had not made it as big as he has gotten over the past two years, Nick would probably have never filed, but all these more recent interviews in Rolling stone , Spin, Details, and even Guitar Magazine with Reznor, he has said several things including the fact that he dislikes bands like bush because they rip off Nirvana and others, and how he has no respect for people that do such things.

And finally 3) I guess since some of you are too stupid to realize, YOU DONT FILE SOMETHING OF THIS CALIBER RIGHT AWAY, Nick didnt know how big nin was gonna get after Downward. I mean if downward didnt sell, why spend your money on lawyers if your trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip. Like I said before the truth will come out, believe it or not I dont give a fuck if you believe what I say or not. I could tell you several things that only people like myself and Nick and his lawyer would know-- for one- its not in the claim yet , but some of trents work on marilyn mansons album will probably also be named soon in the suit. Dont believe? sorry I dont care, but i have seen the evidence, and put the music aside for now. The lyrics for burn, hurt, closer , for starters ---There are complete stanzas of EXACTLY THE SAME WORDS blatantly taken from his demo and its ALL COPYWRITTEN 2 YEARS BEFORE DOWNWARD. heres something else for you, research Nicks lawyer Mike Blaha, hes one of the top entertainment lawyers in the states. Im sure hes got better stuff to do than fuck around with bullshit cases that entertainment lawyers see all the time

Some of you like Robin ask how do they really know it was reznor he was talking to on the internet. Prodigy network has long since given confirmation that it was specifically Trent Reznors personal terminal that received and transmitted documentation with the onofrios personal account. There is also fed ex docs to prove the dat was shipped from the onofios to the reznor benedict cyn home.

Hey I would be skeptical to, and I was for a while until I saw and heard what I have. And I dont care if you think I know him or not, and I do know him very well, but Im just trying to enlighten a few of you that trent is not the Jesus Christ that a lot of people make him out to be. And that stealing this unreleased material from nick is not only possible , but definitely did happen


Subject: THE BOTTOM LINE Date: Sat, 23 Aug 1997 14:37:49 -0800 From: xexo@earthlink.net Newsgroups: alt.music.nin

the bottom line is this : the internet issue is irrelevant, What is relevant is there is documented proof of TRENT REZNOR accepting Onofrio's previously copyrighted material that now appears on his downward spiral album.

then a person claiming to be onofrio himself has posted (from steve72727@aol.com):
Subject: Trent

Maybe you're monitoring this.

I left a message with your secretary at Nothing Records. I told her to warn you that the "Elephant Man" was coming. I look forward to looking you in the eyes at the deposition.

Good Luck,

MNO (really)

thanks ed. further, lucian x delved into some research and found the following:
i don't know if this is terribly newsworthy, but the library of congress finds no mention of any copyrighted work known as "elephant man" under the name of mark nicholas onofrio. the following is what said artist does have in name:

TITL: Psycho Bob music.
CLNA: (c) (p) on music, performance; acMark Nicholas Onofrio , 1969-
DCRE: 1992 DREG: 24Aug92
ECIF: 37/N

TITL: Nine by Nick.
PHYS: Sound cassette.
NOTE: Collection.
CLNA: (c) (p) on music, words, recording; acMark Nicholas Onofrio , 1969-
DCRE: 1993 DREG: 27May93
ECIF: 37/N

TITL: Flying dishes music.
PHYS: Sound cassette.
CLNA: (c) (p) on music, recording; acMark Nicholas Onofrio , 1969-
DCRE: 1995 DREG: 11Jul95
ECIF: 37/N

thanks lucianx.
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1997 vmas
marilyn manson will be performing to the best of my knowledge at the vmas, september 4, at 8pm, on mtv.

1997   22 13 1 19  

another survey
vote for trent as the most important person of the last 2000 years here. currently tori amos is ranked pretty high, and jesus and billy pumpkin are rising up the charts. thanks leif.

1 14 15 20 8 5 18   19 21 18 22 5 25  

the crow: 2037
from www.geocities.com/hollywood/hills/7343/news.htm (a well known film fact/rumor source):

The Crow 3: A source close to one of the production crew has revealed that 'Nine Inch Nails' member Trent Renzor WILL be playing 'The Crow' in the third film of the series. There will also be a massive apocalyptic war at the end where Jesus & Satan appear, and both try and get 'Crow' to join them in battle. This FX-filled ending will apparently take 100's of hours to render, while Reznor will produce the film's soundtrack (with possibly three new NIN songs). A grungy thanks to 'PoisonArt' for the info.
unconfirmed as always. thanks corrosion. also this was posted in reuters/variety:
Rob Zombie To Direct Next 'Crow' Installment

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - White Zombie frontman Rob Zombie is set to make his feature film directing debut on "The Crow: 2037," the third installment of "The Crow" series.

The film is based on Zombie's original script. Sources say it will change directions from the revenge fantasies of the first two and focus on a classic horror style.

The story begins in 2010, when a young boy and his mother are murdered on Halloween night by a Satanic priest. A year later, the boy is resurrected as the Crow. Twenty-seven years later, and unaware of his past, he has become a bounty hunter on a collision course with his now all-powerful killer.

Shooting is expected to begin in the fall. Zombie's version will feature entirely new characters. No casting has been set.

The first film -- helmed by former music video director Alex Proyas, and based on James O'Barr's comic strip -- became a cult hit, earning $94 million at the box office worldwide. "The Crow" took on a macabre status after Brandon Lee, who starred as the title character, was accidentally shot and killed on the set eight days before filming was due to wrap.

Another British video helmer, Tim Pope, directed last year's sequel, "The Crow: City of Angels," starring French screen idol Vincent Perez. The film earned $30 million worldwide.

"I've always wanted to make films," said Zombie. "With everything I've ever done, I always approach it from a very visual point of view. So making a movie as high-concept as 'The Crow' was an obvious choice."

Zombie, according to sources, first became interested in The Crow while visiting the set of the original film. Later, White Zombie covered the KC and the Sunshine Band hit "I'm Your Boogie Man" for the sequel's soundtrack.

thanks ed.
20 8 5   3 18 15 23   2037  

cmj musicfest
looks like marilyn manson is going to be a keynote speaker at the cmj musicfest, september 3-6. thanks crystal.

3 13 10   13 21 19 9 3 6 5 19 20  

columbia house
halo eight has been named one of the 50 music milestones by columbia house:

Trent Reznor, the man behind this 1994 album's ingeniously crafted dementia, crashed through the boundaries of pop and transformed the future of electronic music. Channeling his mangled outlook on life, sex and religion into clomping industrialized grooves and frenzied sample roars, the controversial genius won the admiration of artists from Pantera to Tori Amos while upsetting political pundits who claimed his lyrics were too disturbing. Throbbing anthems like March of the Pigs and Big Man With A Gun helped Reznor win Spin Magazine's 1995 Reader's Poll for Artist of the Year, and he's sure to remain one of rock's most visionary innovators.

thanks rob.
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filter news
from mtv news:

Liesegang UnFiltered

August 29 [10:00 EDT] -- Brian Liesegang has confirmed to MTV News that he has left the duo Filter to funnel his talents into a solo project. So now it's a band of one: Richard Patrick.

"It's become pretty obvious that Rich and I are moving in different directions," Liesegang told MTV. "We've only gotten together four times in the last eight months. I've been working on my own in the studio six days a week by myself with just my guitar and my computer."

Filter was formed by Nine Inch Nails alumni Patrick (guitar) and Liesegang (programming) and soon after scored a surprise hit with their debut album, 'Short Bus,' released on Reprise in 1995, a record that has now gone platinum. Most recently, they contributed to the soundtrack of the movie 'Spawn.'

Their differences appear creative. "I didn't want to make another 'Short Bus,'" says Liesegang. "I don't think the power of rock can be replaced by a fashion statement but at the same time I'm an electronic musician and being such my modus operandi is to try to invent new ways to rock, ways that haven't been done before."

A spokesperson for Reprise says that with Richard Patrick the lead singer and songwriter, Liesegang's departure should make little difference. "Filter is Richard Patrick," says Jim Baltutis, "and I guess when you're the band, you can take it in any direction you want."

"It's a decision by Rich to work with other people," he adds, "and I believe that the fact he worked with Crystal Method on that 'Can't You Trip Like I Do' track opened the door for him to explore his options with the new Filter record."

Leisegang says he plans to reshape his material and regroup in the studio most likely with ex-Filter drummer Matt Walker, now also a part time Smashing Pumpkin, his brother Saul Walker, members of their band Cupcakes, and other guests.

Richard Patrick, says Baltutis, will be working on the next Filter album, due out the middle of next year.

thanks ed.
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luke vibert
some luke vibert news, from www.geocities.com/sunsetstrip/alley/9242/:

us plug lp

promos are now circulating for the us release of plug's _drum'n'bass for papa_. press information is stating a sept. 9 release date. the us pacakge contains two discs. the first is, more or less, the original plug lp released by blue planet in the uk last summer. two tracks, "cut" and "subtle" were replaced by more recent vibert remixes, "cut 97" and "a subtle blend." one track, "life of the mind," is notably absent from the us release, most likely due to sample clearing problems. the track featured extensive samples of joel + ethan coen's _barton fink_. the second disc contains most of the tracks from vibert's initial plug ep series from late 1995. 11 of the 13 plug ep tracks find their way onto the us compilation disc.

vibert us tour

luke vibert is scheduled to support aphex twin and the sneaker pimps during most their us tour this fall:

friday, sep 5 - washington, dc - 9:30 club
saturday, sep 6 - philadelphia - theatre of living art
sunday, sep 7 - boston - avalon
wednesday, sep 10 - toronto - government
friday, sep 12 - detroit - clutch cargo's
saturday, sep 13 - chicago - the vic
wednesday, sep 17 - denver - ogden theatre
friday, sep 19 - las vegas - the joint
saturday, sep 20 - los angeles - organic
tuesday, sep 23 - seattle - dv8
wednesday, sep 24 - portland - roseland
saturday, sep 27 - san francisco - cyberfest3

vibert will be djing all dates.

thanks grant.
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got this weathermen update:

Weathermen records, Your online authority for NIN and Marilyn Manson announced last week that they will be distributing the Marilyn Manson "Gods of Fuck" box set at the price of $73.99 with a minimal shipping charge of $3 for second day air service. They guarantee the boxes will be in the customers possession two days after the company receives it from England. They are also now carrying the enhanced "beautiful people" with two cd rom tracks including videos for "beautiful people" and "sweet dreams". You can find them at http://www.theweathermen.com/music.
thanks bruce.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 22 august 1997 |
in case you haven't heard, trent's having his originality questioned by some guy from los angeles (from mrshowbiz):
Nine Inch Nails' Reznor Accused of Stealing

For those who still don't believe the Internet is a dangerous place, we have this cautionary tale. A Los Angeles musician who claims he met Nine Inch Nails leader Trent Reznor in a chat room says that the musician stole six of his songs. Mark Nicholas Onofrio alleges that he e-mailed Reznor in January of 1993, telling him that he was in the process of recording an album and asking Reznor to take a listen. According to the complaint filed on Monday in Los Angeles federal court, Reznor sent a message back the next day agreeing to listen to the album and telling Onofrio to Federal Express it to his Los Angeles home. Onofrio claims that five songs that appear on Nine Inch Nails' 1994 release The Downward Spiral are remarkably similar to five of the songs that he sent Reznor. Those songs are "Closer," "Mr. Self Destruct," "March of Pigs," "Hurt," and "The Downward Spiral." Onofrio also contends that "Burn," a Reznor song that appears on the Natural Born Killers soundtrack, sounds very similar to another one of his compositions. Reznor also produced that soundtrack. Reznor and his co-defendants--TVT Records Inc., Nothing Records Inc., Interscope Records, Warner Bros. Inc, and Leaving Hope/TVT Music Inc.--have yet to comment on the suit.

thanks xtres. and a bit from another publication (microsoft's musiccentral):
As of cyberpresstime, there were no public facts regarding why Onofrio waited so damn long to file or how much money he's seeking in compensation. Formula Public Relations, NIN damage-control folks, called the allegations "ludicrous," and added, "We've yet to speak about this with Trent in person, but odds are he's well aware of it by now."

Reznor remains holed up at Hot Snakes Studios, his converted New Orleans funeral home, recording a record no one seems to know that much about.

Depending on whom you ask during this month of August, the record was already completely finished only to be dumped before the final mix by Reznor himself, whom found it too "trip-hop" for even his own good, or maybe it's supposed to be a double LP to be called either Fallen Within or Dissonance.

Reznor has remained tightlipped about what's going on within Hot Snakes, although he did tell an Entertainment Weekly "journalist" that he's "trying to make an old Prince record." Oh, boy.

hmm.. is microsoft possibly getting information from here? thanks ed. also the mtv news report can be found here. thanks john.
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that rendition that maxwell did of "closer" is available on the "maxwell unplugged" cd. the song is 20 minutes long. thanks lucifer.

13 1 24 23 5 12 12  

manson box set
there appears to be a marilyn manson box set coming out:

Marilyn Manson
Gods Of F*!k BOX CD $82.99 Collector's box includes 3 cd singles ("Sweet Dreams" and 2 parts of "Beautiful People") plus a full color cd sized hardback book, exclusive t-shirt and a "syringe" pen. Release Date: 25-Aug-97
that was listed here. thanks jeremy.
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mtv vma
marilyn manson will be appearing at the mtv video music awards. it is most likely that he will be presenting, although the current rumor is that there will be a surprise performance by the band (of "man that you fear"?). thanks max.

13 20 22   22 13 1  

rumors are abound that nin will be performing at cmj music fest this year. they played for it in the past, but it is highly unlikely that they will make an appearance/performance this year. all the rumors are unconfirmed and quite unusual in origin.

3 13 10  

mm on pi
a transcription of the marilyn manson appearance on politically incorrect can be found here. thanks warren.

13 13   15 14   16 9  

vid clips
the video clips of the lost highway soundtrack promotion (shown on the rental copy of the movie) as well as the entire politically incorrect episode are available from this other page who was kind enough to get them done before i could. thanks chainsaw.

22 9 4   3 12 9 16 19  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 12 august 1997 |
some dolt knocked the plug out of the wall two days in a row, which caused the server downtime over the past few days. sorry for the inconvenience.
19 5 18 22 5 18  

netcaster q's
some questions about netcaster have been raised recently. first, you will still be able to view all of news.nin.net right here in this format. using netcaster is just an alternate way to snag the information, using an automated pull of content. if you have netscape communicator (navigator 4.0), you can even just pull up http://news.nin.net/netcaster to see what it looks like. it has an index of all the days news was updated, so reading individual old news is now possible. i'll make it nicer looking sometime.

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excretory tales
an interesting interview story (told by trent via shockwave streaming audio) can be found here. thanks ennui.

5 24 3 18 5 20 15 18 25   20 1 12 5 19  

lost highway
david lynch's "lost highway" came out today on home video. there seems to be two versions. one, a "screener", intended for retail management only, contains the normal movie, but before the movie a commercial for the soundtrack is shown. the clip does not mention nine inch nails at all in the clip. the second version, which is widespread, has a promotional clip for the soundtrack also, which alternates between "the perfect drug" video, and white text on black screens (done nicely) showing names of the bands that appear on the soundtrack (nine inch nails is the first name, trent reznor is the last). i hope to have a clip of the latter up here soon. thanks minarets.

12 15 19 20   8 9 7 8 23 1 25  

politically incorrect
seems that the politically incorrect episode with marilyn manson (that was supposed to air awhile back) will finally be broadcast this wednesday. thanks joseph.

16 15 12 9 20 9 3 1 12 12 25   9 14 3 15 18 18 5 3 20  

action figure
word has it that marilyn manson and todd mcfarlane (creator of spawn) may be working together on creating action figures of manson and the rest of the band. reported on mtv news. thanks joseph.

1 3 20 9 15 14   6 9 7 21 18 5  

i got this rumor mailed to me:

apparently the new nin inch nails album was done but just before the final mix trent scrapped it because it was to "trip hop" , saying the "he didn't want an album full of closer's" , trent discribed the work that he is doing now as "goth" , this has been told to be by some reliable sources...
this is very unconfirmed. thanks jarv. i also got this other rumor mailed to me:
i was in a nin room one day when a guy who says he "knows some of the right people" told me that "Dissonance" was a major candidate for the name of trents' next album. he also said that trent is taking his sweet time on it in order to reap the benefits of dolby digital ac-3 5.1 channel true 3d sound on DVD. he said to expect a DVD and CD version of the new album. he also said that the tenative release date currently floating around nothing/interscope offices is sometime around october 30th, but with forseeable delays he said to look for it no earlier than the 1st half of '98 (realistically).
also unconfirmed. thanks dan, who didn't want his email address listed (@aol.com no less).
18 21 13 15 18 19  

e weekly
a little snippet from entertainment weekly (15 august edition):

Nailin' It Down

Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor, currently bunkered in a New Orleans funeral home that's been converted into a recording studio, says the next NIN album (due in early '98) will hold a few surprises for fans of the band's patented raise-the-dead cacophony. "I'm trying to get out of the confined guitar-bass-drum rock-band formula," says Reznor, who's working with a collaborator, NIN guitarist Danny Lohner, for the first time. Although he's been soaking his ears in techno, Reznor says the new material "doesn't sound like what's happening in clubs now - I'm trying to make an old Prince record, I think."

thanks soleh.
5   23 5 5 11 12 25  

i was recently contacted to help out with the search for a internet nine inch nails fan who has gone missing. her name is "lady damaen" and a web site is up for her search here. please check it to see if you have any information on this. her parents and family had this to say:

At this point we just want to hear from hear to know that she's safe/alive. She can call us at 1-800-283-3714 which is our home phone....or she can call the National Runaway Switchboard at 1-800-621-4000. The switchboard can forward her call in such a way that it can't be traced...if she's worried about that, or they can take a message from her and deliver it to us. We miss her so much and just want to make sure she's safe.
best regards to her family.
13 9 19 19 9 14 7  

an interesting note popped up when synthboy was reviewing the 9/96 issue of keyboard, in an interview with faith no more:

(quoting Billy Gould, producer/bassist for FNM, page 32):

"...(The Spanish-speaking voices you hear later in the song) are from a short-wave radio. That was (vocalist Mike) Patton's idea. He has a short-wave he takes on tour. I've got one too, and you can get some really cool, eerie stuff. I noticed on the Nine Inch Nails record they used a little bit of that too."

mcd commentary: whoa? is this yet another sonic element that Trent uses, that hasn't been discussed before? Or did Billy assume (wrongly) that it was a short-wave radio? Weird, i haven't heard NIN using short-wave radios before; tone generators, maybe. hmm, I'm going to have to investigate this...

good question. thanks m.c.death.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 07 august 1997 |
netcaster revisited
ok finished off the first instantiation of the netcaster interface. it offers an alternate interface to this site, with netscape netcaster pulling the content automatically every week. on the left of the webtop is a bar with an index of days corresponding to news updates, and you can pull up individual days. i plan to make it friendlier and nicer looking with the layers technology, but i will do a news update before then. to add the news.nin.net channel (web channel at http://news.nin.net/netcaster/ ) just click on the image at the bottom of the page to add the channel. i've had some javascript errors pop up if i didn't already have netcaster loaded before clicking on the button, so it may be wise to load netcaster first. also, since it's a web channel, you can point your communicator at the above url and it will pull up the interface also. let me know of any major problems. you can get netcaster here, and netcaster preview release 3 or later is recommended.
14 5 20 3 1 19 20 5 18   18 5 22 9 19 9 20 5 4  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 05 august 1997 |
spent a bit of time tonight and made a "news.nin.net" channel using netscape's channel wizard and things. i havent tested it thoroughly, but the button on the bottom of this page in theory add http://news.nin.net/netcaster as one of your channels. i hope to get a nice interface for the webtop medium tomorrow, as well as updating.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 30 july 1997 |
mtv video nominations
the 1997 mtv music video award nominations were announced, and "the perfect drug" received 5 nominations:
Best Video of the Year

Beck - "The New Pollution"
Jamiroquai - "Virtual Insanity"
Jewel - "You Were Meant For Me"
Nine Inch Nails - "The Perfect Drug"
No Doubt - "Don't Speak"

Best Alternative Video

Beck - "The New Pollution"
Blur - "Song 2"
Foo Fighters - "Monkey Wrench"
Nine Inch Nails - "The Perfect Drug"
Sublime - "What I Got"

Best Direction In A Video

Beck - "The New Pollution"
Missy Elliot - "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)"
Jamiroquai - "Virtual Insanity"
Nine Inch Nails - "The Perfect Drug"
Smashing Pumpkins - "The End Is The Beginning Is The End"

Best Art Direction In A Video

Beck - "The New Pollution"
Jamiroquai - "Virtual Insanity"
Marilyn Manson - "The Beautiful People"
Nine Inch Nails - "The Perfect Drug"

Best Cinematography In A Video

Eels - "Novocaine For The Soul"
Jamiroquai - "Virtual Insanity"
Nine Inch Nails - "The Perfect Drug"
Smashing Pumpkins - "The End Is The Beginning Is The End"

so far trent has not gone to any of those award shows. also, marilyn manson's "the beautiful people" received two nominations:
Best Rock Video
Best Special Effects in a Video
thanks ed and hermes.
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robin leach does nin
tpd was featured on mtv's "most expensive videos" show this past weekend, entering into the $850,000+ range. they provided a list of miscellaneous expenses:

- vintage instrument rental $1,530
- velvet curtain rental $200/day
- crystal ball $132
- bear rug $420
- hand scupture $20,000
- antique cane $120
- vulture $2,500/day
- dry ice smoke machine $250/day
- vintage costumes $460 each
- refrigerated set $30,000
- water tank construction $3,200
- hedge designer $5,000/day
- stylist $1,400/day
- goblet $22.99 (set of four)
- electroencephalogram $4200
- strobe light rental $370/day
- dove rental $1,250 (w/trainer)
- roof set $35,000
- vintage phonograph $250
- top hats $275 each
- vintage piano rental $450
thanks to jim and jess.
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manson pi
looks like manson will be on politically incorrect soon:

"So, is Manson P.C.? Unlikely, but he has become a surprising spokesman for freedom of speech and anti-censorship. And soon the world will have an opportunity to see Manson take on the right head-on. On July 18, the Antichrist Superstar will be in L.A. to tape an episode of Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher. Other guests include Miss Black California Lakita Garth, Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson . . . and Mr. Conservative himself, G. Gordon Liddy. The show will air on July 31 at 10 p.m. on ABC, and rerun later that night. "
thanks bryan.
13 1 14 19 15 14   16 9  

red orb uses tpd
red orb (new game division of broderbund) has a new sampler of their stuff, a free demo cdrom. the music while the logo flashes around (during a movie for the company) is the transition from "the perfect drug". interesting. legal? thanks ryan.

18 5 4   15 18 2   21 19 5 19   20 16 4  

nin blamed for suicide
an australian program ran this bit:

A week ago there was a story on Witness, A Current Affairs Program in Australia on the Seven Network. The Program addressed a rising problem in Western Society, Youth Suicide. In the program, a mother who lost her daughter and son in a combined suicide, said NINE INCH NAILS had something to contribute to it. This was due according to the mother, that the daughter's last album she bought was THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL and that she never stopped playing it up until her and her brother's death. The mother in front of the camera read crying the first verse of the title song, with shots of the booklet while she was reading. "he couldn't believe how easy it was he put the gun into his face bang! ah (so much blood for such a tiny little hole)"

She then said that it gave no hope to teenagers. I remember, when this suicide happened and on the news it was stated that in the suicide note that they ended their life because of Kurt Cobain. However, Kurt Cobain wasn't featured in this show, only NINE INCH NAILS. There were other stories in the program of youth suicide, however this was the only story to blame music.

thanks cameron.
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manson cancelled
from mrshowbiz.com, same old same old:

"Marilyn Manson's Calgary show was effectively canceled yesterday after Judge Ken Moore decided that a trial was necessary to determine if the band's promoter tricked local officials into booking the shock-rock band at the Max Bell Centre on July 25. A trial can't take place before the show date, so the show has been effectively scrapped. The details are these: the Amateur Sports Society booked the band months ago for the Centre, entering into a contract with Universal Concerts Canada, Manson's promoter. Although they had been told that the band was, ahem, controversial, the Society didn't ask any questions, assuming that many rock acts can be considered controversial. Once they realized the enormity of the, ahem, controversy surrounding the Satan-rocking Mansons, the Society tried to pull the plug on the deal, and now, indirectly, they're being backed up by the courts. The courtroom was an interesting site, with suit-wearing conservatives on one side, and disappointed black-clad fans on the other. "
thanks bryan.
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trent counterpart?
in issue 766 (7 august) rolling stone, prodigy is compaired as, "a perfect brit counterpart to the industrial noir of trent reznor..." thanks matt.

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twiggy's private parts
howard stern recently had marilyn manson and twiggy. they talked about what kind of drugs they've used and stuff they've been accused of doing at concerts (handing out bags of cocaine, getting everybody to rape each other, etc). manson said that he and billy pumpkin were snorting sea monkeys together and they showed him interviewing billy at the private parts premiere. twiggy didn't say much, except something about going out with courtney love, but then he said it never happened. he was picking his nose throughout the whole thing. thanks bert.

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new rumors
i got this message sprouting some new rumors:

I was talking with an Interscope Records sales rep. about a week ago and she said that the tentative title of the new CD is Falling Under and not Falling Within. I don't know how close she is to Trent Reznor or anything but she does work for the company. Interesting........ - Also, she told me that Trent has a new haircut. Buzz Cut.
unverified as always. thanks josh.
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tpd imports
tpd single has been released in south africa and japan. they've got 6 tracks. first 5 are the us tracks, 6th is original version. thanks john.

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skinny puppy
seems that nin and manson have decided to help skinny puppy on a new skinny puppy remix album due out late this year or early next year. thanks ninpuppet.

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manson vid
there's a rumor that manson is coming out with an official video tape that has all seven mm videos plus vids for "dried up ...", "cryptorchid", and "antichrist superstar". mm is making "dried up ..." now, and the other two have been shown at art festivals only. unconfirmed. thanks ninpuppet.

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another side project?
this paragraph is part of a larger article here:

The next step--for industry empire builders, at least--is to build that credibility into a strong mainstream presence, a process that began with the Chemical Brothers and Prodigy and may accelerate with the rock-friendly beats on Crystal Method's debut album, "Vegas" (Outpost), due out Aug. 26, and Josh Wink's full-length bow on Ovum, scheduled for fall release, with guest vocalists such as Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and former Clash singer Joe Strummer.
thanks ryan.
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possible quake 2
it's possible that trent may do music/sfx for quake 2. american mcgee updated his .plan:

Sony records is interested in doing a compilation CD to which you would play Quake 2. Most of the songs on this CD would be previously released material from bands on Sony labels that we here at id enjoy listening to. There is also a chance that there would be one track on this CD done especially for Quake 2. This CD would be a separate product that you would purchase to listen to while playing Quake 2, driving your car, etc. Basically this product would have no connection to id aside from the Quake 2 logo and an id "stamp of approval".

The guy most likely to record the special Quake 2 track is Ozzy Ozbourne. He has shown interest in this project and might also do the player sounds (death, pain, etc...) From what I understand Ozzy is very interested in this and chances are that all will go well... but this is the music industry, and things could just go nowhere. We'll have to wait and see.

Trent Reznor has also sent word to me that he may be interested in doing some music for Quake 2. Again, this may or may not happen, but I am going to try my hardest to make it happen again.

For now you can be assured that even without the contributions of Trent and Ozzy the Quake 2 sound track is going to kick ass. The music that Sascha and his partner have been contributing is nothing less than amazing. But if things go as planned we could end up with a game soundtrack unlike any other done before. Cross your fingers.

thanks irritant.
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musicblvd scandal
i received this note about the malpractices of the online music store music boulevard and marilyn manson discs:

Music boulevard's online site last week was selling a 2cd tourniquet single set for 11.99 shipping included. I called to verify this, and they told me the cd was in stock and had been shipped to me already. Checking back on their site a week later (today, 7-28) a diffrent listing for tourniquet had been posted. It said "tourniquet limited CD" the item was not yet orderable, but was listed for release on august 5. I called to see if this was a different cd than the one i ordered, and they told me my order had been backordered. I checked into this further, to find they had never had any stock of this 2 cd set, nor any confirmed date of release for it, or even any info that suggested it would ever be released. If you ordered this CD set, call and raise hell with them. Their attempted sale of this item seems tyo me to be an outright scam, and i am looking into the legality of this. I would advise people to be extremely careful when ordering items from this service, especially items of this nature.
thanks aaprtemp.
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ap tpd review
from alternative press sept 97, p 89:

The Perfect Drug Remixes

On this impressive EP, Trent Reznor has assembled the best remixers money can buy to mash up his single "The Perfect Drug" in a massive jungle stylee. Meat Beat Manifesto turn in a suitably manic and uncontained rendition, while Luke Vibert opts for a more subdued Plug-like performance. Space Time Continuum ignores the song altogether to create his own warm and upbeat version of the perfect drug, while the hilarious Orb remix sounds as if Nothing sent the DAT to Mad Magazine instead. Even NIN's own version reinvents the song, illustrating along with the rest of the offerings here the transforming power of a good remix. (Nothing/Interscope)---by Justin Hampton

thanks crystal.
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sorry i didnt update for 11 days. i'll try to update more frequently, i promise.

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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 16 july 1997 |
quake2 music
the people from cyber age studios will in fact be doing the music for quake 2, but under a differentname/company: sonic mayhem. look for www.sonicmayhem.com for news soon. thanks sascha.
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manson updates
i'm trying to lay back on the manson updates for now. i think the main focus of this page is nin/nothing, and i'm going to sway towards those articles in that direction from now on. big news and things of manson will of course be posted (as well as for other nothing artists).

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reznor plant
it looks like one of the reznor heating plants is closing:

Sharon Herald, Thursday July 3rd, 1997 edition (Volume 89, Number 77.)

Hempfield Township "Reznor is rapped for moving line to Mexico" By Hal Johnson Herald Staff Writer

U.S. Rep. Phil English said more than 100 jobs could have stayed at the Reznor plant in Mercer if the company had invested in its production capabilities.

During a Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce breakfast Wednesday, the Erie Republican criticized the company's decision to move its heater-production line to Mexico. Reznor previously got a similar verbal blasting from U.S. Rep. James A. Trafficant, Poland, Ohio, D-17th District, who said the North American Free Trade Agreement was to blame.

On Tuesday, plant owner Thomas & Betts Corp. announced it would move the heater-production line from Mercer to Mexico. Layoffs are expected to start in October. The announcement followed workers' rejection of the company's demand that they give back a total of $2.20 an hour in wages and other benefits.

English said he was "very disappointed" in the company's decision. "Impossible conditions were placed on the community and the work force," the 21st District congressman said.

"If Reznor had invested in its production and experience, this issue would never have risen," English said.

He sited Advanced Monobloc Corp. as an example. The Hermitage can maker plowed capital into its plant and is able to export its product, he said.

Reznor didn't do that, he said. "It looks like it (the Mexico decision) was made quite awhile ago and they were looking for a way to ratify it," English said.

"American workers ... when investment is made in their plant, will show productivity to beat workers anywhere else in the world," he said.

NAFTA is being blamed for Reznor's decision to use cheaper labor in Mexico and export its product back into the United States. But under NAFTA, "companies can compete when American workers are 10 times as productive as Mexicans," English said.

"If we invest capital into companies here, we can keep workers here," he said.

While English focused on the company's actions, a spokesman for Trafficant said Reznor's decision to move the line was "a sad commentary on the state of the U.S. economy."

Press Secretary Paul Marcone said Traficant was "very disappointed but not surprised" by the move.

The problem, Marcone said, isn't with corporate America's desire to make a larger profit but with policies supported by the president and Congress that allow companies to move jobs to MExico and export products tariff-free. Traficant, he said, is commited to repealing NAFTA and reinstating tariffs on Mexican goods.

The House recently passed a balanced budget bill and a tax-cut package to be sent to the Senate.

"The balanced budget is realistic and the tax cuts are realistic and targeted to the middle class and part of it is targeted to small business," English said.

The new tax code better defines independent contractor and allows the federal unemployment compensation surcharge to expire, he said.

Separately, Gerald Hanley, president of United Steelworkers Local 7099, bitterly complained Wednesday that Thomas & Betts was sending jobs to Mexico at a time when it was earning record profits. The local represents 325 Reznor workers.

Thomas & Betts earned $59.9 million in 1996, and its chief executive officer, T. Kevin Dunnigan, raked in $1.722 million in salary, bonus and other compensation, Hanley said.

Herald Staff Writer Nick Hildebrand and Herald Business Editor Michael Roknick contributed to this story.

thanks patrick.
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amazon.com is taking preorders for the unofficial bio book "nine inch nails", isbn 031215612x. thanks ed.

2 9 15  

i swear i mentioned this in an earlier news article, but many many people have mailed me, so, to reiterate, maxwell covered 'closer' in his 'unplugged' performance, but changed the chorus to 'i want to love you like an animal'. thanks everyone who mailed me.

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daisy news
daisy, the recently (as of last year) departed manson member, has got some new materical (~30 songs) under the moniker '3 ton gate'. he's also been playing live with another band. there's an article in guitar world (w/ foo fighters on cover) on it. thanks aaprtemp.

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spawn sndtrk
some spawn soundtrack info:

Filter/The Crystal Method - "(Can You ) Trip Like I Do"
Korn/Dust Brothers - "Kicked The P.A."
Marilyn Manson/Sneaker Pimps - "Long Hard Road To Hell"
Metallica/DJ Spooky - "For Whom The Bell Tolls"
Silverchair/Vitro - "Spawn"
Henry Rollins/Goldie - "T-4 Strain"
Kirk Hammett (Metallica)/Orbital - "Satan"
Incubus/Greyboy - "Familiar"
Mansun/808 State - "Skin Up Pin Up"
Stabbing Westward/Josh Wink - "Torn Apart"
Butthole Surfers/Moby - "Tiny Rubber Band"
Prodigy/Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) - "One Man Army"
Slayer/Atari Teenage Riot - "No Remorse (I Wanna Die)"
Sublime/DJ Keoki - "Ghostrider"
The soundtrack hits stores on July 29th.
thanks fortier. also, a lot more information (including a sound bite of the manson song) is located here. thanks mycah.
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falling within
that rumor about the title of the new album was given to me by a person on the net. not trent or any official people. he's asked me to say publically to please stop mailing him "dear trent" messages. ;)

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the spacetime continuum perfect drug version was played as background music to mtv's ufo special (during the heaven's gate segment). thanks harlequin.

21 6 15 19  

guitar world
there's a small article on nin on guitar world online here thanks jeremy.

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halo 11 uk/canada
import of halo 11 due out august 11, according to hmv. thanks andrew.

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kh ss
keith hildebrandt (assisted nin for the recording of "the perfect drug") has produced a remix of the switchblade symphony song "dollhouse." the remix is available on the band's self-released ep "scrapbook" from this year. thanks thomas.

11 8   19 19  

tv guide winner
trent and tori won tv guide's poll for the king & queen of rock & roll. results are here. thanks derek.

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here's a partial portion from report by atn staff writer chris nelson on the music news of the world web page, july 12, 1997:

....Slash said that he's auditioned big-name and unknown vocalists, but few of today's rock bands interest him outside of L7, NINE INCH NAILS, and Soundgarden....
maybe someone should tell slash that soundgarden is no longer one of 'today's rock bands'. thanks crystal.
19 12 1 19 8  

some weathermen records news .. it looks like the whole nothingrecords.com page ripoff was a joke, which i suspected as such. also, something interesting: they still carry the bootleg fisted box set. thanks ed.

23 5 1 20 8 5 18 13 5 14  

i got the following message from kipmaxey@geocities.com, and i am reqproducing it in its entirety:

Date sent: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 21:29:51 -0700
To: alert@promenade.geocities.com
From: schulte@winternet.com (Chris Schulte)
Subject: Copyright Infringement

neighborhood: RodeoDrive

address: 5635

violation: http://www.geocities.com/RodeoDrive/5635/

This page is a complete copyright infringement of my page located at http://www.toncn.com/ I will sue this geocities.com user for libel and slander if you do not remove kipmaxey@geocities.com immediatley.

Yours Truly,

Chris Schulte


Look, we came to an understanding two months ago that I could keep the page. You said that if I put the disclaimer at the bottom of the page I could keep it running. I did that. I haven't updated the page since. TOSCN was a one-time thing, people visit once, laugh, and never return. There were 400 or so visitors in the first week, which was early May. There were now 450 or so. No one cares. It is the fucking internet.

This is especially ironic since all of your talk of being for freedom of speech. I was making fun of you, and your page, but I have the right to do that. If you can post "The Perfect Drug" from Nine Inch Nails weeks before its officially released, I think that I can make a page about someone that has no relevance to basically anyone.

I am taking the page down, not because of your threats, but just because I believe the page has served its purpose. TOSCN has (had) a very finite life from the beginning.

You are nothing but a two-bit hack trying to make a name for yourself on the internet. Lighten up.



This is a notice I received from GeoCities today, and my reply to Chris Schulte. This really has no relevance to Nine Inch Nails at all, but I thought that maybe with all the times that Chris badmouths you you might like to get back a little. I just find it weird how all he talks about is standing up for the first amendment, but then can't take it when someone does something against him.

Do whatever you like with it.


very very interesting. many thanks kip.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 07 july 1997 |
fairy dust
microsoft music central reports the following on fairy, the collaboration between billy pumpkin, chris vrenna, manson, and twiggy:
TLN: We promise you follow-ups and we deliver. Last week we told you about a potential supergroup in the making Fairy counting such cultural notables as top gourd Billy Corgan; King Gross-out Marilyn Manson and his equally unpretty sidekick, Twiggy Ramirez; and ultra-in-demand computer guy Chris Vrenna (late of the Smashing Pumpkins and current Axl Rose collaborator) as potential members.

Well, we can now confirm, courtesy of our vast network of covert operators, that Fairy will never move beyond the drawing board thanks to Billy C. and a certain grudge. Seems His Baldness was all gung-ho on the project, going so far as to talk some serious shop over the band-to-be with King Manson, before Vrenna let Billy know that he would no longer be working with the Smashing Pumpkins so that he might dedicate himself solely to Guns N' Roses and his own project called Tweaker.

Unhappy about having been dumped for Axl, Corgan called Fairy off before it ever flew anywhere leaving us to wonder "What if?" forever.

As per Vrenna's involvement with the Slashless G N' R, we can tell you that he was in Los Angeles last week working with Axl on some drum and programming stuff, furthering Slash's assertion that there's gonna be nothing hard rock about the next Guns record (to quote Mr. Top Hat himself: "I'll go back to that band when they start playing rock music again"). Traditionally a journeyman, Vrenna is actually expected to ink on as a full-fledged Gun sometime in the coming weeks, though his contract will allow him an untethered chain for side projects aplenty.

Vrenna's first post-Pumpkins affair, the two-man Tweaker, made its live debut last week at New York's too-cool-for-you-fool club called Anchorage, located smack dab under the Brooklyn Bridge. Though sans vocals at that date, Vrenna's believed to be wooing some golden throats to hop on board for an album he hopes to squeeze in before the G N' R stuff gets too heavy.

Finally, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that Pumpkins drummer interim Matt Walker, still peripherally associated with Filter, has finally jumped in for keeps. Calls to super-powerful publicity folks would seem to confirm this, which is to say those folks had no comment at this time.

thanks kevin.
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falling within
word has it that the new nin album is under the working title of 'falling within'. it will contain 13 tracks as well as a data partition. more news as and when i get it. thanks danny.

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halo 11 import
the australian release of halo eleven was today, and it includes the album version of the track along with the rest of the tracks found on the american version. also, the track listing is unknown at the time but you can order the japanese version here. thanks ross and doug.

8 1 12 15   11   9 13 16 15 18 20  

american mcgee will be doing sound effect for quake 2, as he recently revealed his arsenal:

Awe64 Gold
Capybara/Kyma system from Symbolic Sound (www.symbolicsound.com)
K2VX synth/sampler
Cool Edit
Sound Forge
Sony portable MD recorder to get sounds with A whole library of stock sounds that consists of about 100 CDs. I try to build most of my sounds from scratch... but I use the CDs whenever I need background or stuff that I can't recreate (which is damn little :)
also, cyber age studios will be doing the music. thanks david.
17 21 1 11 5 2  

next manson vid
the next manson video is supposedely going to be for "tied up dried up dead to the world". thanks mike.

14 5 24 20   13 1 14 19 15 14   22 9 4  

mm website
i've had some confused emails lately. www.marilyn-manson.com is not the official manson website. furthermore, it's hosted alongside "trent reznor's personal homepage", which is a well-known fake. not to mention that there now seems to be "brian warner's personal homepage", also a fake.

13 13   23 5 2 19 9 20 5  

best 100
the best 100 hard rock cds ever list appeared in this months issue of hit parader. halo 8 placed 60, while manson placed 36 with smells like children and 5 with superstar. there is also a 2 page interview with manson. thanks chaos.

2 5 19 20   100  

japanese superstar
there is a japanese version of antichrist superstar out now, with 'down in the park' as a bonus track. thanks edwin.

10 1 16 1 14 5 19 5   19 21 16 5 18 19 20 1 18  

on july 1, m2 played 1 hour of nothing/interscope videos, including nin and marilyn manson. thanks matt.

13 2  

other website news
www.theweathermen.com has ripped off the official nothing records homepage look at the bottom of their screen. cute. speaking of infringement, www.nineinchnails.net's mp3 archive is being shut down due to legal reasons (surprise there). thanks jason and aard.

15 20 8 5 18   23 5 2 19 9 20 5   14 5 23 19  

here is some info i got sent about the spawn soundtrack contents:

Marilyn Manson with the Sneaker Pimps
Korn with the Dust Brothers
Filter with Crystal Method
Henry Rollins with Goldie
Slayer with Atari Teenage Riot.
Soul Coughing with 808 State

White Zombie, The Orb, Tool and Prodigy are being considered as well, while there are have been several unconfirmed rumors that Rage Against the Machine and Tricky will be on the album.

thanks bitchass.
19 16 1 23 14  

july's pulse magazine has a blurb of nin and manson in the following review:

"Before there was MARILYN MANSON there was W.A.S.P., a flashy, theatrical group whose frontman Blackie Lawless gained notoriety by throwing raw meat into the crowd............. The band's new album Killfuckdie is as ugly and gruesome as a spattering artery, haunting industrial-embellished melodies...... There's even a tongue-in-cheek stab at NINE INCH NAILS on the title track: 'No you won't take it! No you can't take the pain from me.'"
thanks crystal.
16 21 12 19 5 23 1 19 16  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 30 june 1997 |
attenuated euphoria
good ol' m.c. death mailed me an advance copy of undercurrent, a cd featuring some independent music by unsigned (oregon) artists, including work by mc death and lucian x, known for their great work they've previously distributed over the internet. a big thanks to synthboy for giving me a copy. btw, all the material is original, but does have that nin feel to it all. thanks m.c. death very much.
1 20 20 5 14 21 1 20 5 4   5 21 16 8 15 18 9 1  

alt press
the august issue of alternative press has some interesting info:

Trent's Turbo Lover Judas Priest Frontman signed to Nothing

After much speculation and rumor, it has been confirmed that former Judas Priest/Fight singer Rob Halford has signed to Trent Reznor's Nothing label. Halford's new vehicle, Two, features drummer Sid Riggs and guitarist John Lawry. The current sessions are being produced by Bob Marlette, although Dave "Rave" Ogilvie is slated to do some mixing. Reznor is executive producing the album.

Ogre's Ritalin Summer

Former Skinny Puppy frontman Ogre has been keeping busy. Besides creating electronic soundscapes for his own enjoyment at home, he's teaming up with Martin Atkins for a project dubbed Ritalin. "It's sort of like a postcard," says the singer. "I told Martin we should try to sound as little like ourselves as possible, just rhythm and voice." Ogre mentioned that the concept would be similar to the Pigface track "Insemination" from the album "Fook."

WELT, Ogre's long-running project with Mark Walk (Ruby), had an album completed for American Recordings that was shelved after the label's absorption into Warner Bros. "It's been a fuckin' nightmare," Ogre says of his travails in the music business. "I came to the point where I wondered if [music] was worth doing. You question everything. There are certain elements of my persona then which I don't want to project now, because they're being exploited by people like Marilyn Manson. So if I come out and do something similar to the past, is everybody going to think I'm a Manson clone? I'm just being patient and letting things run their course." Now released from the American contract, Ogre and Walk will be recording this summer, as well as fielding offers from record labels. Fans will also be able to hear Ogre on upcoming records by KMFDM and Pigface.

Hey Man, Nice Lot! Filter in the Studio

Filter have written nearly 20 songs for their follow-up to 1995's "Short Bus." Richard Patrick and Brian Liesegang are working in their Chicago-based home studio, although it has been rumored that the duo are seeking the services of a prominent producer to oversee the end result. Liesegang told AP that some of the working titles include "Cabdriver," "Blood," and "Breakfast of Champions," but, like everything else in life, they are subject to change.

thanks ed.
1 12 20   16 18 5 19 19  

recently m2 has been running this clip of trent talking about how he uses tradional istraments in his music but likes to add a twist. he gave an example of on closer the piano was recorded underwater which he said was an rip of david bowie. and to further soil confusion a guest on m2 said nine inch nails were named after the nails of jesus. thanks subhuman.

13 2  

pulse review
review of lh sndtrk from pulse magazine (tower records):

"The record, however, reverses the proportions, weaving in seven of Badalementi's offerings essentially as inconspicuous filler that gets lost in a cross-generational who's-who of feel-bad rock acts like NINE INCH NAILS, TRENT REZNOR, Lou Reed, the Smashing Pumpkins, MARILYN MANSON and David Bowie......."
thanks crystal.
16 21 12 19 5   18 5 22 9 5 23  

hard copy
regarding the hard copy bit on absinthe, .. they played a lot of the tpd video, but not once mentioned what it was or even nin at all. they discussed its (absinthe's) prevalence lately among the alterna-crowd. thanks kevin.

8 1 18 4   3 15 16 25  

toronto radio cfny 102.1 the edge reported that twiggy, vrenna, and billy corgan may have a side project going. they also said that chris would do work on one of the new smashing pumpkins records (one guitars/synth/electronic, one unplugged/live). the first single may even be a duet with marilyn manson. crazy. thanks evan.

18 21 13 15 18 19  

from mtv news:

New Download, Remixed Puppy Pending

June 26 [10:00 EDT] -- Nettwerk Records confirms there's an album of Skinny Puppy remixes in the works. The record won't appear until next spring the earliest, though. "There's a lot of work to be done," says Nettwerk's Ric Arboit.

Arboit says it's premature to say who'll will be contributing ("you'll know when I know," says Arboit) and offers up a specific 'no comment' on reports that the ubiquitous Trent Reznor will be in the mix. Reznor's rumored involvement is a natural progression given that Puppy's longtime production guru Dave 'The Rave' Ogilvie, considered to be the trio's fourth member, will likely to be the man of the hour on the remixes and that Ogilvie is firmly entrenched in the Reznor camp.

Ogilvie has production credits ranging from David Bowie to Ministry to Marilyn Manson, and most recently he engineered Nine Inch Nails' "The Perfect Drug" for Reznor. He's currently recording Rob Halford's band, now called Two, signed to Reznor's Nothing Records and is xpected to work on the new NIN effort.

The trailblazing industrial Skinny Puppy was formed in Vancouver, Canada in 1983 and the final line-up of Nivek Ogre, Cevin Key and Dwayne Goettel gelled in 1986. The band disintegrated during the recording of their final album, The Process, in 1995. Ogre went on to W.E.L.T. and other projects while Key and Goettel formed Download. Goettel died a short time later of a drug overdose.

Arboit adds that there will be a new Download record this year. He says to expect "Download III" to be released in the fall. The album includes Key, Phillith (Phil Western), Anthony Valcic and Joe Vizvary.

thanks ed.
16 21 16 16 25  

entertainment weekly
trent is one of the "it" poeple in the new e.w. (w/ uma on the cover). they discuss his scoring, producing, and music making. thanks dave.

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from an old alt.rave article:


Drum n' bass act Plug has signed to US label Nothing Records, the imprint run by Nine Inch Nails mainman Trent Reznor. The deal will see Plug's debut album 'Drum & Bass For Papa' released via Interscope, which has a reputation for breaking alternative acts in the States. Plug have also remixed Nine Inch Nails' new single 'Perfect Drug'. "I'm really excited about it," said Plug's Luke Vibert - who also records for Mo'Wax as Wagon Christ. "It's good because we were just about to sign to another label and then this deal came along. I can't imagine we'll be one of the British dance acts to break America. But it would be very nice indeed if we were." thanks leviathant.

16 12 21 7  

mm on mtv online
from aol's mtv online:


One of the first flaps in the ongoing Marilyn Manson tour controversy has come to an end, with Manson fans coming out on top.

A group of Manson devotees in Salt Lake City, Utah won a $9,300 settlement in their lawsuit against the Utah State Fairpark. The fans claimed that their First Amendment rights were violated after the venue canceled a Manson concert January 11.

Back in January, a federal judge told the Fairpark that its behavior constituted prior restraint and that it couldn't cancel a concert just because it didn't like its content. However, the judge also refused to order the venue to book the concert and the show's promoters, concerned about future relations with the Fairpark, opted to move the Manson concert to Wolf Mountain in Park City some 30 miles away.

After the change of venue, the plaintiffs re-filed their suit, seeking monetary damages. The state Attorney General's office then stepped in and told the Fairpark it had to adopt a new rule saying it wouldn't restrict performances based on content. The Attorney General went on to note that if the Fairpark was fearful of an obscene performance, it could get a court order prohibiting the concert.

The Fairpark's chief executive officer says its beef was never with Manson, but with the promoter, which started selling tickets to the show before a contract was signed.


As drama and controversy continue to follow Marilyn Manson on tour, the shock rock icon has chosen the appropriately titled "Man That You Fear" as his latest video.

Manson himself notes that the song is a fitting anthem for the Satan's spawn hooha that's managed to follow him over the last six months.

At his first Ozzfest gig at New Jersey's Meadowlands (yet another Manson stop that generated public outcry and legal maneuvering), Manson explained to MTV News that while the storyline of the new clip seems pulled from his own experience, it is actually based on the Shirley Jackson short story "The Lottery."

"Its setting is in a settlement," Manson told MTV News. "It separates themselves from the rest of society because they don't have their own rules. It takes place on the last day of my life."

"I'm sort of chosen and picked as a bit of a sacrifice for the rest of mankind, or in this case the small town that I've chosen to live in and it's kinda like how I've been offered up as a scapegoat in America."

The scapegoat scored at least one victory this week as 14 fans of America's moral scourge won a legal victory in Utah this week. As we reported yesterday, the Utah State Fairpark agreed to pay the Manson fans $9,300 to settle a lawsuit filed in January after the Fairpark canceled a Manson gig after tickets had already gone on sale (see "Marilyn Manson Fans Win Legal Battle In Utah" from June 24).

thanks stevo.
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it seems that the former promo-only remix of "the perfect drug" by aphrodite, more intended for clubs and the like, has finally made its entry into the audio piracy revolution and is located at some other nin sites on the net in mp3 format.

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more bono
bono was on wxrk recently, and named trent (along with beck and some others) as being one of the acts in rock music which is keeping things going. thanks daniel.

13 15 18 5   2 15 14 15  

the unofficial nine inch nails homepage is mentioned on page 46 in metal wire column of metal edge. cool. also mtv's tech news has said that among all the fan pages on the internet, the nin fan pages out there had the best variety. thanks monkey and rod.

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meat beat manifesto's "helter skelter 97" video premiered on amp last saturday night. thanks joseph.

13 2 13  

quoted from the new july 1997 issue of circus magazine:

Trent Reznor's latest project is remixing an album by former Judas Priest singer Rob Halford. Halford, who recently signed to Reznor's Nothing label, has been recording with the Nine Inch Nailman at Reznor's New Orleans studio.
also from the new issue:
Nine Inch Nails drummer Chris Vrenna will be included in an instrumental percussion record called "Flyin' Traps". This collaborative record will include other famous drummers as, Matt Cameron of Soundgarden, Stephen Perkins from Porno For Pyros, Dale Crover of the Melvins, Dan Peters of Mudhoney, and J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.
thanks helminthes.
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on friday, june 27, 1997 chris vrenna performed with his side project tweaker at the anchorage under the brooklyn bridge in new york city. thanks anson.

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goth status
the new details has an article about goths, featuring a side panel saying that trent is the current "goth god" and manson being the "goth hero". thanks rorschach.

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video ripoffs
the video i was referring to as to being a ripoff of "the perfect drug" was "smile" by scarface. thanks luke.

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man that you fear
a few people have written in about similarities between the new manson video and the short story "the lottery" by shirley jackson, a disturbing tale worth reading. it's online here thanks rev and cracker.

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spawn sndtrk
supposedely the spawn sndtrk will have a manson song on it (along with the sneaker pimps? also featured are tricky, ratm, and some people from thrill kill kult?). thanks gundam.

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quake 2 music
at e3 last week i talked to tim willits breifly, and although trent will not be doing the music / sfx for quake2, the music will geared for a "heavy metal" feel.

17 21 1 11 5   2   13 21 19 9 3  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 26 june 1997 |
cda unconstitutional
the communications decency act of 1996 was ruled unconstitutional today by the united states supreme court. god bless america. full text of the decision is here. (i hope to do a full update tomorrow)
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hard copy
it looks like there'll be a hard copy clip on absinthe today, the promo commercials for which show trent drinking some in "the perfect drug" video.

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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 19 june 1997 |
sorry for not updating when promised. i thought i had more free time than i did.
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video awards
the music video production awards were held recently, and guess who won a few:

Nine Inch Nails and its wicked labelmate spawn, Marilyn Manson, were the big winners last Thursday night at the seventh annual Music Video Production Awards, taking home three awards each. The Nine Inch Nails video "The Perfect Drug," from the Reznor-produced Lost Highway soundtrack, won for Director of the Year (Mark Romanek), Best Cinematography in Video (Jeff Cronenweth), and the coveted Best Hair/Makeup in a music video award (Cemal--hair, Joanne Gair--makeup). Marilyn Manson won its trio of trophies for "The Beautiful People," which was singled out for Best Editing (Michelle Cuzar), Art Direction (Kenny Baird), and Styling (Carole Beadie). And what could be more in style these days than Satan-loving death-rockers? The night's big award, for Video of the Year, went to Jamiroquai's "Virtual Insanity."
thanks carrie.
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skinny puppy rumor
unconfirmed: trent may be contributing one or more remixes on the new skinny puppy remix album. thanks fyrec.

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manson is listed as one of the most "interesting people" in the latest issue of gq (clooney cover). full size b&w pic with a small article. thanks david.

7 17  

rolling stone
in the 6/12 issue of rolline stone they cover a bit on the recent protests to manson shows by the christian religious right. in the 6/26 issue they have manson's response to the religious right. thanks josh.

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kinda old, but peter 'sleazy' christopherson directed the k's choice video "not an addict". thanks leviathant.

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halo 11 import
it seems that the import versions of halo eleven include the original mix as track 6. no aphrodite remix or anything. 1 through 5 are the same order as the domestic version. thanks henrik.

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in the new resuqest magazine they have a bit on "the six degrees of trent reznor", a spoof of the kevin bacon game. does this make trent's kevin bacon number 2? thanks randy.

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man that you fear
the video for 'man that you fear' by marilyn manson is premiering officially on mtv all day today, 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, and 9pm. thanks twiglet.

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in a recent interview with mtv europe gary numan described his new material as a mix between depeche mode and nine inch nails. thanks scab.

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from music scene gossip:

"Gothrock god MARILYN MANSON has teamed up with trip-hop tunemeister TRICKY for a duet! No word yet on when that collaborative effort will be released."
thanks crystal.
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guitar world july 97 states that manson is allegedly going into the studio to record with metal/hard rock group w.a.s.p. .. manson quotes them as a big influence. thanks derek.

23 1 19 16  

the buzz
103.1 the buzz (west palm beach florida readio station) said that in reference to a new nin album, "a source close to the label said not to expect anything until early 98". thanks stevo.

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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 16 june 1997 |
i promise an update tomorrow. super busy right now, .. not really anything too important not to update, other than the "man that you fear" (manson video, directed by "wiz") premiered last night on 120 minutes and is going all day this thursday.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 08 june 1997 |
nothingrecords.com update
a lot of people have asked for an update on the official page. chris schulte over at toncn.com has reported that it might not get done. he also reports that all the nin.net sites will be taken down. he also says that some "top-guys" in the company are less than pleased with me right now. all of these accusations are false, and i ask schulte to stand up some evidence by backing it up with a name or two. "john doe", "top-guys", and ending your gossip with "sorry jason" doesn't cut it. we have the plan of the site done. we have the chat system done. we have a lot if not all of the database functionality done. we have no artwork though. we (cookware and i) have been allowed to produce a batch of artwork for submission. if it works well, then the site should be up and running soon. if not, then we have to wait longer for art. please stop asking when it will be up.
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vrenna news
from mtv news:

Former NIN Drummer On A Roll

June 5 [7:55 EDT] -- If Chris Vrenna is really playing with half the bands he's rumored to be involved with, he has a full dance card.

Now his own project, currently known as Tweaker, is said to be attracting label interest. Tweaker, for those wanting to see what the fuss is about, will be making its ambient live debut this summer at the Music In The Anchorage series housed in the cathedral-like chambers inside the base of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Vrenna left Nine Inch Nails earlier this year with credits as both a drummer and a production whiz and jumped onto the Smashing Pumpkins tour in a technical capacity. He just played and/or programmed tracks for the two Smashing Pumpkins songs on the new Batman soundtrack and also performed live at the Grammys alongside the Pumpkins current touring drummer, Matt Walker of Filter.

Meanwhile, sources connected to Guns n' Roses will neither confirm nor deny Vrenna's involvement in their project and Vrenna himself is mum (though insiders say he's still talking to that band).

Another rumored side project has him working with Billy Corgan, Marilyn Manson and Twiggy Ramirez. One group that can be eliminated from the Vrenna rumor melee is Hole. Hole's management has denied reports in the media that he'll be on their next album. Sources close to Vrenna say he is friends with bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur but he isn't scheduled to have any involvement with the group or the record.

Also off the list is Tapeworm, a side project formed by Nine Inch Nails sidemen prior to Vrenna's departure, with unspecified participation from NIN leader Trent Reznor. Insiders say Vrenna will no longer be involved.

Vrenna's on a roll with a string of hits - his last project with NIN was drumming and programming for "Perfect Drug" and "Driver Down" on the Lost Highway soundtrack. He also drummed and programmed on Marilyn Manson's "Antichrist Superstar" and programmed Metallica's "Load." And finally, Chris Vrenna is currently in the studio doing additional production work and a remix for up-and-comer Lida Husik.

Is this guy busy or what?

thanks matt.
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hit parader
hit parader has a special on marilyn manson, as well as a bit on trent. the cover has marilyn and a hologram on the cover. in the trent article, they say that "according to an inside source" trent is once again going out with courtney love. i (as many other people) was under the impression that they didn't get along too well to say the least, and love was engaged to edward norton. hit parader's claims have gone unchallenged though.

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marilyn manson apparently appears in this month's issue of hustler. thanks gabeb.

8 21 19 20 12 5 18  

on tuesday 6/3, m2 played a number of videos, seven in fact: closer, pinion, hurt, the perfect drug, head like a hole, burn, and wish. interesting, it seems they've become more lax on the restrictions to play pinion. thanks steve.

13 2  

in the new spin magazine (foo fighters on cover) there's an article on a new group fed up with conservative groups attacking manson called "portrait of an american family association" (poaafa). they are and have been protesting the recent attempts to cancel mm shows. thanks mike.

19 16 9 14  

video ripoffs
<soapbox> a few people (including me) have been noticing on how much the industry is ripping off nothing artists videos. for a few recent examples, the latest en vogue video almost entirely rips off of the latest marilyn manson videos (by floria sigsmondi), with the movements, blurry camera, and mechanical headpiece, to name a few. prodigy's video for "breath" has the feel of the closer video (by mark romanek), with roaches, beetles, etc. with an old grainy feel. and there is a scarface (?) video out with very dreamy scenes with bright deep blues and very green grass, reminiscient of the perfect drug video (also romanek). anyone notice these similarities? </soapbox> thanks luke and ben.

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m2 clip
like the previously reported m2 clip about new orleans, there is a newer one where trent talks about having to "market" music through mtv and radio:

"As a musician in the pop-rock world.. umm.. you're... writing music, a, but then you're selling a package and an image and a look and.. a definition, an idea, and a vibe... and, that, I think, is directly controlled by the medium to which to get it out. Umm, MTV, for example... radio... umm.. If that... framework is expanded to where it can include more things, I think people would be challenged to try new things."
behind this they play pinion. thanks matt.
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halo 11 import
rumor of the week is that the aphrodite remix will be avaiable on the import version of halo eleven. thanks joseph.

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not only is manson on the soundtrack for "nowhere" but the nin version of "memorabilia" is featured in the movie also. thanks jason.

14 15 23 8 5 18 5  

sneaker pimps
also from mtv news:


Having gone to court to secure his right to play on Ozzy Osbourne's Ozzfest date at the New Jersey Meadowlands on June 15 (an appearance venue managers did their best to scuttle) Marilyn Manson is under fire once again, this time in the midwest.

Manson and his band were part of the bill for the Ozzfest show that was scheduled to take place at Float-Rite Park on the Apple River in Somerset, Wisconsin on June 22. However, that concert was moved to nearby Minneapolis after local politicians threatened to not renew the park's concert permit if Manson performed.

The show's promoter blamed this sudden hostility on the usual allegations of devil worship, and said the uproar caught one park official completely by surprise (he thought Marilyn Manson was a woman).

Manson himself forges on, however, and will be going into a New York studio this week to record a song with the trip-hop outfit the Sneaker Pimps for the upcoming metal-meets-electronica soundtrack for the movie "Spawn."

Other combos to be featured on the soundtrack include Korn with the Dust Brothers, Filter with Crystal Method, Henry Rollins with Goldie, and Slayer with Atari Teenage Riot.

If the soundtrack sounds like it has the makings of a particularly dark and nasty outing, keep in mind the story behind it: the film, due in August, is based on a comic about a black CIA operative who returns from the dead to avenge his own murder.

thanks ed.
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import info
possible import info from esprit:

NINE INCH NAILS The Perfect Drug Remix (New Japan CD inc Beat Manifesto, Prague, NIN, Num, The Orb & Original Mixes, p/s) UK 10.49 / $ 16.00
prague could mean plug, and num could mean spacetime continuum. who knows. thanks corey.
9 13 16 15 18 20   9 14 6 15  

fake singles
leviathant sent me word about some fake single rumors going around:

Some ass has been spreading some rumors that he's got singles to Terrible Lie and Last, and he says he's got scans, which are obviously fabricated, and he's been telling this line to a lot of people, and a few are believing, and it pisses me the hell off. I think I read his posts in Painful Conviction's news forum thingy, which has links to the so called scans, (Which don't use the correct font, and the NIN symbol's right off of the technobats font set). The scans don't even have the graininess of a scan, proof enough that they were created from scratch...Well, he's been emailing some people about selling copies of these "Official Canceled Singles" through websites, but so far I haven't seen any one foolish enough to put anything up...
thanks leviathant.
6 1 11 5   19 9 14 7 12 5 19  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 01 june 1997 |
july ap
the july 97 issue of alternative press has a few nin and related items in it:

in the news section (wire tapping):

TWEAKOUT! NIN's Chris Vrenna Gets All Atmospheric

Music fans know Chris Vrenna through his programming and drumming in Nine Inch Nails. Lately, Vrenna has been plying his talents as a hired-gun programmer (he appeared at the Grammy Awards playing with Smashing Pumpkins), and assisting Mercury artist and fellow Erie, Pennsylvania, native Greg Garrin in the studio. Recently, Vrenna has been creating sonic atmospheres and subtle drum & bass tracks under the non de plume Tweaker. "I don't think that ambient atmospheres should be heard only in the context of half-hour pieces," he says. "I think that it can be done within the context of songs." Tweaker will debut as part of the Music In The Anchorage series, held at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge this summer.

an article entitled "web of deception," focusing on lies and rumors spread on the internet, featured a sidebar called "the truth is out there somewhere... the top five internet rumors and the real story." after "kurt cobain is dead. courtney love killed him." and "drummer jimmy chamberlin's sucide attempt in the wake of his firing by smashing pumpkins last summer" appears this:
Nine Inch Nails and the Homeless Mixing Engineer

Rumor: In these days of intriguing collaborations, and given Trent Reznor's penchant for the predictably unpredictable, it wasn't completely implausible that the NIN mastermind had really invited a homeless man to mix a track for his forthcoming album.

Truth: Not true, but that didn't keep an English music weekly from printing the story, planted as a joke by a non-fan, as fact.

also, the issue featured an in-depth interview with trent hero gary numan, and he revealed this little tidbit of info:
Q. Electronics are everywhere in music today: industrial rock, drum & bass, ambient. Whom are you listening to these days?

A. I'm a massive fan of Nine Inch Nails. I'd love to work with Trent Reznor... I'm not particularly knowledgable about the industrial scene [in England] or over in America. I think it's a really exciting period in music right now. I look to America and think, "That's where I should be." I have a new album completed, and I'd like to get a record deal and work with somebody like Trent Reznor...somebody to push me to see how far [the music] could go.

thanks ed.
10 21 12 25   1 16  

new video (bootleg?)
there seems to be a new video out there. it also is most likely a bootleg. 95% sure. i have not personally seen it, but it comes in a video case w/ trent standing with his arms crossed (tip #1, trent never puts his pic on any packaging).. and the title is "a perfect circle of scars" (tip #2, standard cheesy bootleg title).. video listing:

the downward spiral
down in it
head like a hole
happiness in slavery
gave up
march of the pigs
dead souls
the perfect drug
this could be a leak of the home video, or just an assembly of everything. it looks like it contains 'sin' and some other weird stuff though. i'm trying to get a validation on this, but in the meantime any other info (or copies of) on this would be much appreciated. thanks socket.
14 5 23   22 9 4 5 15   2 15 15 20 12 5 7  

rs internet
the rolling stone with the wallflowers cover features a prominent story in the rock and roll section about the alleged conspiracy certain christian groups have launched against marilyn manson via the internet. nin is mentioned in another report about the illegal obtaining of music from downloading via the internet. thanks lady.

18 19   9 14 20 5 18 14 5 20  

the version of the beautiful people that cdnow has to order is the aussie single with "the beautiful people," "cryptorchid," and "snake eyes and sissies." however, they also have for order a ltd ed "horrible people vinyl," a (wax) picture disc. thanks nathan.

3 4 14 15 23  

gnr once more
from mtv news:

"In addition to his own work, Moby is also producing some tracks for the next Guns n' Roses album, whose spokespeople, by the way, refuse to comment on reports that one-time Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck has been chosen to replace Slash."
thanks ed.
7 14 18   15 14 3 5   13 15 18 5  

hlh tab
guitar tab for "head like a hole" can be found in the current issue of guitar world magazine (warning: 311 on cover). thanks boo.

8 12 8   20 1 2  

mm sndtrk
marilyn manson's "kiddie grinder (remix)" is featured on the soundtrack for the new film "nowhere" by "the doom generation" director, gregg araki. thanks boo.

13 13   19 14 4 20 18 11  

from mtv news:


That Marilyn Manson remix of the female all-cello trio Rasputina that has been lurking on the Internet will soon be available in stores.

As we reported last week, Netizens can check out Manson's re-working of the group's "Transylvania Concubine" at the official Rasputina website (at www.music.sony.com/Music/ArtistInfo/Rasputina), and the track will hit record stores next month.

Manson actually turned in three versions of the track for Rasputina, who became chummy with Manson while opening for his band on its recent troubled U.S. tour. The two group's hit it off so well that the cellists are now opening for Manson in Europe, where he is now causing the same stir he caused here in the States.

If you can't catch the Victorian lingerie-clad cello outfit and the shock rock torch bearers in concert, you can check out the product of their combined effort in mid-June when an EP featuring the Manson remixes, called "Transylvanian Regurgitation," is released.

thanks ed.
18 1 1 19 16 21 20 9 14 1  

cnn online
the interview with marilyn manson on "american edge" is available online here at cnn's website. thanks ochen.

3 14 14   15 14 12 9 14 5  

manson promo
the promo cds for "man that you fear" are now being produced. they contain one track, which is a 4:18 edit version of the song (int5p-6187). no word yet if/when there will be a regular single. thanks sean.

13 1 14 19 15 14   16 18 15 13 15  

there's a story on manson in the current national enquirer. thanks preston.

5 14 17 21 9 18 5 18  

a recent urb magazine article stated how the industry is jumping on the techno/electronic bandwagon, including trent. word is that someone in trent's camp called up the magazine to say that trent was "hurt" by the article. thanks subhuman.

21 18 2  

u2 mentions
in an old entertainment weekly, they talk about u2's popmart tour, and bono mentions trent:

This time, there's no Fly or MacPhisto characters to distance the band from the spectacle they've created. Bono wants to mix up the shopping cart musically, too: "music is most interesting when it's neither in one camp nor the other, neither simply club-and-DJ culture nor plain-brown-colors rock, but where it's colliding. We want to be right there. I'm surpried there aren't more people. You have Garbage, Nine Inch Nails.... There's not many in this patch- but there will be, because it's fun."
21 2   13 5 14 20 9 15 14 19  

lh video
the lost highway video release will first be rent only, and it's up to the dealer whether to get the pan-and-scan or letterbox version. thanks minarets.

12 8   22 9 4 5 15    

i received this note from an mtv viewer in pakistan:

Today on 2nd June 1997, I was watching MTV's "Headbangers' Balls" when the host said that Trent Rezor's new Full-length album is going to come between August-September time.
no confirmation on this though. thanks mansoor.
16 1 11 9 19 20 1 14  

en mailing list
an einstuerzende neubauten mailing list has been made -- to join the list, simply mail oafergus@watarts.uwaterloo.ca and put "subscribe en" in the subject header of the mail message. thanks owen.

5 14   13 1 9 12 9 14 7   12 9 19 20  

import tbp
rpm records reports regarding the import "the beautiful people" disc:

Marilyn Manson-Beautiful People Part 1-2/ U.K. edition of the first hit, produced by Trent Reznor, from the current platinum and top five album by the controversial alternative shock rock group. Pt.1 is backed with "The Horrible People" (Danny Saber Remix), "Cryptorchild" and their cover of the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams"; Pt.2 is backed with "The Not So Beautiful People" (Thirwell Remix), "Snake Eyes And Sissies" and "Deformography"...........$22.99
thanks richard.
9 13 16 15 18 20   20 2 16  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 28 may 1997 |
import halo eleven
i received some interesting information on halo eleven import:
I've talked to the people who press the CD's for nin in Australia, MCA, and they said that tpd should be released in June here. The track listing will be identical to the UK version (which also has not been released).

They also said to watch out for a singles box set (I guess that this would contain all the Australian singles?).

Also, while hunting around for an import version of tpd (I live in Australia), I found that there is a release of tpd in Germany. I have no other information on whether the track listing or packaging is different.

thanks tarragon.
9 13 16 15 18 20   8 1 12 15   5 12 5 22 5 14  

m2 clip
m2 has recently been running a little clip of "trent reznor of nine inch nails" between videos, talking about how foreign new orleans is compared to where he grew up and how it's conducive to songwriting. "when i'm writing songs, it's just me in a dark room". thanks shortc.

13 2   3 12 9 16  

lost highway on video
on august 12, lost highway will be released on video. no word if for sale to the general public (as opposed to rent-only) or if it will be pan and scan or widescreen letterbox. thanks chris.

12 15 19 20   8 9 7 8 23 1 25   15 14   22 9 4 5 15  

phm/tds book
i received some info on the book (cd sized and out in stores) titled "the making of pretty hate machine and the downward spiral":

"The making of Pretty Hate Machine and The Downward spiral" copy right 1996 Collector's Guide Publishing Inc. box 62034, Burlington, Ontario, L7R 4K2, Canada

Its called a compact book and the back reads as follows: "The house was a nightmare. Stephen Parent had been shot in his Rambler near the front gate. Coffee heiress Abigal Folger had finally died of her stab wound out on the lawn. A short distance away Voyatek Frykowski was found, shot twice, beaten over the head 13 times and stabed 51 times. In the living room, the corpses of actress Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring were discovered, joined at the necks with a long white nylon rope draped over the rafters. And on the front door, in big letters, printed in Sharon's own blood was the word "Pig". It was the work of the Manson Family.

So what was a nice kid from Mercer, PA. doing in a place like this? Recording an album. This is the story of Le Pig, Trent Reznor's temporary home and birth place of The Downward Spiral, the ground breaking industrial album that solidified Trent Reznor's reputation as one of the most creative and important musicians in the world today. It's also the story of how a quiet kid from Pennsylvania saw his career evolve from a keyboard salesmen to an alt-rock superstar. For the first time, all important facts, dates, discographies, equipment lists and recording studio techniques relating to Trent Reznor have been collected into one place.

let the buyer beware, as it contains no real new info. thanks brandon.
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nme wrong
nme (new musical express, a publication in england) reported that "hole drummer patti schemel will be replaced by nine inch nails' chris vrenna on some, if not all, the tracks on the band's next lp". brian celler of q prime inc. (hole's manager) says that this is incorrect. thanks 12man.

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tpd billboard
"the perfect drug" has debuted at #48 on billboard's hot 100 singles chart, and at #5 on billboard's dance music-maxi singles sales chart. thanks ed.

20 16 4   2 9 12 12 2 15 1 18 4  

dm not
nope, that was not chris vrenna playing on drums at depeche mode's tonight show performance. thanks mike.

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halford news
allstarmag reports:

Rob Halford�s New Project Is Now Called Two

Former Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford, who had to drop the name Gimp for his new project when another band surfaced with the same moniker, has named his band Two. The new handle is noted on Halford�s fan folder on AOL. No reason for the that particular choice has been offered. Meanwhile, Kerrang is reporting a rumor that the record due this fall on Trent Reznor�s nothing records will be titled Gear.

Two includes Halford�s writing partner John Lowery on guitar- - he�s been working with Halford since the latter dismantled Fight two years ago -- and the equally obscure Sid Riggs on drums. Other members are pending. The band will be touring once the new album is released.

The basic tracks were recorded by Robert Marlette, and Reznor has been involved in re-recording and mixing. Reznor worked on the tracks in New Orleans and now Halford is wrapping up mixing sessions in Vancouver, Canada, with Reznor associate Dave "The Rave" Ogilvie, a producer, engineer, and longtime cohort of the defunct Skinny Puppy. Ogilvie has production credits ranging from David Bowie to Ministry to Marilyn Manson, and most recently he engineered NIN�s "The Perfect Drug." He also produced and mixed tracks on Generation Swine, the new album by Motley Crue.

-Sorelle Saidman

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of all time
kroq in los angeles had their top "106.7" artists of all time, playing around 3 songs of each artist. nin ranked at 10, manson in the nineties. also, a radio station in oxford ohio, 97.7 fm woxy, recently had their "top 500 modern rock songs of all time" and "head like a hole" ranked at number 10. kome 98.5 in san jose, california had their "best 98 bands of all time", nin snabbing #14 (and was beaten out by the ever-so-lovable 311, bush, live, stp, no doubt, pearl jam, and a big favorite of trent's, smashing pumpkins, to name a few). thanks mike and chris and mike.

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you can now order manson's "beautiful people" single from cdnow.com. unfortunately, they don't say which version it is. thanks acid.

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the drummer in the new smashing pumpkins video "the end is the beginning is the end" (in which chris vrenna assisted on) is not chris vrenna.

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american edge
cnn will be profiling manson on it's "american edge" program tonight at 10pm. "meet the most controversial rocker in america." thanks geg.

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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 25 may 1997 |
mtv top 500
mtv had it's top 500 videos of all time recently. "closer" came in at 22, 276 for "down in it", and "head like a hole" came in at 95. "hurt (live)" was 384. thanks happy.
13 20 22   20 15 16   500  

the current issue of guitar world has an excerpt from a book called "the making of pretty hate machine and the downward spiral" by alan cross. barnes and noble online has it listed as due out in sept '97. thanks pete.

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boston phoenix
this week's boston phoenix (the weekly alternative paper) announced the winners of their annual best music poll which is voted on by readers-- nin won "best national live show". carly carioli wrote:

"More than anyone else lately, NIN's Trent Reznor has been responsible for bringing theatrics back to rock and roll. Hell, he's more or less admitted to inventing Marilyn Manson (see "Best National Deviant Act"). And with his own ensemble he's perfected the art of the emotional Grand Guignol horror show.

At heart Reznor's a helpless romantic, pining over preternaturally doomed relationships, cursing the gods and himself and his lovers (girls, drugs, death, power, powerlessness, not in that order) with the black-blighted affection only truly lost souls can articulate. It's the stuff of great theater-- since Shakespeare or maybe Job. That he can convey that physically and graphically onstage is tremendous-- and likely why David Bowie, the crown prince of rock theatrics, picked him for his revival tour last summer. (It's also why Bowie got majorly upstaged in the process.) The big stage demands big drama, and Reznor has consistently delivered not only visually and sonically but thematically, re-enacting the iconic death and rebirth scenarios that are always just beneath the surface of rock's great performances. Like when that 30-foot pelican swallows him whole and the dog comes back to life? Duuuuuuuude..."

as they mentioned, manson came out on top of the best national deviant act category. also by carioli:
"Okay, I take back all the nasty things I said about Marilyn Manson last year. Everyone from the Smashing Pumpkins to Snoop to David Lynch loves 'em, and I've come to love 'em too. But with one condition: everyone cut the bullshit about how scary they are. If you like Marilyn Manson, chances are you're not the least bit threatened or freaked out by 'em-- although writers from Spin and the Village Voice did "admit" that they found Manson "actually spooky," as if they were bestowing some sort of honor on the band and its audience, when in fact they were just admitting how much they didn't get it. Because so much of the fun of Marilyn Manson is identifying with that thing which other people-- people in positions of authority, church groups, your mom, Robert Christgau-- find repulsive, or "actually spooky." Which is what separates housewives who read Stephen King to spook themselves from self-styled teenage psychos who read Frankenstein because they identify with the monster. Given the choice, you'd rather be the one they're scared of, not the one who's scared. And though it's easy to say Manson's just this year's Alice Cooper, Alice never strapped on a dildo, and most of the people who have, haven't done so in front of so many people who could use it."
thanks k.
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gnr again
mtv news reported further on the nin connections to the recent incarnation of guns and roses:

Guns N' Roses have confirmed Mike Clink to produce their next album and sources close to the band say former Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck will be the new primary axe-slinger. Finck is said to be replacing Slash who left the band last year over creative differences.

Clink produced the successful Guns N' Roses records "Use Your Illusion I" and "II" and most recently was at the controls for Sammy Hagar's "Marching To Mars." Sources at the band's label, Geffen, say the inclusion of Clink doesn't exclude involvement from Moby, the techno-rock solo artist and producer who has previously acknowledged to the media that he's been talking to the band. "There's no confirmation," says the source, "but I expect he'll be working on a couple of tracks."

Finck's reportedly been jamming with Rose for several weeks. He officially took a leave of absence from NIN, which utilizes it's members primarily as a road band, to play with the Cirque Du Soleil. Finck has also been a live member of the theatrical drag queen band, the Impotent Sea Snakes, primarily playing a chain saw.

Insiders say Rose has been writing with his guitarist friend Paul Huge, but as expected, Huge will not play a part in the album.

The drummer's chair remains a mystery. Ex-Pearl Jam member Dave Abbruzzese has been in rehearsals with Axl Rose, the name of former Nine Inch Nails drummer Chris Vrenna keeps surfacing as a contender and Guns N' Roses management says Matt Sorum is still in the picture.

Two weeks ago at the Music West conference in Vancouver, Canada, Sorum said Rick Rubin was also involved in the project but a spokesperson for Rubin says it had been under discussion some time ago, but "it didn't work out." It was also denied by GnR manager Doug Goldstein who said in effect that as much as the band loved and respected Rubin, he would not be producing the record.

Sorum also said that Guns N' Roses had recorded "4800 hours of music" (we assume over several years) and have "15 really strong songs" which will be ready "hopefully by next year." He added the sessions were leaning towards a Soundgarden style of rock although there were tracks where the Nine Inch Nails influence was evident. He told the small crowd that Rose's new favorite saying has been "loop it, loop it!"

Duff McKagan, speaking at the same convention but in a separate interview, told his audience things had come together in the studio for Guns N' Roses just over the last month and a half, but also confirmed MTV Online's earlier report that he was recording a solo album. "We've tracked 8 songs on it this week," said McKagan. He went on that since he's cleaned up his personal habits, "I'll probably be able to sing a little fuller."

Much of McKagan's interview centered on his past drug use. "I know I was in Chekoslavakia, its on my passport. But I don't remember it," he said straightfaced. He also said he's been occupying himself with martial arts and college courses including some business classes. "My accountants are sh****** their pants."

Meanwhile Slash has certainly not dropped out of sight. He's on records just released by both Sammy Hagar and Michael Jackson and he's been touring with his fun band Bluesball. Slash has told interviewers he plans on finding a vocalist and reforming Snakepit, the project that kept him occupied during the oft off days with GNR.

thanks ed.
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tv guide
tv guide's site has a poll up for the king and queen of rock and roll. trent is one of the nominees, in the lead. cast your vote here. thanks sara.

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on the trinity broadcasting network, a christian cable channel, they had a program about evil messages in rock music, and they played the tpd video, saying that it glorified drugs. surprisingly, however, there was no mention of marilyn manson. thanks meathead.

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apparently mtv is heavily playing their 2-year-old technotes segment which briefly features my page. wh00p. let's get some new footage there. thanks meathead.

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manson cd+
victor sends word of an import enhanced cd that you can buy:

In most parts of Europe, it is now possible to buy an enhanced CD single of "The Beautiful People". The tracks are not exactly the same as those on the australian version, but the "enhanced" part features the full videos of both "The Beautiful People" and "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)". The CD is suitable for Mac and Win95; it;s interface consists of "his unholiness" Manson's face with a device shoved into his mouth.

Here's the specs:


I. The Beautiful People - Audio
II. The Horrible People - Audio
III. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of Tihs) - Audio
IV. Cryptorchid - Audio
V. The Beautiful People - Video
VI. The Beautiful People - Video

System requirements:

Mac OS 7.1.2 or later
68040 33 MHz or better
8mb memory
2x Speed CD Extra Compatible CD-ROM
8/16 bit audio

Windows 95 or later
486 66 MHz or better
8mb memory
2x Speed CD Extra Compatible CD-ROM
8/16 bit sound board

thanks victor.
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halo 11 uk
so far, no import version of halo eleven. thanks james.

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dm vrenna
was that chris vrenna playing drums for depeche mode "it's no good" on the tonight show? thanks steve.

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good vibes
it seems that trent and tori amos have both made it into the good vibes masturbation hall of fame (by popular demand no doubt). thanks robin.

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mm fanletter
the newsletter for fans from marilyn manson reports that the official manson website will be up soon, as well as a color catalog of merchandise. thanks crystal.

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bye bye piggie
according to an interview in "sonic boom", pig will not be releasing any more material on nothing records:

Raymond: While it was really good that they picked up on "Sinsation", I think there was a general feel that they are really busy working with some of the larger acts on the label. So because I spend some much time working on material on my own, I think we decided that it wasn't going to work out to do any more releases with them in the future. Mostly it was because they were too busy with other artists and I expected a little bit more feedback from a label on which I was signed. So we really have parted ways, but very amicably.
thanks rorschach.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 17 may 1997 |
happy birthday
trent is 32 today, born on 17 may 1965. best wishes!
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 16 may 1997 |
halo eleven promo sheet
i scanned in the promotional sheet that comes with the promo copies of halo eleven. it talks about the different remixes as well as includes quotes from different news sources on the song. click the image for a (much) bigger and better copy.
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crow 3
102.1 the edge (toronto) reported the other day that rob zombie from white zombie will be directing the newest crow movie: the crow 3. they also said that trent has signed on to create the score (possibly a new nin song too?). they said the movie will be out in the fall. thanks aaron.

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mbm original fire
circular promo postcards have been sent out from meat beat manifesto dealing with their new disc "original fire." bigger images can be found by clicking on the pictures below.

thanks warren.

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in a preview for a new movie titled "conspiracy theory" (starring mel gibson and julia roberts) they used the nin song "closer (precursor)" as the background music. thanks gary.

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george manson
this month's issue of george magazine has a short bit on marilyn manson, listing him as one of "the 20 most fascinating men in politics." their comments were suprisingly unbiased and there's also a really great full-page black and white picture of manson. thanks tim.

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lp rumors
rumors have it that the new lp will be pushed back until the end of the year (toronto radio reported). thanks altered.

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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 13 may 1997 |
halo eleven in stores
i've put some high quality scans up of halo eleven:


it's in stores now. it's comparable to further down the spiral, but not hard rocking, it's more what you would expect from the remixers. the remixes are great, barely recognizable to the original song, in form, style, and structure. get it.

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manson protesters
the philadelphia inquirer reported on a recent protest of a manson show:

From The Philadelphia Inquirer, May 12, 1997 Protesters prayed around a cross draped in white cloth and tried to turn away fans gathering for a weekend concert in Richmond, VA About 75 protesters turned up Saturday at the Richmond Coliseum to con- front the mostly teenage crowd ... The Band performed following an aborted attempt by the City Council to cancel the show ... One Marilyn Manson fan wearing a shirt emblazoned with an upside-down cross set fire to a prayer pamphlet a protester gave him. Another fan wearing white face paint and a nun's habit strutted in front of protesters ...
thanks crystal.
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mtv news reports more about the rob halford project:


Former Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford has been recording under the wing of Trent Reznor; meanwhile his estranged ex-bandmates will be releasing their long awaited new album, "Jugulator," in September.

Halford recently signed to Reznor's label, Nothing Records, and Reznor has been re-mixing Halford's tracks at his studio in New Orleans. Management sources say Reznor appears on the album but they decline to elaborate on his involvement. Halford is currently in Vancouver, Canada, working with Reznor's right hand man, Dave 'The Rave' Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy), in a studio owned by Bryan Adams.

Halford left Judas Priest in the early 1990s to front Fight, then embarked on his current project with guitarist John Lowery. They originally called the band 'Gimp' before discovering the name was in use. A new moniker is expected to be announced anytime.

"The main thing is we'd like to distance ourselves from Judas Priest," say Halford's manager, John Baxter. "That was six years ago. Rob's material is very modern."

Fans of Judas Priest, however, can rest assured they'll be getting the same old Priest they've worshipped over the years. Ripper Owens, Halford's replacement, sang with a Priest tribute band called British Steele in Akron, Ohio prior to the real thing. And Judas Priest's official webpage promises vintage metal.

thanks ed.
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manson crew
sean mcgann, a member of marilyn manson's crew, died last weekend:


A stagehand setting-up for a concert by controversial ``death rocker'' Marilyn Manson fell to his death while trying to rappel from a catwalk.

Police say 30-year-old Sean McGann, of Pueblo, Colo., was probably intoxicated when he fell some 90 feet from a catwalk leading to bleachers at the Stadium Armory Complex in downtown Washington, D.C.

Paramedics responded to a call at around 10:30 a.m. and discovered McGann lying unconscious with massive head wounds on the bleachers. He was transported to the D.C. Medical Examiner's office where he was pronounced dead at 1:30 p.m.

Paramedics said the concert workers made a game out of attaching ropes to the catwalk and rappelling down, rather than take the stairs.

The paramedics say the worker decided to swing down one more time, but apparently failed to attach the rope. He struck the top of the bleachers, and was wedged between the seats and the Armory wall for many hours before he was found.

manson later reported that he was very talented and will be missed. thanks aaron.
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lh video
according to come blockbuster video stores, the "lost highway" video will be in stores in 1.5 to 2 months, for rent. no word of an on-sale date. also, for the uk release, "total film" magazine states that it is due for release on the 22nd august but empire magazine says that its the 29th. thanks s and crystal.

12 8   22 9 4 5 15  

the "official schulte collabortors network" homepage has been set up on geocities parodying schulte's toncn site, which delivers gossip dealing with nine inch nails. it's pretty funny. thanks kip.

20 15 19 3 14  

mac news
from mac os rumors, the following was said about recent purchases:

According to an Apple source, Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor was shipped a 9600/250MP on Wednesday for production duties on the new NIN album, as well as for Reznor's side project, Tapeworm. The Mac was configured with 144mb of RAM, a Shrike 12mb/64 bit sound expansion, and an AppleVision 850 AV monitor. Nine Inch Nails has used Macintosh computers for studio effects and production as well as stage effects since forming in 1988--digital effects for Head Like a Hole, the group's first big single, were designed solely on an SE/30.
thanks avesh.
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filter b-day
richard patrick's birthday was may 10th. thanks mike.

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the first nin page in belgium has been set up here. thanks laurent.

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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 09 may 1997 |
halo eleven
thanks very much to jonnathan who sent along scans of halo eleven (digipak) packaging (by the talented gary talpas):


click on them to get a bigger pic. there will be better and bigger scans of these once i get my copy and scan it (hopefully now everyone will understand the background image i did at nothing.nin.net a while ago). thanks jonnathan.

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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 08 may 1997 |
halo eleven
promos have been circulated to radio stations and the like. on kroq after hours they played one mix that sounded as thus:
No one announced which remix it was, but the thing was stripped down to the bare bones. Most of the lyrics were jettisoned, and the only line which popped up regularly was "YOU ARE THE PERFECT-" but the "DRUG" was cut off. Also in the track were "YOU MAKE ME HARD-AND I WANT YOU"... Short segments of the drum solo also survived, but until the first time some lyrics were played, the song was almost unrecognizable...
thanks tommy. meanwhile someone has actually gotten the retail version:

meat beat manifesto
nine inch nails
spacetime continuum
the orb

[the times are listed on the right side of the cover sideways from top to bottom]

1 7m39s
2 6m59s
3 8m25s
4 5m48s
5 6m17s

[inside cover]
1 remix and additional production by jack dangers engineered by josh t. roberts at toast studios, s.f.
2 remix and additional production by luke vibert
3 remixed by trent reznor and keith hillebrandt engineered/mixed by brian pollack at nothing studios, new orleans
4 recreated by jonah sharp
5 remixed by the orb engineered by andy hughes

original version taken from the
nothing/interscope release "lost highway" intd/c-90090
courtesy of nothing/tvt/interscope records

c 1997 leaving hope music/tvt music (ascap), d. lohner
all rights reserved used by permission

management by john a. malm, jr. for conservative

package by gary talpas

[the back cover is similar to the front with colours moved around, the upc in the upper right corner, and the standard copyright stuff at the bottom]
thanks johnnathan.
8 1 12 15   5 12 5 22 5 14  

trent reznor and marilyn manson won three awards each at the seventh annual video awards. reznor for "the perfect drug" video and for the lost highway soundtrack. manson won his trio of awards for "the beautiful people" video. thanks crystal.

1 23 1 18 4 19  

original fire
meat beat manifesto's upcoming ep original fire is scheduled to be released by nothing/interscope records in the usa on may 20th. the promotional two-disc vinyl will be shipped to radio and clubs several weeks prior. for more info check out mbm's website. thanks dave.

15 18 9 7 9 14 1 12   6 9 18 5  

quake 2
unfortunately, the soundtrack // sound effects for the upcoming id game quake 2 will not include any work by trent reznor // nine inch nails. unfortunate, yes, but there are other priorities to be considered. thanks slater.

17 21 1 11 5   2  

freedom of speech
the first amendment is alive and well in new jersey -- courts ruled that manson cannot be banned -- marilyn manson will perform on the ozzfest ticket june 16. thanks crystal.

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us magazine
there is a quote from trent reznor in the june 97 issue of us magazine:

"The English press gives me all this shit: 'No one can be as depressed as this guy... He's just cashing in.' But I am that depressed!"
thanks iguana.
21 19   13 1 7 1 26 9 14 5  

mardi gras
regarding the last mardi gras -- tribe magazine, new orleans city magazine, is reporting that trent rode on a float disguised in a turbin sort of hat similar to the one `i dream of jeannie' wore on the show. after throwing off $14,000 worth of beads, trent then left the float, took pictures with fans and then went to a party held by better than ezra. in the magazine, trent is posing for a picture. and he is smiling. thanks holly.

13 1 18 4 9   7 18 1 19  

tapeworm netrumors
new rumor that tapeworm will include vrenna, finck, and daisy berkowitz is circulating. a rumor. thanks bw.

20 1 16 5 23 15 18 13   14 5 20 18 21 13 15 18 19  

drummer compilation
some news on a drummer compilation disc, possibly featuring chris vrenna, was posted to atn on sunday:

Addicted To Noise Senior Writer Gil Kaufman reports: In a new spin on the old James Brown plea to "give the drummer some," an album due out this summer aims to give a gang of alternative rock drummers their due.

Called Flyin' Traps, the instrumental percussion record on Hollywood Records features ex-Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron on a self-penned tune called "Theme From Holy-O," the Flaming Lips' Steven Drozd playing his composition "Headphones Theme From Seemingly Infinity," Porno For Pyros' Stephen Perkins doing his tune "Monkey in Brazil," Mudhoney's Dan Peters covering Ray Davies' (Kinks) "Do You Remember Walter?," and the Melvins' Dale Crover with the appropriately sick, "Vomit and Orange Juice."

Other artists on the collection, produced by Redd Kross' Brian Reitzell, include: Reitzell "Snake and Mongoose," former drummer J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) "Car!," Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees/Tuatara) "Barnburner," Joey Waronker (Beck) "Chorkle is Dead," Josh Freese (Slider/Paul Westerberg) "The Gay 90's," Tim "Herb" Alexander (ex-Primus/Laundry) "Choked," Mac McNeilly (ex-Jesus Lizard) "Lime," Michael Musburger (Fastbacks) "Noodles," Alexis Fleisig (Girls Against Boys) "Don't Ruin Me Gorgeous" and Chris Vrenna (ex-NIN) "The Steel Box."

In the liner notes to the collection, Modern Drummer magazine Assistant Editor Adam Budofsky, says of the contributions, "I'd wager that even listeners who recognize the names of the drummers on Flyin' Traps will be pretty surprised by the diverse and mesmerizing sounds they discover here. The full spectrum not only of drumming, but of musical expression is represented, from Barrett Martin's squelchy urban jungle, to Stephen Drozd's cosmic sonic space voyage, to Joey Waronker's sinister avant-garde groove experiment--to Dan Peters' neat re-interpretation of Ray Davies jewel."

thanks sam.
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chemical bros
allstar daily news reported that the chiemical brothers sampled "a warm place" during their may 2 show in las vegas. thanks bernard.

3 8 5 13 9 3 1 12   2 18 15 19  

on saturday the comic strip "ghost story club" had a mentioning of nin. part of a story about some girl who gets sent back to 1692. apparently, she's showing off some of her technology from the future to prove she's been time warped. in the last frame, she yanks out a cd player, expecting some old guy to understand what it is. she says, "and here's a portable cd player. it plays music. listen!" then he yells, "voices of demons!" she replies, "no, nine inch nails." thanks boo.

3 15 13 9 3  

american journal
a transcript of that aj show on manson can be found here thanks cindy.

1 13 5 18 9 3 1 14   10 15 21 18 14 1 12  

u2 show
wall of sound reports about trent's attire at the opening u2 show:

As for Trent Reznor, we can't be sure he was staying at the MGM Grand, but he was certainly hard to miss in the lobby, dressed in black shorts and black T-shirt, with a sticker on his shirt reading: "Hello, My Name Is Satan."
supposedely there is a picture of this in the 5/9 issue of entertainment weekly (p. 38?). thanks crystal.
21 2   19 8 15 23  

chris vrenna may be having some naming problems, from this vague report from atn:

Well, a few artists have come across some trouble with their names lately. Nine Inch Nails alum Chris "No, I haven't joined Guns N' Roses" Vrenna's new project, Tweaker, may have to rethink that moniker ...
thanks dave.
20 23 5 1 11 5 18  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 30 april 1997 |
lack of updates
sorry for the delays lately in updating this page. a lot of things are going on here, namely in the production of the official pages. things are rolling again, so it may take a few days inbetween updates on this page. i'm also trying to hash out a java applet that would somehow utilize the live desktop components coming out in netscape 4.0 and msie 4.0, to detect updates, etc. and notify you on your desktop.
12 1 3 11   15 6   21 16 4 1 20 5 19  

halo 11 promos
it seems that promos for halo 11 were recently pressed, and some are starting to circulate around. it's 5 tracks and 35 minutes. the cd is the same purple as the promo, and it says 'nine inch nails "the perfect drug" versions' on the cd. this was posted to alt.music.nin by jen:

This is all from the official release sheet from Universal Music, distributors of nothing/Interscope:
Nine Inch Nails
The Perfect Drug - EP
Release Date: May 13/1997

Selections: TPD (remixed by Meat Beat Manifesto) 7:34 TPD (remixed by NIN) 8:25 TPD (remixed by Plug) 6:59 TPD (remixed by the Orb) 6:17 (yay! - Jen) TPD (remixed by Spacetime Continuum) 5:48

Just the facts: Originally written for and included in the soundtrack for David Lynch's "Lost Highway", "The Perfect Drug" was the first new music from Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails and has resulted in almost Platinum sales of the soundtrack in Canada.

Never content to rest on past accomplishments, this EP features 5 new remixes of the track including an extended workout by Nine Inch Nails (the original was 5:15). The band's fans (affectionately referred to as Ninnies) are rabid for absolutely everything available from the group and Trent Reznor. This new EP will be highly sought after by all of his fans.

Internet: http://www.nothingrecords.com

thanks sean.
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rs 200
pretty hate machine has been named one of the best 200 albums of all time by rolling stone (current issue with jewel on the cover). thanks lee.

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u2 popmart
yes, trent was announced in usa today to be present at the opening show of u2's popmart tour in las vegas. mtv got him (and john malm) on camera, and it was shown on the week in rock last weekend (if anyone has a screenshot i'd be much appreciative). thanks jon and twiglet.

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american journalism
the news show "american journalism" recently did a story on marilyn manson, and i recently got a disturbed email from a person about their opinions on how bad the segment was. rather than summarize, i'll repost the email here.

they begin talking about 'the most controversial band today' with a know nothing, ditzy reporter at one of the manson concerts, talking with people in the crowd. apparently, anyone who actually had anything intelligent to say was conveniently edited out. they then talk to a 'youth counsellor' from the southern US...i put his alleged occupation in quotes because if he really is a youth counsellor, then he does not know his job. he eventually states that 'marilyn manson is a bad influence' and 'parents should not let their kids listen to him'. well, i work with children and one of the *first* things they teach you about parenting is to NEVER deny your children of anything that they're interested in...it only encourages them. they do, very briefly, speak with a journalist from ym magazine (why ym of all magazines i have NO idea). she actually makes a point,that the whole marilyn manson idea is just a show, 'and the fact that he says it's not a show makes it more of a show'. they also cut to a shot of a lady screaming in the direction of the stadium, screaming about how 'they won't allow marilyn manson to perform' and how 'they won't let him steal away any more of our children'...note that this was screamed in the thickest southern drawl, and by a lady sporting (what appeared to me to be) an emblem similar to the KKK patch.

they progress to describe the band... apparently (according to them): -- marilyn manson has performed animal sacrifices and self mutilation on stage (ok, self mutilation yes, but animal sacrifices? other than putting chickens in a drum i've never heard of this)
-- the bandmember(keyboardist) with long, black hair and wears a dress is not twiggy ramirez, it's actually madonna wayne gacy (they showed a couple clips to show us who madonna really is)
-- and twiggy ramirez (the bassist) is actually the bald guy from the video for beautiful people (silly me, i thought that was marilyn in a bald cap)
-- some of manson's 'most disturbing lyrics' are "the housewife i will beat" and "i looked ahead|and saw a world that was dead| i guess i am too" (hmmm, but "you may as well kill yourself, you're already dead" is just fine by them)

it's painfully obvious, that their major source for this entire piece was thumbing through the cd booklet for antichrist superstar...there are only three band members pictured, without names, and they were told that madonna wayne gacy was the bald one (he had hair in the beautiful people vid)...and those were the worst lyrics they could find in that booklet (the 'may as well kill yourself' is from a remix). near the close, they describe manson's disturbing videos...an example of which (lunchbox) is one where a child unhealthily takes out his aggression on a school bully...o my god! the kid shaved his head! he is now the spawn of satan!

as if all this wasn't bad enough, they follow that piece with a story about a kid who killed himself because of marilyn manson. they talk to the child's mother (who seems *very* educated (HEAVY SARCASM)) and she says,"the day after he died he had put 5 or 6 more posters, and they were so sadistical that it sent chills....it gave me chills all over". hmmm...is sadistical a word? and so it seems that marilyn's crime was to resurrect this child from the dead so he could put up more posters. they show a before and after shot of the 'happy' kid, and then the 'disturbed' kid after listening to marilyn manson. they say all this trouble started about a year before he killed himself when he started listening to marilyn manson (they very briefly mention 'and other bands'). they fail to bring to attention however that in that one year span his parents had divorced...which *might* have also had an effect on the child. the child also carved 'kill' and the antichrist superstar emblem into his arm, along with 'johnny rotten' into his chest....but marilyn manson is the only one at fault, of course.

by far, the absolute WORST piece of journalism i have ever been unfortunate enough to witness.

thanks reznik.
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manson single
there appears to be an official single release for "the beautiful people", available as an australian import, it's got the title track, "cryptorchid", and "snake eyes for sissies". it comes in an envelope sleeve with stills from the video on the front and back. thanks ed.

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freedom of speech
texas did something bad. atn reports:

The Texas State Senate yesterday (April 24) passed unanimously a bill that would ban state entities from investing funds in record companies associated directly with offensive lyrics, as well as in companies that are indirectly associated with offensive lyrics by a 10 percent or more share in such enterprises. The bill must now be passed by the State House of Representatives and signed by Governor George W. Bush before it becomes law.

... Russinoff noted in a letter to Ratliff that the "broad terms of the bill apply to hundreds of thousands of pieces of music...everything from Ray Charles singing 'Let's Go Get Stoned' to Johnny Cash signing 'Folsom Prison Blues' to Bob Marley singing 'I Shot the Sheriff' to operas too numerous to mention."

The bill, known as SB-1923, defines as offensive any musical work that explicitly describes, glamorizes, or advocates acts of criminal violence, including murder, assault, and robbery; necrophilia, bestiality, or pedophilia; illegal use of controlled substances; criminal street gang activity; degradation or denigration of females; or violence against a particular sex, race, or ethnic group...

... Corporations such as a Seagram Co. are among the targets of the bill. Seagram owns the Universal Music Group (formerly MCA Music), which in turns hold a 50 percent share in Interscope. Included on that imprint's roster are artists such as Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails. Interscope also distributes the Death Row label, home to the work of Tupac Shakur and Snoop Doggy Dog. If passed into the law, Sen. Ratliff's bill would require that any Texas body investing state funds (including learning institutions) divest from Seagram "as soon as is reasonable and practical" but no later than January 1, 1999.

thanks mike.
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alternative press
the latest a.p. (w/ l7 on the cover) has a bit about einsturzende neubauten:

"Nothing, the label founded by Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor and his manager, John Malm, has now added industrial pioneers Einsturzende Neubauten. Neubauten's "Ende Neu" (translated as "New End") is slated for re-release this summer. The Neubaten record's American edition will feature the exclusive track "Bili Rubin" (pronounced "Billy Roo-bean"). Neubauten will tour the U.S. to support the album, possibly as soon as late summer. Some special guest musicians may accompany the band, but specific information could not be confirmed at presstime."
as well as regarding the "lost highway" soundtrack, reviewed be senior editor jason pettigrew and rated 4 out of 5:
"Let's forget about "the genius of Trent Reznor" for a moment and discuss the soundtrack to David Lynch's new film "Lost Highway" on its own merits.

Fact: Longtime Lynch film scorer Angelo Badalamenti creates tense atmospheres out of seemingly benign music, from free-jazz skronk to new age-y soundscapes. Having him and soundtrack auteur Barry Adamson on the same program is easily worth the price of admission.

Fact: Unlike most "star power" contributions made to soundtracks, the Marilyn Manson and Smashing Pumpkins songs aren't throwaways. The Pumpkins "Eye" is a stark, electro-based piece that ends in clipping distortion that's more interesting than 62 percent of their last album was. Manson's "Apple of Sodom" is creepy, spooky, and altogether ooky with child-molester chortles and smiles like wind-up teeth. Their reading of Screamin' Jay Hawkins' "I Put a Spell on You" is a holdover from the "Smells Like Children" EP, but it nonetheless fits here.

Fact: Contributions made by David Bowie ("I'm Deranged"), Lou Reed ("This Magic Moment"), bossa nova star Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Teutonic industrial rockers Rammstein bristle with madness. Listening to these unnerving pieces is like watching Martha Stewart hang herself in her perfect living room while pleasant classical string quartets play in the background. With their own records, Rammstein couldn't impress anybody wearing a KMFDM shirt, but here they seem like some bad mamma-jammas.

Reznor's contributions number three: the incidental bits "Videodrones; Questions" and "Driver Down," and the drum & bass-flavored "The Perfect Drug." Best is "Driver," a brisk industrial-rock run through enemy lines. "Drug" isn't as engaging as "Burn," the NIN track from "Natural Born Killers" (whose soundtrack Reznor also coordinated), but the fact that Reznor is moving out of industrial rock's tight constraints proves that he has the wiles to remain ahead of the pack. The irony: "The Perfect Drug" isn't even in the movie."

umm, mr. pettigrew, you may want to re-watch the "mr. eddy beats up the tailgater" scene and listen closely. thanks ed.
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cdnow is taking preorders on halo eleven here. thanks ethyl.

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hit parader
there's a mention of trent in the june issue of hit parader as being the most influential musician in their poll. there is also mention about the new cd (full, not tpd single) that is supposedly finished, but isn't being put out until trent is ready (sometime before the end of '97). strange. thanks debbie.

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from mtv news: manson will play may 10, in richmond virginia. tickets are back on sale, and some 2000 of 7000 have been sold. thanks bikko.

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in last week's kerrang!,there was a news item that said trent will be working on the soundtrack for the crow 3 together with rob zombie from white zombie, who will also direct the film. please note that kerrang has not been noted for it's accuracy. thanks bell.

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m.c. death, the eternal synthboy, reports:

Check out the may '97 Electronic Musician issue for a pic of a *smiling* Trent Reznor! This is in the "Recording Musician" column titled "Ready, Set, Compress!" and there lies a pic of Trent and various engineer types (and even Daisy!), posed in front of the equally attractive Oberheim OB-Mx, Akai master keyboard, and two Akai S900 samplers (among others). Big city drool time (over the gear, not the personnel...).

The caption: "When it comes to mondo compression, Nine Inch Nails is one band that believes no ratio is too high."

thanks mcd.
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court date
from atn: marilyn may have his day in court as early as today, april 29 1997 with the lawsuit with newark, new jersey. thanks crystal.

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yet another victory
mtv news just reported this: the american family association that this site had links to has recieved a letter from marilyn manson's lawyer regarding the afa's posting of false affidavits on their website. they plan to use any legal means possible to get apologies from the "teens" who made the affidavits and from the afa itself. cool! down with those overbearing and misinformed christians! thanks boo.

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i got the following mail from epic records regarding an upcoming auction of one of the self-destruct keyboards:

Nine Inch Nails is supporting the TJ Martell Foundation for cancer and leukemia research by donating to the celebrity auction a used Yamaha DX7 used for their Self-Destruct Tour. Not really for playing, this thrashed specimen (complete with broken key and black tape) bears Trent's signature right on the front. You can bid on and own these and other items by going to www.streammedia.com/auctionline. There are also many other items from artists, actors, and sports stars. If you would like to put a link to the Auction on your own site go to the Participate area of the Auction site and grab a banner.

Thanks for supporting Nine Inch Nails and the TJ Martell Foundation.

thanks epic.
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halford legal trouble
rob halford's "gimp" project is running into some problems. seems that there is another new orleans band named "gimp" that wants to be the one and only. legal trouble. thanks debra.

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the new people has a "people before they were famous" segment, and they have an old pic of marilyn manson. thanks eric.

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another book, called "nin: the making of the downward spiral and pretty hate machine" is out now too, unofficial of course. thanks kevin.

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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 23 april 1997 |
new manson disc
there's a new promotional remix cd out simply titled "marilyn manson", catalogue number int5p-6170. it has four tracks: "the horrible people (radio edit)" (4:25), "the tourniquet- prosthetic dance mix (radio edit)" (4:09), "the horrible people" (5:12), and "the tourniquet- prosthetic dance mix" (7:24). the remix credits:
"The Horrible People"
Remixed by Danny Saber
Sonic Rape & Pillage by John X
Addtl. Cock Rock Bass by Damian Savage
Second Engineers: Gabe and Jim
Remixed at Soundcastle Studios, LA, CA

"The Tourniquet- Prosthetic Dance Mix"
Remixed by Sean Beavan and Marilyn Manson

thanks chadd.
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a local store in canada called "row" is taking pre-orders for the tpd single. possibly expect other stores to follow. thanks iain.

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manson obscene?
from atn, about recent manson bashing by government:

Addicted To Noise staff writer Chris Nelson reports: The City Council of Richmond, Virginia will conduct an executive session meeting today to decide whether to allow a concert by Marilyn Manson to be held at the Richmond Coliseum on May 10.

As reported in ATN on Saturday, the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia is preparing to sue the city if the concert is canceled. "If the city of Richmond does not decide to allow the concert to go on by the end of the day, I am confident that Marilyn Manson will be joining us in a lawsuit," ACLU executive director Kent Willis told ATN this morning.

The council's executive session begins at 4 p.m. EST, with a decision expected by 5 p.m. "We are prepared to go ahead with the lawsuit literally within hours of their making their final decision," said Willis. A representative from the law firm representing Manson is in Richmond today preparing for the council decision.

Today's meeting follows a Friday (April 18) announcement from Ozzy Osbourne that he will sue the state of New Jersey for the right to bring his Ozzfest concert to Giants Stadium on June 15 with Marilyn Manson on the bill (see story in Sat., April 19 edition of "Music News of the World."). On Friday, officials for the New Jersey Sports and Exhibition Authority (which oversees Giants Stadium) issued Osbourne an ultimatum: Remove Manson from the line-up or the stadium will refuse to host the concert.

A statement issued on Friday by the New Jersey Sports and Exhibition Authority read: "The promoters have informed us that Marilyn Manson must remain in the show, therefore based upon our stated position we will not allow tickets to go on sale tomorrow."

***John Malm, a spokesman for nothing Records (the label for which Manson records), told ATN only that, "We support Marilyn Manson's First Amendment rights. This is a First Amendment issue, and that's what Ozzy's standing behind, and that's what we're standing behind." ***

Neither Osbourne's management nor the Sports and Exhibition Authority were available for comment this morning. However, Perry Serpa, publicist for Ozzfest, said that heavy metal's elder statesman "is not gonna take it. Personally, I think it's ridiculous and it points to censorship."

Marilyn Manson is scheduled to appear at fewer than 10 of more than two dozen Ozzfest tour stops.

The ACLU of New Jersey may step in to defend Manson's rights. Ed Martone, executive director of the ACLU of New Jersey, told ATN that the organization could "potentially" be involved in Osbourne's suit. "We haven't been contacted by the band, or the promoters, or their representatives.

"Our position is that this is a publicly regulated stadium," said Martone. "Therefore the authority that runs it can't make determinations about which artists can perform there--or not--based on the content of their speech. And that is clearly what's happening here."

Public pressure to keep Marilyn Manson from performing has dogged the band throughout its tour in support of Antichrist Superstar. Opposition ranging from complaints to city authorities, to municipal resolutions, to attempted cancellations has followed the band from Oklahoma City to Omaha, Nebraska and from Anchorage, Alaska to Jacksonville, Florida. Earlier this month Manson pulled out of an appearance at the Carolina Coliseum, after the University of South Carolina paid promoters to halt the show.

Back in Virginia, City Manager Robert C. Bobb's public information manager Brannan Atkinson (Bobb proposed that the concert be canceled) told ATN that the Richmond city manager "objects to the images, issues, ideas that Marilyn Manson exhibits, mainly the message of hate [and] the allusions to Satanism. He's said all along that Marilyn Manson can play in Richmond, they just can't play in a public facility."

But according to the ACLU's Willis, the right to play in a public facility is the crux of Manson's potential case against the city. "This is a classic free speech case," said Willis. "This is expression protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution.

"A private facility has the right to make content based decisions. It can decide we don't like this kind of group, we do like this, we don't like what they have to say, and so on," explained Willis. "But this facility is a public facility. It belongs to the city of Richmond, and therefore it has all the protections that a public forum has. In other words, this is the same right that keeps a library book on the public library shelves; it's the same right to stand on a soap box in a park and speak; it's the same right to march on the streets.

"They can't book [the Richmond Coliseum] based on the viewpoint or the content of the expression of the performer."

Last week Bobb maintained that the city had no signed contract with or deposit from Manson to perform at the Coliseum. "That's correct," Atkinson told ATN. "As I understand it, there was an unsigned contract, basically meaning that it had not been executed."

"Legally that's irrelevant," countered Willis. "It is absolutely certain that there was an agreement between the city of Richmond and Marilyn Manson to perform on May 10. Every single actor involved--the promoter; Spectacor, which manages the coliseum where it was to take place; the Assistant City Manager--had all agreed to this happening. They agreed on a price, they agreed on conditions, they had put tickets on sale.

"Even if there is not a signed agreement, that's an oral contract," said Willis. "And oral contracts are enforceable by law the same way written contracts are."

If, after today's executive session in Richmond, the ACLU proceeds with its suit, the organization will file a case with the United States District Court in Richmond late Monday evening or early Tuesday morning. "Basically what we would ask for is a restraining order," said Willis. "We would ask the judge to order the city to allow the concert to go on."

According to Atkinson, local citizens in Richmond "are weighing in on all sides of this issue. We've had people calling in strongly objecting and strongly supporting." He stressed that this is an informal observation, and that the exact number of calls has not been tallied.

whew. thanks mike. mtv news also reported on a related matter:
Ozzy Osbourne told MTV News that he is willing to "take his case to the Supreme Court if necessary" to secure Marilyn Manson's right to perform on the Ozzfest tour.

Osbourne says he's suing the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority on free speech grounds, because the New Jersey Meadowlands won't let Marilyn Manson play there on June 15 as part of his Ozzfest tour.

On Saturday, the Meadowlands refused to put tickets for the show on sale as originally scheduled, because Osbourne would not remove Manson from the bill. The Meadowlands had cited potential crowd control problems, and a possibly offensive show as reasons for wanting Manson off the bill.

In a statement to MTV News, Ozzy noted that he himself had gone to court over 10 years ago to fight threatened concert bans in cities from Boston to Las Vegas, and Osbourne said he's willing to go the legal distance in this latest battle.

Manson, of course, has been raising hackles from coast to coast since the winter, but only last week did the band have a show actually canceled due to local civic and religious pressure: that was the April 20 show slated for Columbia, South Carolina.

Ozzy has been very vocal since Meadowlands officials issued their ultimatum to Osbourne, and in a statement issued late Friday, Ozzy invoked the First Amendment in stating that his tour will roll on as planned. Osbourne went on to call moves to keep Manson off the Ozzfest bill a form of "blackmail."

"I will not be putting any limits on any of the Ozzfests," Ozzy said. "I have never conformed to everyday conventional ideas or rules. Everyone has the right to exercise their own beliefs and standards. Everyone has the right to self-censorship. Nobody can tell an individual what they can or cannot say. Nobody has the right to tell me who I can perform with."

thanks pig. the new york times also reports:
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- City officials will allow shock rocker Marilyn Manson to perform, but they're not happy about it.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia had threatened to sue on behalf of Manson fans after officials began looking into ways of stopping the band's May 10 show at the city-owned Richmond Coliseum.

After meeting with its attorneys, the City Council voted Monday to allow the concert, but City Manager Robert C. Bobb said the band isn't welcome and its fans will be closely watched by police.

Manson is an avowed Satan worshiper and the band is known for raunchy on- stage antics and songs about murder, rape and self-mutilation.

The band has run into similar opposition elsewhere.

thanks andrew.
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gnr again
mtv news reported a bit more on the vrenna/finck/guns and roses connection:

"Industry reports, denied by Guns n' Roses management, have been surfacing that drummer Matt Sorum was no longer with Guns n' Roses and that Chris Vrenna and his former Nine Inch Nails bandmate Robin Finck are working with GnR. Vrenna, though, has told press sources that he's only met with Guns N' Roses and that Finck has been jamming with Rose, bassist Duff McKagan, part-timer keyboardist Dizzy Reed and guitarist Paul Huge."
thanks ed.
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smg/internet 1, tvt 0
while it's not really nin news, it looks like the new smg cd will come out. below is the letter that was sent out:

Hi again...

Sorry to keep you out of the loop so long, but as you can imagine, I've been quite busy these last few days.

In any case, I am very pleased to say that things with TVT have been worked out, and Metropolis is going to be released in late June/early July. Needless to say, things moved a lot quicker than they might have, due to the, ahem, large amount of e-mail TVT recieved expressing concern for SMG.

TVT has politely asked that you please stop e-mailing them, as it is interfering with their jobs. I guess that means it was a smashing success. Thanks to all of you for your help in this matter, and I hope you like this new record that WE (you and I) made. You'll be seeing it shortly...

-Chris Randall

thanks wesley.
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blackrose is in no way shape or form connected with the sale of the 'improbable tour' shirts, aside from propogating the name and having a link to their page. thanks yokes.

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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 20 april 1997 |
that interscope press release is untrue. i got the following email from the author of it:
that press release is NOT true. i wrote it. i made it up using some confirmed facts and some believable stuff. i have absolutely no connection to Interscope records (other than i own a bunch of CDs from them). sometimes at night when you've had a couple drinks ideas seem better than they really are. i sincerely apologize for any and all trouble that it may have caused, it won't happen again. (at least i got people to stop asking when a new nin album would be coming out for a day or so...)
freak. not to mention the email address was inknown at interscope records, the news article originated from a 3rd party, and chris randall (of smg) says it's untrue:
To tell you the honest truth, I have absolutely no idea why that would even be a rumour. I've only met Trent once, and that was in 1991. Where on earth did you hear that, if you don't mind me asking?
so there. thanks everyone for telling me.
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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 19 april 1997 |
new album information
mtv news confirmed rick rubin's collaboration/production help with the new nin album:
MTV News confirmed the Rick Rubin production credit on the next NIN album, although they stated that Rubin's involvement is to "help produce some tracks" and that "Reznor's spokesperson offered no details as to how extensive the collaboration will be, or when it will be released."
thanks ed. meanwhile, this posting made its way to alt.music.nin:
From: Lucas Martin <lmartin@interscoperecords.com>
Newsgroups: alt.music.nin
Subject: Press Release: New Nine Inch Nails album.
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 1997 11:30:02 -0700
Message-ID: <33590F2A.2C7A@interscoperecords.com>
Reply-To: lmartin@interscoperecords.com

Press release from Interscope Records, for immediate release:

the new NIN album, which has not been titled yet, is ready to record. Rick (Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers) Rubin will be producing it. Trent Reznor will be doing lyrics, vocals, programming, and additional guitar. Danny Lohner will be doing strings, Charile Clouser will be doing real drums, real-time keyboard and synth, and drum machine programming, and Sean Beaven engineering. the line up for the tour will be Trent (vox, some guitar), X-Mas (of Sister Machine Gun on guitar), Danny (bass), Chris (drums), Charilie (keys), and Sean (sounds). Robin will eventually take his place back when his scedule allows. Also, it is planned that Clint Mansell will appear as a guest on some songs. the set will have all of the new album, and some old ones. they definently plan on playing "Piggy" and "Hurt"

the Tapeworm album will be more of a metal based record, with Trent producing, each these people will be contributing the following:

Rob Zombie (White Zombie): vox
Chris Randall (Sister Machine Gun): vox, guitar
Page Hamilton (Helmet): vox, guitar
Tod A. (Cop $hoot Cop, Firewater): vox, bass
Perry Farrel (Porno for Pyros): vox
Jared (Chemlab): vox
Tommy Victor (of Prong): vox

Trent will play guitar and sing on all the other songs, and Danny will play bass. Danny will play bass on the songs, except for Tod A.'s, but Danny will play guitar on that one. Trent will play guitar on the above songs that don't already have a guitar player (except Tod's). Charlie will do the drumming and programming.

The live lineup will be basically the same, only with Chris on drums, with Charlie handling triggers and drum kit things.

The first tour will be a US NIN tour co-headlining with Meat Beat Manifesto. Plug will open. Then there will be another nin tour, this one in Europe, with Plug co-headlining and Bentley Rhythm Ace as support. Then Tapeworm will be opening for Rob Halford's band.

this is unconfirmed. the only lead on the 'officialness' of this press release is that the email was apparentely from interscope records. it does sound somewhat fishy, and i will try to get a confirmation soon. thanks iain.
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not for money, eh?
blackrose says he never has used his page for profit. well now it looks like they're selling "improbable pain 97" t-shirts for $20. i dont know if they've sold any or anything, but be aware that these are not official of course, as is everything connected with all that. thanks andy.

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vrenna with sp
the rumor of the new song vrenna's been working on is confirmed by atn:

The Smashing Pumpkins have recorded a new song for the soundtrack of the upcoming Batman and Robin film entitled "The End is the Beginning is the End."

The song features former NIN member Chris Vrenna and will be the first single from the album. The Pumpkins are scheduled to convene with the movie's director, Joel Schumacher, next month, to film a video for the song.

The fourth Batman caper features yet another new Dark Knight, this time ER's George Clooney, with side-kick Chris O'Donnell, Batgirl Alicia Silverstone, Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy and a silver-flecked Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze.

thanks mike.
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the wall
the following was posted on alt.music.nin recently, about the possibility of trent doing some work on the 20th anniversary of "the wall":

Out of the May issue of Blast magazine (British Publication) a short article was written about how Roger Waters is redoing a 20th Anniversary version of the Wall and has talked with Trent about producing it, and possibly preforming on it. Waters also is rumored to be assembling some "allstar" musicans to play on the record that will contain previously unreleased songs like "when the tigers broke free" and some new pieces, instrumentals and effects (In my opinion thats where Trent would fit best.)
thanks bryan.
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there's an article there on sonicnet bashing the perfect drug video pretty bad. thanks nate.

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| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 17 april 1997 |
halo eleven in u.s.
formula is confirming the fact that halo eleven will be released domestically. no word yet if there will be a slightly different version in the u.k. or anything of that sort. thanks bulb.
8 1 12 15   5 12 5 22 5 14   9 14   21 19  

quake in rs
rolling stone for 1 may 1997 mentions a bit about quake:

"...The best of the beast blasters are Quake (Id Software; top) and Duke Nukem 3D (GT Inetractive Software)...."

"Quake is the more technologically advanced and artistically rendered, delivering a true 3-D enviroment that's dramatically powerful..."

"Both QUAKE and Duke have spawned mini-industries that produce levels to provide continuing adventures after you've conquered the the basic game's challenges. The two QUAKE ADD-ON PACKS just released by Activision (with Id's Approval) are richly detailed and extremely challenging."

thanks phil.
17 21 1 11 5   9 14   18 19  

rubin confirmed
from atn:

Star Producer Rick Rubin Signs On For Nine Inch Nails Album

Addicted To Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman reports: American Recordings honcho Rick Rubin (Run-D.M.C., Beastie Boys, Tom Petty, Red Hot Chili Peppers) has agreed to produce the next album from Trent Reznor's Nine Inch Nails.

Sources close to both parties told ATN that the pair, who worked together previously when Rubin produced "Piggy (nothing can stop me now)" on 1995's remix CD Further Down the Spiral (featuring Dave Navarro on guitar), are slated to get together once Reznor finishes preliminary songwriting and arranging, which he is currently working on at his New Orleans studio.

Meanwhile, as previously reported in ATN, Reznor has summoned a number of name remixers to work on "The Perfect Drug," (May 13) his drum-and-bass single from the Lost Highway soundtrack.

Reznor, currently gracing the cover of TIME magazine as one of the "25 Most Influential People In America (1997)," will get his song worked over by The Orb, Space Time Continuum, Plug (aka Wagonchrist aka Luke Vibert, an artist Reznor recently signed to his Nothing record label), Aphrodite and Meat Beat Manifesto.

also, in allstar's news sidebar (www.allstarmag.com/news) there is talk about an upcoming nin book, marilyn manson book, and about vrenna working w/ sp, not working with gnr, and his solo project, tweaker. thanks matt and dave.
18 21 2 9 14   3 15 14 6 9 18 13 5 4  

the biography 'nine inch nails' due on july 10th from st.matins press (author matrin huxley, who's done ac/dc and aerosmith bios) will be delayed. the reason being of a legal nature, he can't get anyone to go "on record" when talking about trent... and it's making the lawyers nervous. no word on a new release date. thanks slave.

2 9 15  

i normally dont post most of the manson news i bet, but this is purely an exception. as you may know, there's been a lot of talk and controversy surrounding them (for some odd reason...), and a bunch of government people don't want them performing in certain places.

first, those affadavits are offline, but there is a teen report of a concert here. it's good for a few laughs. thanks daniel.

i got the following first-hand account of the virginia situation:

I'd just like to tell you about the new controversy over a Marilyn Manson concert where I live, in Richmond, VA. It's making front page news here and I just saw it today on MTV.

Almost a week after tickets went on sale, City Manager Robert C. Bobb has decided to cancel the concert because "Satan worship and animalistic type of programming is not consistent with the image we're building for our community."

While he has decided to cancel the concert, the fact remains that the band has already signed a contract with the Richmond Coliseum. Because of this, the American Civil Liberties Union will sue the city by the end of the week because of illegal censorship. They feel that they can get the lawsuit over with before the concert (scheduled for May 10) and have it go on as scheduled.

For more information on this controversy, I ask that all come to my home page at http://www.cybermail.net/~dead_angel to find out more about the concert (including full articles that have appeared in the local newspaper). I ask that all support this concert even if they don't live in Richmond.

thanks dead angel.
13 1 14 19 15 14  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 15 april 1997 |
official site?
ok. i finally got around to salvaging the old forum texts that were on the official nothing site, extracting from the database, repairing, hiding some information (usernames, deleted messages), and then flushing back together (perl rules). i have split it up into 2 parts. the first section is about 250k worth of messages in chronological order that came from the site. the second collection is just 20k worth of the postings in the "help me i am in hell" thread on the nin forum, an area where people discussed personal feelings and thoughts. i hope this can perhaps tide you all over before the site goes up. on that vein, i've had many inquiries on when/if it will be finished. it's the same story, we are waiting on artwork. the art director trent has chosen hasn't delivered the content when it was desirable (last november), but he is getting on the ball and we should have it be the end of the month. then i'd say give it another month or so for us to finish, etc. and test everything. so there's a rough timeline. we do not plan to reinstate the chat system before the site goes up 100%, as it took too much time and budget just maintaining that portion. so please enjoy this stuff and give us a couple more months.
15 6 6 9 3 9 1 12   19 9 20 5  

time's 25
trent has been named one of time magazine's 25 most influential people of 1997. mtv online news had this to say:

April 14 [10:00 EST] -- Head Nine Inch Nail Trent Reznor and producer extraordinaire Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds rank with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell among "Time" magazine's 25 most influential people in America.

The April 21 issue, which hit newsstands on Monday, hails Reznor as the "anti-Bon Jovi... the lord of Industrial" and credit his "vulnerable vocals and accessible lyrics" with sparking "an Industrial revolution: he gave the gloomy genre a human heart."

full text of the article can be found here. thanks jameka, warren, and anand.
20 9 13 5 19   25  

import v. domestic
it looks more happening that halo eleven will be released domestically. uk release dates are usually mondays, and may 13 is a tuesday, in accordance with u.s. release dates. also the stock number on the new shirts has an interscope-style prefix, which doesn't match the radio single promo, indicating there's another interscope halo eleven, i.e. domestic. thanks michael and leviathant.

9 13 16 15 18 20   22   4 15 13 5 19 20 9 3  

maxwell cover
i got the following news about the singer maxwell covering "closer":

NIN fans that watched the April 6th edition of VH-1"s "Hard Rock LIVE" may have come away with the feeling of seeing something vaguly familiar. They did, since R and B singer Maxwell covered "Closer" during his lively set, abet an almost unrecognizable version. Only the first seven lines of the lyrics were used, and even they were rewritten or edited. The rest of the words, including the key phrase, "You make me feel closer to god," were removed entirely, and replaced with a lengthy instrumental section. The artist seemed to greatly enjoy doing the song, but it is not on any of his current releases, and I don't know if there are plans to record it. He did want to "LOVE us like an animal..."
thanks leigh and nancy.
13 1 24 23 5 12 12   3 15 22 5 18  

manson affadavits
to point out some of the lies shown in those affadavits, i received the following points:

point number 1 story 1: Marilyn Manson does NOT have a female musician (guitar player) Twiggy is the closest you could get, and if he was wearing panties... well, there'd be a lot up front. :) point 1 story 2: There are ALWAYS cops at Marilyn Manson concerts. It would be a VERY large liability not to. At every concert I have been to there are police.
also it seems that the affadavits are offline. may they got too many replies to their falsities. anyway their homepage is located here. thanks kielena and boo.
13 1 14 19 15 14   1 6 6 1 4 1 22 9 20 19  

plug's album "drum and bass for papa" is out in europe on cd and double vinyl. it is not on nothing though. it represents the talent of luke vibert. thanks thomas.

16 12 21 7  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 11 april 1997 |
another rumor
rumor has it that trent is looking to distribute works from warp records and rephlex records, or possibly buy both companies outright. they house such big names as aphex twin, cylob, squarepusher, autechre, and jimi tenor. thanks sausage.
1 14 15 20 8 5 18   18 21 13 15 18  

japanese commercials
there's a website for that group of japanese people on mtv doing those zany commercials. thanks kharper.

10 1 16 1 14 5 19 5   3 15 13 13 5 18 3 9 1 12 19  

addicted to noise reports:

"That upcoming NIN remix EP will feature a number of remixes of the song "The Perfect Drug" (the single from the Trent Reznor-produced "Lost Highway" soundtrack album).

Putting their mark on "The Perfect Drug" are the Orb, Meat Beat Manifesto, Space Time Continuum, and Plug. The EP (due May 13) will also have a bonus "NIN remix" that a source told ATN starts off with a "sort of Aphex Twin vibe and then goes into a harder, more Trent vibe."

A DJ-only promo remix by Aphrodite will also be made available around the same time.

As for Reznor's Nothing Records label, ATN has just learned that both Plug (aka Luke Vibert aka Wagonchrist) and legendary industrial group Einsturzende Neubauten have finally signed on the dotted line and joined the Nothing family.

Plug's first album for his new boss will be called "Drum and Bass for Papa" and is expected later this year; no word yet on when Neubauten will make its Nothing debut."

thanks ed.
1 20 14  

cleveland online
i got this message from the web developers at cleveland online's music section:

The Cleveland Live music section has just completed the massive undertaking of documenting the Cleveland/Akron music scene from the '60s to the '90s, called Cleveland Rocks. This piece contains all sorts of interviews and rare pictures from 140 Cle (and Akron) bands through the ages. There is quite a bit on Trent Reznor, including his '80s groups like The Innocent and Breathless, Exotic Birds and Slam Bam Boo. Filter, Prick and other NIN-inspired groups are also covered. If you're interested in NIN and Trent's pre-NIN days in the influential Cleveland/Akron scene they came from, you shouldn't miss this guide. here

A history of Trent's pre-NIN days can be found here: here

Even cooler, the site has archived the best of an old local zine, CLE, online. This zine which began in the '70s chronicled the burgeoning Cleveland/Akron scene before anyone else. Included in the section is an early story on Kevin McMahon in his pre-Prick days. here

thanks laura.
3 12 5 22 5 12 1 14 4   15 14 12 9 14 5  

the pulse! metal/industrial section, the article "metal machine music" gives these little tidbits:

rob halford's project/band for nothing records goes by the name of gimp.

quote from electric hellfire club's thomas thorn:

"nin revolutionized the industry. you can get up onstage with keyboards and a dat now, and people consider it a rock show. it's definitely easier for a band like us to open for a band like danzig since a lot of the metal people who might have problems with us and just saw nin a few months ago. it's just rock music now. you may or may not like it, but nin and marilyn manson have broken down a lot of the barriers that existed between genres."

but not everyone agrees. cevin key, formerly of skinny puppy, states:

"puppy always had guitars in our music, but i worried about the prominence, because in a sense it's morphing the whole music back into what everyone was trying to get away from. the reason i started writing music was because i was so sick of every other type of music that i had to do something for myself that made sense to me. now--and the new nin single ["the perfect drug"] is a good example of this--we have rock music crossing over from a scene that started out doing something different."

thanks ed.
16 21 12 19 5  

crow 3
"the beat," the gossip column of billboard magazine, reports this week that rob zombie will direct and has written a script for the next "crow" movie (old info). "it's not really a sequel," he stated, and added that he's also working on a score with nine inch nails. thanks ed.

3 18 15 23   3  

star wars
there's a rumor on australian radio that trent will have an acting part in the prequels to star wars. i doubt this heavily and it's a rumor. thanks cameron.

19 20 1 18   23 1 18 19  

from the official "download" (that's a band name) page:

Just got word from Philth that Fu, him and rave are going down to New Orleans to do some work with Trent Reznor... I would assume it's some remix work.. once I get more info, I'll be sure to add it to this space.
thanks mark.
4 15 23 14 12 15 1 4  

suddenly susan
yikes. some character mentioned nine inch nails on nbc's suddenly susan last night. thanks squeaky .

19 21 4 4 5 14 12 25   19 21 19 1 14  

import or domestic?
i've had many questions as to if halo eleven will import or domestic. last i heard it was to be import (uk) only.

9 13 16 15 18 20   15 18   4 15 13 5 19 20 9 3  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 07 april 1997 |
perfect drug ep
may 13th is the magic date. thanks parm.
16 5 18 6 5 3 20   4 18 21 7   5 16  

guns n roses
it seems that rolling stone online has reported that chris vrenna and robin finck have joined up with gnr on their latest efforts, reported here. upon asking chris about this, he replied:

its not true.
so it's not true. thanks mike.
7 21 14 19   14   18 15 19 5 19  

circus magazine is reporting on the new "impossible pain" album. they are dumb. thanks spyder.

3 9 18 3 21 19  

life magazine picked tds as one of the best albums of the 90's here. thanks jeremy.

12 9 6 5  

floria just finished shooting bowie's new "dead man walking" video. she is also starring in both versions of the new rusty video for "empty cell" (an indie canadian band). both videos were directed by famous adult-film director bruce labruce (although nothing private of floria is shown). thanks evan.

19 9 7 9 19 13 15 14 4 9  

according to kerrang! magazine, trent is mixing rob halford's new album, tenatively titled "gear". it is said to have a "strong industrial influence". thanks richard.

8 1 12 6 15 18 4  

the names proposed for the new coil cd have included "international dark skies", "backwards", and "god please fuck my mind for good". trent did not play, co-produce, or write anything on it, but the album, whatever its name, will be on nothing records later this year. thanks rsdio.

3 15 9 12  

kiss the stone, a big bootleg company, is going under. they offer some nin bootlegs. if you support that, you can get them at low prices now. thanks ed.

11 20 19  

tower records' magazine "pulse" features its 1997 metal/industrial special report, and trent is prominently featured and mentioned. thanks ed.

16 21 12 19 5  

looks like sister machine gun are having problems with their label management (tvt). i've been asked to post this in good faith:

As you may or may not know, our relationship with TVT Records has taken a turn for the worse. We have tried our hardest to please TVT in the last couple of months, doing things for them simply because they asked, without question. As it turns out, they asked the impossible, which was for me to compromise my artistic beliefs. I am simply not capable of that particular thing, and a couple of hours ago, I told them pretty much where they could put their compromise.

As a result, we have reached something of an impasse. And that's where you guys come in. Following this letter is a list of e-mail addresses, of all the pertinant people at TVT. I would like to ask each of you to send e-mail to them, on a daily basis. No big rants, no name calling. Just a little note, like "Hey, just wondering where the new SMG album is?" or something to that effect.

There are over three thousand recipients of this mailing list. If you do this for me, it will at the very least put a dent in the processing power of their internet server, and at the most, it might do some good, and you can say to your friends, "the new SMG album is out, and I helped make it."

Thanks for all your support, in the past and the future.

-Chris Randall
-Sister Machine Gun

Steve Gottlieb, president: steve@tvtrecords.com
Sean Roberts, A&R: sean@tvtrecords.com
Paul Burgess, VP of Marketing: paul.burgess@tvtrecords.com
Carleen Thomas, publicity: carleen@tvtrecords.com

thanks ed.
19 13 7  

the february 1997 raygun magazine cover story on trent is now available here. thanks jay.

18 1 25 7 21 14  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 03 april 1997 |
chris schulte is back, on his "amazing prices" site, spreading more untrue rumors. in his "gossip report for april 3 1997" he states:
Jason Patterson may not be the NIN webmaster for very much longer. From what I hear the guys have said "That [Jason being the OFFICIAL webmaster] will never happen. When Trent decides to partake in a full time net presence, he's not going to rely on someone like Jason Patterson to bring about his ideas. Trent has so many more qualified people that can and probably will develop his official presence. From what I know the "www.nothingrecords.com" site is a lost cause, and will never come to life. I know this is a pretty dangerous thing to say, but I do have a pretty solid justification. If I am wrong (and I hope I am) this will only be a kick in the ass for Jason, and he'll get the site up and running in no time. So let's hope I'm wrong! (Or more accurately say I hope "John Doe" is wrong).
everything in the above statement is untrue. contract plans have not changed since last may. cookware and i will be doing the official nothing records pages, as well as the official nine inch nails site. many have inquired what the delays are due to. they are not on my end. we have been waiting for artwork from the graphic artist since last november. that is all. schulte, please tell me your sources or tell them that they are wrong. i will post news here once we get going on the site again. many many thanks to parm.
19 3 8 21 12 20 5  

mtv commercial
mtv's playing another one of those japanese commercials, this time with "wish" in the background. the guys were showing off their lung power, etc. thanks chris.

13 20 22   3 15 13 13 5 18 3 9 1 12  

teen affidavits
some manson concert testimonials are available here, lies? thanks peter.

20 5 5 14   1 6 6 9 4 1 22 9 20 19  

good going
interscope records' site misspelled "marilyn manson" (as "marlyn"). great stuff. i hope that we won't make the same mistake on nothingrecords.com. thanks scott.

7 15 15 4   7 15 9 14 7  

another mtv commercial
a comedic mtv commercial is on again, with manson as the theme this time. it starts with the caption in white "marilyn manson's parents" and shows hands flipping through a scrapbook of nin and manson pictures and articles. you hear a womans voice say something to the effet of "we keep all the concerts reviews and articles..." and then she turns to the cover of rolling stone with manson on it. "here's rolling stone she proclaims. we're very proud..." and then it pans up to the two (an elderly white haired couple although as far as i know what they look like it's not his true parents). they're both wearing black face masks (similiar to zoro) and the father says "yes, very proud" as a huge mtv logo floats over their head... almost as cheesy as the couch thing with trent but it's ammusing and they have some cool pics in that album. thanks sean.

1 14 15 20 8 5 18   13 20 22   3 15 13 13 5 18 3 9 1 12  

atn news
a bit from addicted to noise, most of this was already available here:

addicted to noise staff writer gil kaufman reports: trent reznor has tapped a who's-who of techno artists to remix "the perfect drug." the track, from the reznor-produced soundtrack to david lynch's lost highway movie, will get a new face from the orb, space time continuum, plug (aka wagonchrist aka luke vibert, an artist reznor has been pursuing for his nothing record label), aphrodite and meat beat manifesto. no release date for the remixes has been set yet.

speaking of meat beat, they too have asked some friends to remix one of their songs, in this case it's the old 1990 chestnut "radio babylon." beat leader jack dangers has asked plug to give the song a gloss, as well as the track "asbestos lead asbestos," for a new ep called original fire, that will come out on nothing in may. the ep will also contain a new remix of another meat beat classic, "helkter skelter," plus a new track called "it's the music," previously available only in the uk. a source close to the band told atn that the orb have also laid their hands on "radio babylon," but that the track was so long it may not fit onto the ep.

thanks matt.
1 20 14   14 5 23 19  

alternative press
the new ap (helmet cover) features a pack page article "the mustache rides again!" telling that from trent reznor to the edge, more and more musicians seem to be sporting 'staches (photo of trent included). thanks ed.

1 12 20 5 18 14 1 20 9 22 5   16 18 5 19 19  

rolling stone
the new rs (beck cover) features an article on floria sigismondi, director of the last 2 manson videos. thanks ed.

18 15 12 12 9 14 7   19 20 15 14 5  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 30 march 1997 |
it looks like the interscope records page is up. and it also looks like their graphic artist took the small nothing logo off of the nothing records page to use over there. hm. anyway, it's nin related a bit. they have manson tour dates too. thanks naush.
9 14 20 5 18 19 3 15 16 5  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 29 march 1997 |
edward gorey
a page about how the "the perfect drug" video was influenced by artwork by edward gorey is available here. it contains screen captures of the video posed next to scans of gorey's art. it's very interesting, as trent had told me that the video was in fact an representation of gorey's art, trent playing a character in the art itself, and the page shows this very well.
thanks pme.
5 4 23 1 18 4   7 15 18 5 25  

jedd again
today jedd the fish played another clip of trent on out of order, about 8:30 am pacific time. trent was talking about live shows:

"... ridiculous, stupid, but it's fun, you know, so it's a different interpretation than music, and a bit of the humorous aspect comes from it, not that it's a comedy routine, you know, but it's not everybody slitting their wrists onstage..."
thanks mike.
10 5 4 4   1 7 1 9 14  

the perfect drug shirts seem to be available in some stores now. go snag em while you can! thanks mike.

19 8 9 18 20 19  

new material
brian from axcess magazine saw danny lohner backstage at a jane jensen show. danny said that both the tapeworm and nin albums were far from being ready for release. they have a lot of material put together, but there's not exactly sure what's tapeworm, and what's nin. he did say that trent still had to write lyrics for the tapeworm music. thanks brian.

14 5 23   13 1 20 5 18 9 1 12  

mtv seems to be showing off and on another one of those artists in front of the silver bedposts / purple background things, this time featuring trent. he talks about liking new orleans, and riding his bike. thanks jean.

13 20 22  

i've had a couple questions on how to play realvideo files. go to http://www.real.com and download the realplayer.

18 5 1 12 22 9 4 5 15  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 28 march 1997 |
hard copy clips
i've gotten several requests as to how to save those hard copy realvideo clips to your hard drive. so i added links directly to the files, here for the 28.8, and here for the 56k versions.
8 1 18 4   3 15 16 25   3 12 9 16 19  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 27 march 1997 |
an mtv commercial depicted a psychiatrist's couch, with the caption "trent reznor's psychiatrist's couch", then they cut to a man blubbering and crying, with the caption "trent reznor's psychiatrist", with a phone ringing in the background. rather lame. thanks kate.
13 20 22  

on 3/26 and 3/27, howard stern poked fun at dj's who were playing a bruce springsteen song spliced with "jerry maguire" movie clips. howard pieced together "hurt" with clips from his movie "private parts". thanks doug.

19 20 5 18 14  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 25 march 1997 |
anyone out there use commonwealth network? in case you didnt know or haven't seen a critical breakdown of their services, look here for a critique of the company and what it "offers". (sorry, this really isnt nin related)
3 15 13 13 15 14 23 5 1 12 20 8  

it seems that nin's cover of "metal" will not be included on the upcoming 2-disc gary numan tribute album after all. the "phantom song" was mentioned in an interview and has been awaited for ever since. marilyn manson's "down in the park" will also not be featured. a complete track listing:

St. Etienne ("Stormstrooper in Drag"), Matt Sharp (Weezer) and Damon Albarn (Blur) ("We Have a Technical"), Gravity Kills ("Poetry and Power"), Peck Slip ("I Can't Stop"), An Pierle ("Are 'Friends' Electric?"), EMF ("We Are Glass"), The Magnetic Fields ("I Die: You Die"), Jesus Jones ("We Are So Fragile"), Posh ("She's Got Claws"), Earl Brutus ("M.E."), Underdog ("Films"), The Orb ("Jo the Waiter"), Kenickie ("I'm An Agent"), Jimi Tenor ("Down in the Park"), Moloko ("Are 'Friends' Electric?"), Chris Holmes ("Remember, I was Vapour"), Towering Inferno ("Metal"), Dubstar ("Everyday I Die"), Amanda Ghost ("Absolution"), Deadsy ("Replicas"), Pop Will Eat Itself ("Friends"), Republica (featuring Gary Numan) ("Are 'Friends' Electric?"), Windscale ("War Songs"), Bis ("We Are So Fragile"), Dave Clarke ("Cars") and Sukia ("Me! I Disconnect From You").
thanks matt and ed.
14 21 13 1 14  

the current issue of alternative press (offspring cover) features an article on the bootleg industry, with a sidebar proclaiming nin as one of the ten alternative acts that is bootlegged the most, sharing company with the cure, morrissey/the smiths, and others. marilyn manson is featured as one of the acts "bubbling under" in terms of bootleg popularity. nin is also mentioned several times in the article, including a slight implication that the ultimate source of the some of the bootlegs may be the artist itself.

2 15 15 20 12 5 7 19  

manson's wrist
saturday 3/22 manson cut his wrist on a light bulb (by accident) at the show in hawaii. they could not stop the bleeding and he had to be rushed to the hospital, cancelling the show. then band will return to the road as planned on april 5 in lacrosse, wisconsin. thanks gengis and ed.

13 1 14 19 15 14 19   23 18 9 19 20  

new formula fax out:

Current SPIN cover man Trent Reznor (#1 Most Vital Artist) looks to the talents of The Orb, Space Time Continuom, Plug, Meat Beat Manifesto, and Aphrodite to remix his current single from the Lost Highway soundtrack, "The Perfect Drug". Release date will be announced soon for the NOTHING label.
thanks brian.
6 15 18 13 21 12 1  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 24 march 1997 |
jedd the fish
on the radio show "out of order" jedd the fish (host) played a 40 sec clip of an interview with trent before playing the perfect drug. trent talks about why he chose not to over-study the piano and become a professional pianist. thanks chris.
10 5 4 4   20 8 5   6 9 19 8  

rs interview
the trent "death to hootie" interview has been typed in and is available here for download. thanks andy.

18 19   9 14 20 5 18 22 9 5 23  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 22 march 1997 |
entertainment weekly
in the march 28th issue of entertainment weekly (with "tv's most famous commercials" on the cover), there is a pic of trent with this blurb about the perfect drug video next to it:
" 'the perfect drug' nine inch nails // morbidity can be a beautiful thing--at least in the hands of director mark romanek. his indigo nightmare casts nail trent reznor as a romantically obsessed blue blood. befitting nin's hissing music (from the lost highway soundtrack), the sleek visuals combine the arch severity of edward gorey drawings with the cracked wit of a tim burton movie, all reborn with romanek's own touch of evil. a"
so the video got an "a" rating. this is on page 66. thanks sean.
5 14 20 5 18 20 1 9 14 13 5 14 20   23 5 5 11 12 25  

halo eleven
it has been pretty much verified that an import perfect drug ep (with many remixes of the perfect drug) is going to be halo eleven. lenny at interscope says the ep should be out in april or may. thanks chris.

8 1 12 15   5 12 5 22 5 14  

new shirts
weathermen records are offering 5 new shirts dealing with halo eleven (the perfect drug single). the shirts represent different ideas contained on the art of the perfect drug promo, which will also probably be the artwork for the publically available halo eleven when it comes out.

14 5 23   19 8 9 18 20 19  

a couple of magazines are repoting the new nin album to be that "impossible pain" stuff still. all reports of this and anything else connected to it are false.

13 1 7 1 26 9 14 5 19  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 19 march 1997 |
mtv europe
mtv europe played about fifteen seconds of an interview with trent, saying how the only progress in music today is in rap and jungle. thanks iyar.
13 20 22   5 21 18 15 16 5  

in the latest time magazine the is an ad for time magazine with manson in the picture. it is in their line of ads where they red box a picture and put a quote -- the box is over manson's face and the caption is "cultism. suicide. torture. but can you dance to it?" .. thanks nwoomer.

20 9 13 5  

hard copy
in the spirit of old news, i have finally made the hard copy interview from a long tim ago available online. it is available in realvideo format here for 28.8 users and a much better video output here for 56k users. the clip features a bit of an interview with trent, but is really here for humor's sake. they talk about the fiasco with the "down in it" video, how during filming the camera floated away and was mistaken for a snuff film by the fbi and several police departments, leading to a one year investigation.

8 1 18 4   3 15 16 25  

the spin interview for this month's issue, where trent was named one of the 40 vital musicians of today is now available here. thanks jim.

19 16 9 14  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 16 march 1997 |
more private parts
in addition to "suck for your solution" by marilyn manson, another nothing records influence has crept up on the private parts soundtrack. "the great american nightmare" was co-written by rob zombie and charlie clouser. there is also "the ben stern megamix" which consists of sound bytes of children's nursery rhymes and howard's father calling him a moron. this piece was programmed and mixed by charlie, and produced by rick rubin. thanks jeremy.
13 15 18 5   16 18 9 22 1 20 5   16 1 18 20 19  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 13 march 1997 |
friggin conduits.com dns is down for a bit here while i convince internic that i paid my bill. geez.
4 14 19  

nothing records homepage
a little update on the official homepage here -- we're still waiting on a very large chunk of the site to come in (a part we're not doing), and after we get that it'll probably be another month after that. so definitely don't expect anything for a while. i will definitely post notice of a "2 week" warning or whatever.

14 15 20 8 9 14 7   18 5 3 15 18 4 19   8 15 13 5 16 1 7 5  

lost highway soundtrack debuted at #7 on billboard, and got an 'a' from entertainment weekly:

This eerie compilation of tunes for the new David Lynch film proves how compelling a soundtrack can be. Industrial pretty boy/soundtrack architect Trent Reznor skillfully balances fresh salvos by Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, and the Smashing Pumpkins with the noir soundscapes of avant composers Angelo Badalamenti and Barry Adamson. Even the most discerning listener won't be bored.

19 15 21 14 4 20 18 1 3 11  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 07 march 1997 |
old news
i've got a link working at the bottom that reads old news. leet.
15 12 4   14 5 23 19  

time link
in the magazine "time link" there is a rumor section dealing with trent:

"...and then again the main nail of Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor, need not hear the definition of busy. along with an upcoming album he also has a band called Tapeworm with some of his live NIN band members as equal partners. The new album will be quite a change in the expected Nails works, not that there are any barriers as to where Trent can go with his creation. With a new outlook on life and new inspiration, the next album may involve some happy (can this be true?!) songs and be a less computer oriented piece of work. We can only expect a change in the future of music as we know it..."
thanks to matthew.
20 9 13 5   12 9 14 11  

sin still
thanks for the flood of mail re: the sin video still. it has been said by many that despite the appearance of trent in the picture (looking like the burn-era style), it did in fact come out around the time of the video. the name of the magazine was "industrial nation". however, i have heard that the sin video was in full color and not in b&w, and his hair was still short a la lollapalooza 91.

19 9 14   19 20 9 12 12  

from http://www.mrshowbiz.com, an except from the spin interview:

Trent Reznor
Accepts Honor, Admits Addiction

Trent Reznor, the man behind Nine Inch Nails, was recently named "Most Vital Artist in Music Today" by Spin magazine, and no one is more surprised than Reznor himself. "I was pretty shocked when I was told, 'Hey, you're the one,'" he tells A.P. "I was like, 'Is this good?'" But all is not wine, women, and song for Reznor, who admits that he is battling an addiction. "I'm a video-game addict," the Grammy winner admitted. "I could have written fifteen more records in the amount of time I've spent playing Doom."

thanks to ken.
13 18 19 8 15 23 2 9 26  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 04 march 1997 |
sin video still
the rumor of the week is that the picture below is a capture from the sin video. apart from appearing in the last issue of spin magazine (where it told of the spinonline interview), it appeared in a magazine titled something like "industrial music" around the time of the sin single, and it is supposedely a shot from the video. if you have any info regarding this, send some mail.

19 9 14   22 9 4 5 15   19 20 9 12 12  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 01 march 1997 |
apparentely there is a remix of the perfect drug floating around on the net called the "hello world suprosa mix".. this is not an official mix, which should be overabundantly clear if you actually download it somehwhere and listen to it. it's just cut up and moved around, horribly i might add.
18 5 13 9 24  

it seems that the april 1997 issue of spin magazine is out, with trent named the number one influential musician. the cover is very eye catching, trent with his facial hair and a green leather shirt. buy it.

19 16 9 14  

spinonline interview
the brief interview with trent that was featured on spin online can be now found here.

19 16 9 14 15 14 12 9 14 5   9 14 20 5 18 22 9 5 23  

lost highway
everyone must go out and see lost highway. period. our town luckily got it yesterday; despite there being police at the show, it was very nice on an amc torus screen. all elements of the film are far above superior.

12 15 19 20   8 9 7 8 23 1 25  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 28 february 1997 |
private parts
there's a new manson song called "suck for your solution" on the private parts soundtrack.
16 18 9 22 1 20 5   16 1 18 20 19  

rolling stone
in the next rolling stone magazine (with howard stern on the cover) there is an article about music education funding. it mentions that trent played in marching band in high school and it has a picture of trent in his band uniform with the caption "schoolboy trent reznor." thanks to cindy.

18 15 12 12 9 14 7   19 20 15 14 5  

hit parader
a bit about nin in march 1997 hit parader:

"It's kind of different to work with Trent. There's so much going on all the time that you never really think about anything more than contributing your parts as best you can." said a musician who recorded with NIN during their PHM sessions.

"Working with Trent is great for me," Manson explained. "He's one of the few people who truly understands what this band is about. He also knows how to get the best out of any musicians he works with. He deserves all the credit he can get."

"With any luck, Reznor's next NIN effort will be ready to go by late spring. But where Reznor is concerned, speculating about him sticking to any sort of preordained schedule is always a risky venture."

thanks to marcia.
8 9 20   16 1 18 1 4 5 18  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 26 february 1997 |
yes, that was most definitely chris vrenna performing "1979" with the smashing pumpkins tonight at the grammys. he was not playing the live drums (they had 2 drummers), but was instead doing some sort of midi-triggerred electronic drum part.
7 18 1 13 13 25 19  

einsturzende neubauten
rumor has it that e.n. are in the process of being signed to nothing records. atn reports:

"Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor is in the midst of negotiations to sign one of his heroes to his label, according to a source close to the "Closer" singer. The source told ATN that Reznor is in negotiations with the legendary German industrial group Einsturzende Neubauten (which translates into "Collapsing New Buildings"), the Berlin collective that have been making a big noise on anything in sight since 1981.

The group, notorious for their use of "found" instruments, most of which were not originally earmarked for music making, including power drills, glass, boulders, metal pipes, sledgehammers, powerlines, and water towers, have released material sporadically in the 90's, due mainly to a raft of side projects, including Blixa Bargeld's work with Nick Cave's Bad Seeds and the group Stein, percussionist F.M. Einheit's solo work and collaborations with guitar deconstructionist Caspar Brstzmann, and guitarist Alexander Hacke's work with the post-modern country outfit, the Jever Mountain Boys. Their most recent album, Faustmusik, was released on Mute last year.

Reznor is also involved in ongoing talks with former Judas Priest leatherneck Rob Halford (whose band Fight thankfully met an early demise), and the artist known as Plug, aka Luke Vibert, aka Wagonchrist, who did some remix work on Ruby's 1996 remix CD. Reznor is trying to sign all three to his nothing label, and insiders expect the Neubauten deal will be concluded within a few weeks. The source also said that Reznor continues to write new material for the next NIN record, although it's unclear when that release will surface."

thanks to ed.
5 9 14 19 20 21 18 26 5 14 4 5   14 5 21 2 1 21 20 5 14  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 24 february 1997 |
new info on "random", the gary numan tribute album, was posted on gary's personal homepage:
a slight but welcome change of plan from beggars banquet. it now looks as though the 'random' album will be released in the states in may, making it a simultaneous release with the uk.
beggars banquet is the record label, and there will possibly be a cover of "metal" by nin, which was mentioned awhile ago in an interview. more info is here. also, rumors are abound that "metal" was never finished and therefore it will be dropped, but this is unconfirmed. thanks to hope.
18 1 14 4 15 13  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 21 february 1997 |
pc gamer mag
the annual awards issue of pc gamer magazine gave quake the winner for the "special achievement in sound" award (thanks to matt hill):
It's a tragic fact that sound is still all too often considered an afterthought in computer game design. A soundtrack is normally added towards the end of a game's development, when time and resources may be too tight to give it the attention it deserves. Yet anyone will tell you that when a game's soundtrack hits the spot, it ups the play experience immeasurably. This is particularly true of immersive first-person 3D games like DOOM and DUKE NUKEM 3D, and so it was encouraging when we heard that the guys at id had hired their rock 'n' roll buddy Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails to mastermind the soundtrack of QUAKE.

Reznor's input paid off tremendously, but in more subtle ways than expected. Reznor's heavy rock audio CD sondtrack was fun, but most gamers play without it because it's too much of a distraction. What worked were Reznor's ambient backing track and those horrifyingly meaty sound effects. The tortured shamblers, and the deep echoes surrounding all the effects combined to create an atmosphere of terrifying subterranean menace. And if there was an award for individual sound effect of the year, it would surely go to the brilliantly uncomfortable sound of the player's character, desparately choking and gagging for air after emerging from underwater - an effect so convincing it can leave you catching a fresh gulp of air, just in case.

Reznor's dark view of the world slotted in perfectly with QUAKE's brooding theme, and kudos goes to id for putting those who claimed this was just a sales gimmick in their place - in an age when game boxes are plastered with stickers and flashes proclaiming soundtracks provided by third-rate rock bands, Reznor's contribution to QUAKE was nicely underplayed, letting his work speak for itself.

16 3   7 1 13 5 18   13 1 7  

i've been getting a few emails as to the validity of the song samples found here are. those are made up samples of made up songs, it's all fake -- in other words they have no official bearing with nin or trent or anything. have your laugh and move on. also on the same topic is the site www.nin.com, which is not the official nin pages or anything (meaning that "downgrade" is not nine inch nails related), but instead is the site of "neural internetworking," a company of mark beeson, a talented webber.

6 1 11 5 19  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 20 february 1997 |
lost highway clip
the clip of lost highway that was played on leno a few nights ago is available here in 56kbps realvideo format (much better quality). 28.8 users who get a bit lagged may want to shift-click here to download the files to their drives and play off of that.

12 15 19 20   8 9 7 8 23 1 25   3 12 9 16  

lynch on leno
david lynch was on jay leno on tuesday night, having an intersting discussion on treadmills, water heaters, and then rules of the road. they also talked a bit about lost highway too, and showed a clip of it, featuring the scene where the mystery man claims to be in two places at once. the audio for the interview section is available here in realaudio format, and the video for the interview is available here in realvideo format. expect realvideo of the clip they played available later today. the realvideo version requires a copy of the realplayer available from progressive networks.

12 25 14 3 8   15 14   12 5 14 15  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 19 february 1997 |
mtv news reported yesterday that "on july 10, st. martin's press will reportedly release a biography that will chart the rise and continued success of trent reznor and nine inch nails. early reports are that the tome, penned by martin huxley and aptly titled "nine inch nails," will be a glowing affair that will follow reznor's progression from "outcast to dyspeptic sex symbol. according to reports, st. martin's says the book tells the story of a band that "has become the definition of the pop-techno-ethno-ambient cacophony of today." fans should find a great deal to sink their teeth into as huxley (who has also handled bios on aerosmith and ac/dc) will reportedly address reznor's love life in telling the story of the band." thanks to ed.
2 9 15 7 18 1 16 8 25  

gary numan
kerrang! magazine is reporting that the gary numan tribute cd will be out later this year, with contributions by shirley manson (garbage), marilyn manson, and more importantly, nine inch nails. this will most definitely be a cover of "metal" which was mentioned in a 1995 details magazine interview. thanks to ian.

7 1 18 25   14 21 13 1 14  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 18 february 1997 |
if you've had problems downloading stuff (like transfers suddenly aborting), it's most likely because we've been reconfiguring the server and software. all that is pretty much over. on a side note i plan to split the multi-meg avi's on the nine inch nails page into small 1 meg chunks very soon.
19 5 18 22 5 18  

uk lh
word is that the soundtrack to lost highway will hit the uk stores on 2/24 as opposed to kerrang's reporting of 2/17 as the realease date. thanks to ian davey.

21 11   12 8  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 16 february 1997 |
trent and lynch are on the cover of rolling stone. good article, very lengthy, one with lynch's story and then a trent interview. there's also a review of lost highway. the interview and pictures are very worth the $3.00 as well as there is some new information begin described:
what will the new music be like?

there will be two records that will probably come out around the same time. one will be with people i had with me in the live band. we're playing and writing togehter in a group called Tapeworm. that one will be a bit more like what you think industrial music is like now. the new nine inch nails will be more like a funk hip-hop record. it will piss a lot of people off, and it's goung to change the world at the same time, i hope. that's all i can aspire to. that and staying 10 steps ahead of billy corgan.

18 19  

ice cube
that ice cube song that "hurt" was sampled on is titled "the gangsta, the killer, and the dope dealer" off of westside connection's new cd "bow down."

9 3 5   3 21 2 5  

prick rumors abound, the new album is rumored to be titled "numb" and is possibly in the works right now.

16 18 9 3 11  

lost highway will be in stores this tuesday. here is a complete track listing:

19 15 21 14 4 20 18 1 3 11  

someone sent me this set of excerpts from the upcoming spin interview:

NEW YORK--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE) via Individual Inc. -- In an exclusive interview in an upcoming issue of SPIN, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails angrily lets loose with some pointed words about the current state of alternative rock, a genre he was highly instrumental in bringing to the masses.

- On the state of alternative rock: "From Stone Temple Pilots on down the line, they've (alternative rock imitators) got some good songs -- give them credit -- but their whole premise, the house they built, is ridiculous. They're not saying anything."

- On chart-topping British grunge band Bush: "It shocks me to see Bush No. 1. Not to single them out, but I just can't respect them...I cannot respect or tolerate the lack of innovation."

- On popular British pop quintet Oasis: "I look at Oasis: dumb idiots just living life. You know, ignorance is bliss. And there's a truth to that. I guess I just don't want it."

- On MTV: "I watch MTV and think it sucks and I think most videos are sh--ty. But I watch because I like knowing what's going on. I want to know that the last No Doubt video sucked so I don't do it myself."

- On why he's only written one new song in three years: "I'm a videogame addict. I could have written 15 more records in the amount of time I've spent playing Doom."

- On the abundance of bands who borrow from Nine Inch Nails' sound: "I'm sure after Nine Inch Nails had some success, other labels asked, `Who sounds like them?' Do I think Stabbing Westward and Gravity Kills were part of that? Yeah, I do. Were they ripping me off? Yeah."

19 16 9 14  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 10 february 1997 |
it looks like the official lost highway page is up. it's pretty good, nice layout, etc. as well as having good content of some screen shots and some animations, all with realaudio (not any of the new tracks) playing in the background.
15 3 20 15 2 5 18 6 9 12 13 19  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 06 february 1997 |
scratch that.. i heard a rumor that blackrose had received a cease and desist (from several ppl) and that the page was taken down, and when i tried to access it, it gave me a 404 (the proxy hadn't updated).. unfortunately it just moved, to stark's server, ... not suprising.
1 3 11  

reznor's edge
looks like "reznor's edge - trent reznor's personal home page" has been finally shut down. the falsities propogated by that page (not authored or condoned by trent or anyone "official") have been confusing uninformed people for months. it's all over now.

18 5 26 14 15 18 19   5 4 7 5  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 05 february 1997 |
it seems the reign of mr. fhead himself schulte is still continuing, as more realaudio files of the new nin songs are suddenly linked from his page. ooh. anyway, i will still put up some teasers of "driver down" once i have permission to, as to not upset anyone.
3 12 9 16 19  

a bit of manson news -- they will be performing at the premiere of "private parts" in the theatre at madison square garden. they also have a track on the soundtrack.

13 1 14 19 15 14  

i've been asked to post sound clips of the lost highway soundtrack. i do have the soundtrack and will most likely post sound clips (not entire songs) on nothing.nin.net once i get some real life (tm) stuff out of the way.

12 8  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 03 february 1997 |
i've written a gif "barcode" generator today so it wont have to load in 100s of images each time and possibly crash your system when viewing this page, just a quick page note. :)
23 8 15 15 20  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 02 february 1997 |
the next album is not entitled "impossible pain"! the next nothing release will be lost highway.
1 12 2 21 13  

as you know we are still on the new server, wezl.org, and for our first week we transferred well over 30gb of data and received well over 700,000 http requests.

19 5 18 22 5 18  

many people for some reason or another think that nine inch nails is touring. they are not. marilyn manson is, however, in the middle of their antichrist superstar tour.

20 15 21 18  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 01 february 1997 |
two new sites are up and running, the first is the only australian nin site (or so the author claims) at http://www.crafti.com.au/~jraptis/nin.html, the second is of "painful convictions" at http://www.9inchnails.com.
19 9 20 5 19  

mtv news
mtv news reported more on the collaborations with ice cube and dr dre today. they report that (including references to the raygun article) that ice cube has sampled hurt in an upcoming song of his, and that the three will be most probably working together in the future on some project. the raygun magazine article has more information on this.

13 20 22   14 5 23 19  

the tapeworm project as mentioned by several sources is going to be a musical collaboration with trent reznor, danny lohner, and charlie clouser. all three will be involved in the writing of the material, as in a "band" situation, although it will still be reznor's vocals leading. this is yet another side project that is in the works from the three.

20 1 16 5 23 15 18 13  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 31 january 1997 |
somewhat old news, but chris vrenna is in the works with smashing pumpkins working in an undisclosed capacity. that is all that is publically known. he most likely also saw star wars today.
22 18 5 14 14 1  

have a rumor you want spread? mail news@nin.net to submit stuff to me. i will post any news i get regarding the band.

14 5 23 19 14 9 14 14 5 20  

rumor has it that a prick album is in the works. rumor. anyone have information on this?

16 18 9 3 11  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 29 january 1997 |
well, looks like the launch of news.nin.net is successful! not too much is crashing, yet.. the idea behind this news site is to spread the flow of information to anything regarding nine inch nails and nothing records, to possibly dispel some rumors. this is not to make other news sites defunct or anything of the sort, just to facilitate the spread of info. once the nothing records website goes live, this site will probably focus more on new nine inch nails sites and information dealing with the internet.
12 1 21 14 3 8  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 28 january 1997 |
several covers will be appearing in stores in the coming weeks. raygun magazine currently has trent on the cover, with the caption "ninechnails" below. good inetview covering trent's latest endeavors. rolling stone will be featuring a cover story on trent and david lynch (with the two featured on the cover), and spin magazine has named trent reznor the number one vital musician of today. a cover story on that soon also.
3 15 22 5 18 19  

lost highway
for those of you who still dont know, david lynch's new film lost highway will feature a soundtrack (due out on feb. 11th or 18th) that features some new material from trent reznor, nine inch nails, marilyn manson, and smashing pumpkins. "the perfect drug" by nine inch nails is already on radio stations and is being played on mtv. the two other instrumentals by trent reznor, "videodrones; questions" and "driver down" are also featured. sound clips from these may become available soon.

12 15 19 20   8 9 7 8 23 1 25  

| | || | || ||| || |||| ||||| || | | | ||||||| 27 january 1997 |
the perfect drug
"the perfect drug" will probably make its first appearance in a purchasable form on the lost highway soundtrack, but a formula press release states the following:
a special remix ep will appear later in the year on Nothing, featuring remixes of "the perfect drug" from the Orb, Jack Dangers (Meat Beat Manifesto), Goldie, Plug, and Aphrodite.
20 8 5   16 5 18 6 5 3 20   4 18 21 7  

welcome to news.nin.net, a resource on the internet for finding out the latest news regarding nine inch nails and nothing records. updates will be posted here as frequently as possible as information becomes available.

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